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TNA Impact spoilers from last night's tapings in Orlando

This is the Friday night tapings.  They will continue to be taping nightly through Monday and we're looking for reports on the show to

This may not be taped in order, but would be for shows mostly on 3/27 and 4/3:

James Storm was in a cage first, saying he will finish Jeff Hardy for good tonight.  Jeff Hardy came out and promised revenge.  Manik and Abyss both tried to lay out Hardy but he cleaned house on both.

Kurt Angle thanked everyone for their support and said winning the title was the highlight of his life because of all he had to go through.  Ethan Carter III and Tyrus came out first.  Carter III said he was undefeated and was the guy who took Angle out and beat all the Hall of Famers.  Bobby Roode challenged Angle for the title.  Eric Young challenged Angele.  Austin Aries said that he had the briefcase and can get the shot whenever he wants.  Aries had a glass of champagne and toasted his own future title win over Angle.  Bobby Lashley also came out.  Angle ended up leaving.  It wound up in a brawl with EC 3 & Tyrus & Young attacking Aries and Roode, until Ken Anderson made the save.

Young & EC 3 & Tyrus b Aries & Roode & Anderson

Awesome Kong b Brooke.  Kong put Taryn Terrell through a table after the match as Terrell ran in to save Brooke.

Bram was doing a promo insulting Magnus' son.  Magnus and Mickie James came out and Magnus and Bram got into it.  Bram gave Magnus a low blow and went to kiss James, but Magnus recovered and ran him off.

Rockstar Spud b Low Ki to keep the X title due to distraction from Drew Galloway.

MVP vowed he was going to finish Galloway.  Shaun Ricker and Tevita (Camacho in WWE) came out and they are Galloway's new partners.

Gail Kim b Angelina Love

Eric Young b Bobby Roode

Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards came out. Edwards was on crotches and said he'd be out for a long time so they have to vacate the titles.  The belts will be decided over the next few days.

Magnus b Bram falls count anywhere

Kurt Angle b Bobby Lashley to keep the title

Jeff Hardy b James Storm in a cage match