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TNA Impact Wrestling December 17 - Best of World Title Series


Last week, the quarter-finals of the World Title Series were held. Lashley beat Shera, EY beat Tigre Uno, Matt Hardy beat Jessie, and EC3 beat Davey Richards. Tonight, we get some new matches in the form of a cage match that has been set up with graphics and no storyline, and some random matches with other World Title Series folks. The show begins with a silly video saying that the winner of the TNA World Title is truly the king of sport. Josh runs down tonight's two matches and says we'll get a look at everyone in the semi-finals. This means we hear his thoughts on the series and see clips of his match from the October 14 edition of the show against Davey Richards. Matt recaps what happened after this, and how he knew he couldn't lose. Small clips are shown of him beating Roode and Godderz. Matt says that EY can't stop the Matt Hardy Train and Josh plugs the final four roundtable. Kurt Angle will speak on the final four, and the first all-star match is next.

Team Future Four vs. Team X Division

Team Future Four comes out to generic music while Josh says that Eli and Jessie can walk around like they have an S on their chest. Eli has "ED" on his, sadly. Manik, Uno, Mandrews, and DJZ are out. Eli starts by wearing his vest, but tags out to his former partner Micah. DJZ hits a pop-up dropkick of Micah while Josh gives us a geography lesson of Betheham, PA. Mandrews gets dominated a bit by Jessie and in an musing bit, everyone comes in to try and suplex Jessie, and they execute a "triple double suplex" to Jessie and Micah. Josh hypes up The Asylum Years being streamed on the Impact Wrestling site on Thursday nights. Josh plugs Jessie being on the red carpet of Miss Teen California. Manik flies on everyone on the floor.

Eli and Mandrews are now legal and Eli gets 2 off a suplex. Jessie tosses Mandrews into a gigantic chokeslam by Crimson. Eli comes in and he argues with Crimson. Josh actually compares this to the Mega Powers exploding. Uno lands a very sloppy dropsault to Eli resulting in Eli landing right on Uno's head. Eli's partners leave and he tries to, but they toss him back in. Manik hits his modified GTS, DJZ actually hits his wacky DDT, Mandrews gets the SSP and the win. Recap of Lashley's run through the series is next. First, we see a brief clip of Lashley asking if EC3 can win without friends. We see the entire match of Lashley vs. Aries from the November 25 show. Pope and Josh talk about how Lashley must prove that he can beat EC3, and he will have to do so on live TV. The all-star fatal four way is up next.

We see EC3 talking about going to one of his homes in Nashville. EC3 gets out of his BMW and lifts weights for a bit He calls the World Title Series BS and wonders just why Dixie and Billy Corgan came up with this idea. EC3 says he is a one-percenter money-wise, but he wasn't gifted his work ethic. Now it's time for the fatal four way. Spud comes out while Josh hypes up that Spud is the first pro wrestler to work with the Starlight Foundation.

Rockstar Spud vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Roode

The match begins and Josh says that this is an elimination match, which should make it better. Roode and Spud start it off, and everyone needs to tag in to try and win. Eddie gets a blind tag and he gets an inverted atomic drop to Roode while Spud kicks him down for an ad break. Spud goes for a cradle and Eddie kicks out of it. Spud drops down and Eddie dives onto Roode on the floor. Anderson comes in and Spud imitates his mic drop. Anderson laughs and hits a shortarm clothesline. Spud lands a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to send Ken to the floor and he hits a flip dive onto the pile. Spud gets a flying AJ forearm to Eddie, who counters the Underdog with a backslide, but Eddie gets one of his own to eliminate Spud.

Ken and Roode eat a double rana from Eddie. Josh says that he talked to the referee and once it got down to three men, they could all just go at it tornado-style. Despite this, Ken just stands on the apron and waits for a tag. Roode gets a crossface onto Eddie, but Ken wants to fight Roode here for some reason. Mic Check hits Eddie and takes him out. Roode avoids the Mic Check, but eats a back elbow. Roode lands a spinebuster for 2. Finlay roll from Anderson gets 2. Ken rolls him up, but Roode kicks him off and locks on the crossface. Ken rolls through it, but Roode hangs on and earns the win with a tapout.

Kurt Angle says it's been hard to see the World Title Series as an outsider, and it's the toughest tournament in TNA history. Kurt says that whoever wins the series is going to earn it. Next, we'll see a recap of Eric Young's rise through the tournament. Eric Young gets a crazy heavy metal song recapping all of his biggest piledrivers, and is easily the best thing involving him this year. Eric Young vs. Robert Roode from November 4 is recapped. We see more of EY beating guys in the series. EY says Uno was good, but he was X Division champion too. More with EC3 is coming up.

We see clips of the roundtable with EY insulting Matt Hardy. EC3 vs. Mr. Anderson from November 11 is shown. EC3 says it's time to go home and we see him work out and mock his pool cleaner. He makes himself a drink and recaps his tournament wins. EC3 says that he'll beat Lashley in the semis and then beat either EY or Matt in the finals. The roundtable is next. Lashley says that he'll beat up EC3 and his friend. They have a World Title Series graphic over the table to seemingly act like there's a graphic on the physical tablecloth. EC3 says that he fought Lashley while a loud buzzing is audible in the background. Matt Hardy insults EC3 and EC3 says that he has one of the three Is - integrity. Matt says that EY is "mented" and will beat the meanness out of him. EY says that he has held every title here, which no one else has done in this. Matt says the Matt Hardy Train will not be stopped.

Matt says that EC3 relies on Tyrus too much, and Lashley will beat EC3. Lashley says he wants to face the legend of Matt Hardy. Does Matt own a stake in TNA now? Josh hypes up Matt vs. Lashley as a historic first-time ever match that sure seems like something that was thrown on a random SmackDown in 2006. Josh asks EC3 who is not advancing, and EY says that Matt isn't advancing. Matt and EY argue while Josh does a voiceover acting like he's trying to keep order. Next week's show will be a Best of 2015 show - so TNA actually gets one more show on Destination America.