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TNA Impact Wrestling 9/23 TV Report: ECIII vs. Rockstar Spud

By Jeremy

Last week, the GFW vs. TNA feud was blown off after about a month with a Lethal Lockdown match. Drew Galloway beat Bryan Myers to win Jarrett's stock in the company, and now the build for TNA's biggest event of the year (in under two weeks) can begin. Tonight, Rockstar Spud has been given a title shot against EC3 due to Jeff Hardy apparently going to Dixie and calling in a favor. 

Josh's recap of the "ten year journey" between GFW vs. TNA ended last week in Lethal Lockdown. Bram's entrance was hyped up a bit, and the match itself came off like a perfectly functional War Games match even in highlight form. Josh's "TNA is showing signs of life" line remains hilarious. In the ring, Dixie stands with Team TNA while the roster is on the floor. Drew gets a partial intro here as the team captain. Drew cuts an awesome promo about the whole team being warriors and Dixie makes a match with Team TNA going to war in a match to determine a number one contender for the TNA World Title at Bound For Glory. 

Dixie says that the TNA crew has never been better, but she wants EY to come out because he's now exiled from the title hunt. Pope ponders that EY isn't playing with a full deck while he carries around Chris Melendez's artificial leg. Dixie says that EY turned his back on the roster and the company, while EY says she should've done that when he retired Kurt Angle or took a war hero's leg. Well, that's valid. He says he has an "i-ron clad contract" with TNA Wrestling and he basically wound up a winner no matter what, and there's nothing Dixie can do about it. Dixie says there are people fighting on the front line and brings out Melendez.  Sarge comes down while EY threatens him being holding his leg like a baseball bat. As stupid as the leg stipulation was, it is even worse being thrown into the main event storyline too. Dixie makes Melendez vs. EY in a lumberjack match for the leg, and it's next.

Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez in a Lumberjack Match for Melendez's Leg

Chris is tossed out, but gets thrown in and gets 2 off a sunset flip. EY stomps his head while Pope talks about how the show's main eventers could get a bonus for saving TNA, but they'd much rather get a shot at the TNA World Title at BFG. EY gets a chinlock while the roster slaps the mat in support of Sarge. Josh points out that Spud could be main eventing BFG as World Champion if he wins tonight and says that he's the ultimate underdog. How exactly? He hasn't won a match in a long time. Melendez gets a Samoan drop thanks to a lot of help from EY, and then gets a Bubba bomb too. EY hits him with the leg, but he doesn't want the win right now. EY wants a superplex, but gets bumped and then eats a missile dropkick - so Melendez has won his leg back. The roster holds him high and EY helped him look great here by taking big bumps. Taryn and the Dolls talk about their hatred for Gail. She has a favorite Doll, and it's Jade - so she gets to beat up Gail tonight. EC3 tells Jeff Hardy to do what he says or the paychecks go away. 

Recap of Dixie announcing tonight's main event. Pope and Josh talk about the GFW vs. TNA invasion and how big tonight's show is because we'll find out the main event of BFG, plus we have a Knockouts title match, an X Title match, and a World Title match. Well, in theory that should matter. In execution, it really doesn't. Jade comes down and does her full intro, but has added little bunny hops on her knees on the apron. Gail gets her slightly more epic intro.

Gail Kim vs. Jade - Knockouts Title Match

Josh says that if Gail wins here, she will go on to face Awesome Kong. Why is Kong getting a title shot beyond it being a TNA Greatest Hits rematch? Jade jumps Gail and gets 2 off a German suplex. Jade gets a Yakuza kick in the corner for 2. Jade hits a series of machine gun Kobashi chops in the corner while Pope talks about her being big on the indy scene, but doesn't elaborate on that. Gail comes back and gets the corner crossbody and the ringpost figure four. Gail goes for Eat Defeat, but Jade counters it into a Liger bomb for 2. Josh takes a shot at the divas "revolution" leading to the Dolls attacking, and then the BPs of Velvet and Madison attack the Dolls. The Dolls look doesn't work for Rebel, and Madison dressing like Velvet, only with fishnets and booty shorts doesn't suit her at all. The factions brawl before Kong comes down to seemingly attack Gail, but she just stares her down like "I've got this". Spud is interviewed and he says that he and EC3 have come full circle. He understands if Jeff hits him, but he wants to be TNA World Champion.Tigre Uno comes out to face Kenny King, who gets no intro.

Tigre Uno vs. Kenny King - X Division Title Match

Uno gets a Mistico pop-up dropkick and then a springboard dive to the floor onto King. They get in several "fast and furious" mentions in the span of one minute. King gets 2 off a spinkick. King puts him up for a superplex, but Uno fights off and dives off with a crossbody. Uno gets a spinning headscissors for 2. Kenny gets an Irish Curse backbreaker and an exploder for 2. Kenny lands a slick-looking spinebuster for 2. Kenny flips around a bit, but misses the shotgun knees and eats a tiltawhirl DDT and frog splash. Tigre Uno wins, and they put over that he was trained by Rey Mysterio. 

Recap of Jeff Hardy being humiliated for all of one week by EC3. It's used to hype up Spud vs. EC3 with a recap of their whole history and EC3 beating hall of famers and Rockstar Spud himself. EC3 comes out, so even in TNA, the World Title is the mid-card main event.

EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud - TNA World Heavyweight Title

These two had a classic in London. Spud wants a handshake, but EC3 slaps him and chops his chest. Spud gets some corner chops in both knife-edge and overhand varieties. Spud goes for the old Bobby Jaggers headlock punches, but EC3 hits a lariat and some mounted punches. EC3 misses a Stinger splash and eats a series of corner forearms before being low-bridged and being hit with a dive by Spud. Tyrus grabs a fan's sign and just puts it down gently. Spud has a great look of determination on his face on the top rope and lands a big flying AJ-style forearm. EC3 counters Spud and gets a Rampage powerbomb for 2. EC3 calls for the One Percenter, but Spud hangs on and eats elbows to the neck. Spud bites EC3's hand and lands an enzuiguri, setting him up for another one, but he counters the Underdog attempt with a TKO using the knee and the One Percenter for the win. This was a bite-sized version of their classic, but still very good.

EC3 asks Tyrus for a favor - please heart punch Spud real fast. EC3 wants Tyrus to hold Spud so Jeff can end his career with a Twist of Fate. Really? That move barely gets a two count in TNA. EC3 hypes up Jeff by having him strip the jacket off, but he refused to end Spud's career. They threaten to end his career, but Matt comes in and Tyrus attacks him. EC3 tells Jeff to hit Matt, who responds by kicking Tyrus in the balls while Jeff hits EC3. Well, this was all a lot of fun. Backstage, EC3 yells at Jeff about how his Creatures better follow him to the soup kitchen because he's going to fire him later. 

James Storm and the Revolution are mid-ring and he tells Shera that his name is Koya and he'll be taken out by the Revolution. Abyss, for some reason, is now against Storm. He isn't a pathetic sheep and says that the monster stands in no man's shadow. Abyss says that he is a TNA Original Original and was here 13 years ago and scarred his body while giving up his blood, sweat, and tears for the company. He says Storm didn't make the Monster, he did. 

Manik stands up to Storm saying that Koya's name is Shera. Storm shoves him down a couple of times while Storm takes credit for Manik's character. They go into a full-blown Roots bit over the name with the "say his name" bit and Manik continues to say "Shera". Manik says Storm didn't make him or the mask, and he takes it out while a "TJP" chant breaks out. Shera's theme hits and the fans actually start doing "the Shera dance". Shera confronts Storm, who says they'll fight on his time and breaks out the "sorry about your damn luck" line again. The Wolves and Drew talk about what an honor it was to team together, buttonight, they go to war to fight EC3. Josh announces that Tigre Uno will defend the X Title in an Ultimate X match. Matt tells Jeff what he did is okay because he has a family to feed. Everyone comes down for the main event.

Bram vs. Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Lashley vs. Drew Galloway - 5 Way Elimination Number One Contender's Match

Wolves go to double team Bram, but he lariats them down. Drew and Bram go at it leading to Bram hitting a slick spin kick. Lashley and Bram go at it a bit, and Bram gets 2 off a Michinoku driver. Wolves go to double suplex Bram, but he suplexes both men. They've been sorta-pushing Bram for a while and this is easily the best he's looked yet. Wolves dive into Drew and Lashley and then go after Bram. Wolves get some double teams and finally take him out with double stomps. It's down to four babyfaces for the win. 

 After a break, Lashley gets a delayed suplex to Davey, and Eddie's attacks can't end it. Drew attacks and it's still on. Eddie finally saves and the Wolves low bridge Lashley. Drew eats a shining wizard by Eddie. Inverted atomic drop and a superkick hit Lashley. Eddie gets the half crab while Davey gets a cloverleaf. The other faces escape and the Wolves go at it in friendly warfare. Lashley and Drew hit their finishers on the Wolves, who get pinned - so it's down to Drew vs. Lashley for the shot. 

Drew lands a lariat and a flyover corner forearm. Drew takes him out with a flying clothesline off the top. Lashley hits some corner punches and chokes away in the corner with his boot. Snap suplex with a floatover gets 2. Drew pops up in the corner, but eats a powerslam for 2. Lashley charges in, but eats a boot, but responds with a German suplex smoothly transitioned into an overhead belly to belly. Schoolboy counter for a spear gets 2, while the sick kick hits and Drew wins to get the title shot. Really good match here - and when combined with the Spud-EC3 match, that gives it two matches worth going out of your way to see. EC3 tells everyone to call, Tweet, Facebook and screencap this because he's going to fire Jeff Hardy. 

Josh recaps the Drew vs . Lashley match and Drew says that the four men in the ring were the four best in the world. He says the fans believe in him because he's real and he's going to live up to his potential at Bound For Glory. EC3 gets whatted and responds to it by saying every word on its own. Well, that's an amusing way to handle that. Jeff shows off the giant EC3 face being defaced with his artwork. Jeff asks why he should care about being fired and EC3 tells him that without EC3 employing him, he won't be able to create art for his creatures and provide for his family. 

 EC3 commands Jeff to kiss the TNA World Title like it's the king's ring. EC3 demands that Jeff recite a promo including the line "yet in God mode".  Jeff tells EC3 to take the job and shove it, leading to EC3 firing him and ending the show. Next week's show has Drew and Matt teaming up against EC3 and Tyrus while Dixie names a special referee for Drew vs. EC3 at BFG. After a fairly long slump, Impact felt like it was back on track with a pair of very good matches and a pretty good one in Jade vs. Gail too.

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