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TNA Impact Wrestling 9/9 live TV results: Chris Mordetzky vs. Drew Galloway

By Jeremy Peeples,

Last week, GFW gained a TNA title when they cashed in Magnus's feast or fired case to allow Trevor Lee and Brian Myers a title shot - which they won thanks to a case shot out of nowhere. Magnus didn't actually appear - they just kind of implied he left TNA to join GFW and I guess that didn't void this contract or anything.

While TNA lost one title, they also regained the "prestigious King of the Mountain Championship" when Bobby Roode beat PJ Black with an outside-in springboard Roode Bomb. One child was very visibly excited for this, and it actually made this seem kinda cool. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, and Angelina Love sent the Dollhouse B-team packing for a quick reunion, and Matt Hardy lost to EC3 and now Jeff is going to be EC3's assistant.

Also, in a week, the history of TNA changes forever again this month when a Lethal Lockdown match happens pitting Team Jarrett against Team Dixie for control of TNA. No word yet on if they can find an old belt to be for the first-ever Lethal Lockdown Championship. Speaking of which, tonight, Drew Galloway faces Chris Mordetsky to get the man advantage for that bout.

An absurdly fast-paced video package recaps last week's GFW events with "hostile takeover" repeated a ton and random shots of dudes getting beaten up. Also, there's some coverage of the Matt-EC3 thing, which didn't have a "big match feel" despite Josh saying that in the video. Josh and Pope are in their echo chamber talking about the future of TNA - but first, we've got a lumberjack match for the Lethal Lockdown match's man advantage. Josh throws it to EC3, who comes down the aisle with Tyrus carrying some signs for him.

Josh talks about how EC3 has BFG on his mind - why? There's nothing made for the event. EC3 says the future of TNA is hanging in the balance, but he doesn't give a crap. EC3 brags about beating Matt and brings Jeff down. Jeff has his theme, so EC3 says that he gets no theme and he demands silence from the crowd. EC3 wants water for her and Tyrus and smacks his lips forever. EC3 isn't pleased with his water being one degree hotter, so he pours it on him. Tyrus gives Jeff a 2x4 with EC3's face on it. This thing appears to have taken about five minutes to make. Jeffrey Nero Hardy introduces himself as EC3's biggest fan to a chorus of boos. EC3 makes Tyrus and EC3 against Matt Hardy and Rockstar Spud. Matt and Spud just come out, so I guess that's next. After the break, the match is in the ring.

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EC3 and Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy and Rockstar Spud

Matt and Tyrus get into a bit of a corner brawl with a lot of thigh jiggling from Tyrus. EC3 comes in and eats corner mount punches. Josh says that Jeff got EC3 a gig on Jim Ross's podcast, which Pope calls "one of the number one podcasts there is". Spud runs wild with a mudhole stomping on EC3, but gets beaten up by Tyrus on the floor and tossed into the ring. EC3 hits a sloppy gordbuster and drops Spud right on his knees. Tyrus comes back in and gets a corner charge and tags EC3 back in for 2. Tyrus yells at Jeff to hit Spud - why? Granted, this match means nothing, but why risk a DQ?

Matt gets a pair of lariats and a Side Effect for 2. Tyrus comes in off a blind tag and eats a shot to an area near the midsection. Matt gets a big lariat and Spud covers for 2. Spud gets the running forearm shivers EC3 puts Jeff in front of him and kicks Matt in the groin. Jeff is told to hit Matt with a chair, but says no way. Tyrus lifts Spud up and hits the ICU spike horribly for the win.

Recap of Myers and Lee winning the tag titles. The Wolves briefly chat before Drew says the war is coming, and they act like they've been Drew's allies for years. Taryn and the Dolls are backstage and she tells them to take out one of the BPs now. Josh compares the Velvet-Taryn issue to Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. We get a preview of Alaska Monsters.

The Dolls confront Madison and we get a quick brawl leading to Angelina being "hit by a chair" playing off the Taryn injury angle and writing her off for her pregnancy without risking her health. Jeff Jarrett comes out and Josh says the Lethal Lockdown match will be the biggest match in TNA history. Jeff talks for about 20 seconds before Josh talks about what he's talking about. Why even bother having the promo if Josh is just going to talk over it? Jeff is pissed about Roode winning the KOTM Title and Roode says he's the king of the mountain and holds it for the fans. So now he's a babyface. We get a Glo-bal Force chant to the tune of the New Day Rocks clap. Karen says she has five kids at home and doesn't need two more, and it's time for Jeff to get real and get everything he wants next week. Karen is at least as tall as Roode is - wow. She says Dixie is outnumbered and wants Bobby to think about his history with Jeff before ordering Jeff to leave. Karen was so great here - easily the best part of the show so far.

Eli Drake, Kenny King, and Jessie Godderz chat backstage about stuff. Drew is upset over them not caring about the GFW takeover. Kenny buries Drew for not being a great general. Wasn't Kenny a face last week? Robbie, Uno, and Micah come in for a brawl. A couple of chairs fell down in all this - quite the chaotic scene. EC3 scolds Jeff for not hitting Matt, but gives Jeff the chance to sell EC3 shirts to the fans. Mr. Pectacular, Kenny King, and Mr. ED are in the ring for a six-man tag against Robbie, Uno, and Micah.

Jessie Godderz, Kenny King, and Eli Drake vs. Robbie E, Tigre Uno, and Micah

Well, this sure came out of nowhere. Micah clotheslines King down. Robbie E runs wild on Jessie before Eli tags in and gets taken out with a crossbody by Uno. Micah tags back in for some arm work. Kenny tags in and hits a spin kick for 2. Micah comes back with a double lariat to Eli and King. Uno gets a wheelbarrow bulldog, which Josh implies is the 619. Josh hypes up BFG as the biggest night of TNA's year. If it's so big, why is nothing announced for it? Jessie moves Uno to the corner where King tags in to run wild a bit, but eat a tornado DDT. Robbie and Jessie go back at it again. Robbie gets a super Hart attack for 2. Micah gets a sloppy backdrop to Eli over the top due to Eli's legs getting tangled up. Micah gets a Big Ending to King, but Eli hits a spine shaker on Micah. Uno gets a rana to Eli, but one to Jessie leads to a powerbomb, while Robbie gets a full nelson facebuster called the Boom Drop for the win. This was a cluster. Brooke vs. Gail is next for the knockouts title. Gail comes out to a big reaction and is called a legend. It's amazing to think, but she really is one in TNA - she should go into the Hall before the company folds. Brooke came out and did her booty shaking deal.

Brooke vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title

Josh takes great issue with Gail being considered a legend, because every analyst says she's so great. What the hell? This was just weird even by Josh's usual segment-by-segment shift from face to heel. Collar and elbow tieup leads to corner chops. Gail counters a baseball slide to the floor by taking her to the floor and they exchange forearms. Brooke gets a rollup for 2. Pope says that he's got his boots ready in case he's called to action, while Josh says that he sold his a long time ago. What part of Josh's character is supposed to be likable? Cool seated Octopus stretch/armbar combo by Gail here - I demand this be in a video game ASAP.

Brooke gets a silly move onto Gail by dropping to her butt and rolling into this weird reverse camel clutch. Double-down off a double crossbody. Lei'D Tapa and her husband walk down and grab the belt. Brooke hits the facebuster, but sees Tapa and gets up to attack. After an extended brawl between them, it's only a DQ due to a belt shot. Gail beats her up, but then gets beaten up by Tapa. TKO by Tapa. Kong comes down to attack Tapa, leading to Josh talking about how Kong already kicked her ass. They exchange some horrible-looking offense before Kong clotheslines her over the top to the floor. Coach D'Amore and Jeff hype up their crew. Jeff tells Drew he's on his side before EC3 scolds him for not doing his laundry. The Wolves come out to face Myers and Lee.

The Wolves vs. Brian Myers and Trevor Lee - Tag Title Match

A quick brawl starts things off and we get a pair of double dives from the Wolves. Lee gets a standing moonsault powerslam for 2. Wolves hit Chasing the Dragon for 2. Trevor eats a superplex for 2. Rolling German gets 2 thanks to a save by Brian. Double team alarm clock hits, but Sonjay comes in and Earl Hebner takes him out. Punt kick alongside a tombstone gets the titles back for the Wolves. This match, much like every part of this feud, was on fast forward. Chris Melendez is interviewed about why he's back and Sarge says he won't back down.

Sarge comes down on crutches because EY won his leg, and now Josh is a face siding with Chris and against EY. Melendez says he's on his last leg and cuts a great promo about wanting revenge. Chris Melendez being a Team 3D student, a war hero, and having a great story while the Dudleys are in WWE and WWE has a Tribute to the Troops show bodes very well for his wrestling future. EY comes out with Sarge's leg covered in tape and Sharpie text.

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EY came out and says he's God and he destroys all of America's heroes. He's taken Kurt Angle out, taken Chris out, and he can't wrestle because of him. Chris cuts another great promo on him and EY says he'll give him the leg back and then shoves him down with it. Chris being an above the knee amputee and being able to wrestle at the level he is able to, especially given his level of experience, is amazing.

Josh interviews Mahabali Shera, who thanks Kurt Angle and says he'll pay him back 200%. He has no friends and no family, but he thanks Manik for helping him - but Storm is a very bad man. He says Koya was bad, but he is good and he says he will beat Storm and show him who he is. Shera does his little dance in his suit and we'll get Shera vs. Abyss. This was something. Tapa vs. Kong vs. Kim vs. Brooke is announced, and Drew comes down for the main event with Team TNA while Mordetsky comes down with Team GFW.

Chris Mordetsky vs. Drew Galloway - Lumberjack Match

They punch and chop around for a couple of minutes before an ad break. Sonjay interferes and Mordetsky gets 2 off a double axehandle off the second rope. Mordetsky gets a lariat and gets 2. Drew gets 2 off a Sky High, and each side isn't taking cheapshots on the other guy going to the floor. Drew gets a leaping Future Shock, but stomps away in the corner. Myers and Lee attack, then the Wolves take them and D'Amore down. Jeff Jarrett has the guitar, but EY stops him so he can hit Drew with it. Mordetsky wins. This match was very good in spots, but really held back by bad booking.

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