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TNA Impact TV taping results: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode, Matt Hardy vs. EC3


Submitted by Joe Towner

For February 28th Impact

Note that all of these matches were in the Lockdown cage

Beer Money beat Eric Young and Bram in a cage match with the DWI.

Decent match. Crowd were hot for Beer Money.

- Spud and EC3 did a promo, EC3 called Spud the most passionate person he's ever met and they shook hands. Both guys got very good reactions. Matt Hardy came out with Reby and Tyrus, said 'this' was his house, etc. and he would win tonight.

X Division Champion Trevor Lee (w/Shane Helms) def. Tigre Uno in a cage match

Lee won with a pin. Another decent match, Uno hit a bit splash off the top of the cage, one of the spots of the night.

First ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown match

The Dollhouse (Jade, Marti Belle and Rebel) vs. Gail Kim (who got one of the bigger pops of the night), Velvet Sky and a mystery partner - it looked like Maria, but they never announced who it was, so not actually sure. She was a redhead. Whoever it was came out last, teased getting in the ring and then locked the door, leaving the faces outnumbered. Dollhouse won. Not a bad match, they had a bunch of weapons in the cage that were used liberally.

- Kurt Angle did a brief promo, was interrupted by Lashley, Angle challenged him to a fight, Lashley walked away.

Eli Drake vs. Odarg the Great in a cage match

Comedy match that was a lot of fun. Grado did a bunch of funny spots, like failing to climb over the cage. Drake did the old Flair bare-ass spot, which got some laughs. Mahabali Shera came out to stop Jesse Godderz interfering. Grado escaped the cage after Drake grabbed his 'Odarg' mask and it came off as he fell to the floor.

TNA Champion Matt Hardy vs. EC3 in a cage match

Decent match with lots of weapons. Tyrus interfered. Funny spot where EC3 chained Tyrus to the ropes and was poised to hit him with a chair, but Tyrus did the Brodus Clay claw dance while pleading with EC3 not to hit him. Reby then came out with a hammer. Spud stopped her before turning heel on EC3 by slamming his head with the cage door which killed the crowd a little bit.

For TNA Xplosion! 

Will Ospreay and Mandrews vs. TNA Tag Champions The Wolves

Decent match, but only went 6-7 minutes, Mandrews took a nasty bump and was pretty shaken up. Wolves pinned Ospreay with their finisher. Was good while it lasted.

For March 7th Impact

Jimmy Havoc vs Abyss - Monsters Ball match

Abyss wins with the Black Hole Slam into a barbed wire board. Was typical Abyss match. Havoc got a few chants and looked pretty good.

Mike "The Miracle" Bennett vs Drew Galloway

Crowd didn't really know how to react to Mike Bennett, Galloway got a big pop however. Pretty decent TV match, they brawled outside a lot and Bennett won with a roll-up after Maria got involved and distracted Drew.

Eric Young vs Big Damo

Bram and Young cut a promo - calling out any challenger. Big Damo responded. He got a similar reaction to Ospreay and Havoc - pretty good, not huge. There were pockets of British indie fans, but many fans probably didn't know them. Young wins with a piledriver. Okay match.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Angle wins via tap out with ankle lock. Good match, the usual Angle stuff, crowd was really into it. Angle got the biggest pop of the night for his entrance and win. Roode put over Kurt on the mic, James Storm came out and did the same. Storm pulled two beers out of a bag for himself and Roode and then a half gallon of milk for Kurt, that got a nice pop. Kurt drank the milk like Austin drinking a beer. The Wolves' entrance music played at the wrong time, Kurt covered for it on the mic, Wolves then came out and set up a tag title match with Beer Money for the next show.

One Night Only PPV matches

Both were 'Jokers Wild' tag matches.

Tyrus/Jade vs. Bobby Roode and Gail Kim

Comedy match that the crowd enjoyed. Jade ended up pinning Gail with roll up.

Eli Drake and James Storm vs. Will Ospreay and Matt Hardy

Another fun match. Storm superkicked Drake for stealing his beer and then left, at which point Ospreay hit his 450 splash off the top. Hardy tagged himself in and took the pin.

- Overall, this was a fun show. They packed a lot into four hours, but the crowd stayed pretty hot the whole way. No great matches, but nothing bad either.