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TNA Impact Wrestling live results: Hardy vs. Hardy - The Final Deletion


Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Bobby Lashley retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Drew Galloway and EC3 in a triple threat match. Also, Broken Matt Hardy showed up in a wheelchair and challenged Jeff Hardy to one more match. After Jeff agreed, Matt jumped out of the wheelchair and beat him down.

Tonight on Impact:

On tonight’s Impact, Matt and Jeff will face off in one final encounter known as The Final Deletion. This match will not take place at the Impact Zone, but instead will be held at Matt’s home in North Carolina. The match has a good amount of buzz going in.

Show Recap:

- Impact kicks off with a warning from Matt’s gardener, Senor Benjamin. He tells us that only trained professionals can perform matches like tonight's and not to imitate what we see. He says all of this in Spanish.

- Next we go into the Hardy home where Matt and Reby are celebrating Maxel’s birthday. Senor Benjamin has a present for Maxel and asks if Matt is sick. Matt says that his birthday present to Maxel is deleting Jeff from the family. Matt tells Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for massacre. This was done incredibly well and was effective in building anticipation for the main event.

- In the arena, X Division champion The Miracle and Maria make their way to the ring. The Miracle reminds us that he is going to use Option C and wants to use it tonight.

TNA President Dixie Carter makes her return after a one-week leave of absence. Miracle and Maria are not happy to see her. Dixie informs Miracle that he can use Option C, but is first going to defend the X Division title against the entire division in an Ultimate X Match.

X Division Champion “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ “The First Lady Of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Mandrews vs. DJ Z vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett /Gregory Shane Helms in an Ultimate X Match

- Back from commercial and the match is underway. This was a really good match. The story was that Miracle is out of his element in this environment. Sutter kicked Spud really hard and he had to be taken to the back after being busted open. DJ Z leaped off of Lee’s back and dove onto a bunch of guys on the outside.

Miracle tried to jump vertically to grab the belt, which obviously failed. He tried climbing across the cable but again failed. Mandrews climbed up the Ultimate X structure and hit a sweet looking moonsault onto everyone on the floor. Miracle can’t figure out how to get the X Division belt so he grabs a ladder. But Edwards won the match when he climbed the structure and kicked Miracle off of the ladder he was climbing.

Edwards is the new X Division champion and the question now becomes whether he will cash in the title for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- Josh informs us that both EC3 and Drew Galloway have been suspended for the backstage brawl they had last week. The two will meet later tonight in a face-to-face interview.

King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

Drake tried to get disqualified by hitting Storm with the KOTM title but referee Brian Hebner stopped him. Storm got the advantage and hit the Last Call Super Kick, but the momentum sent Eli to the outside. Storm tried to bring him back in but Drake was finally able to use the belt to get purposely disqualified.

Post-match, Drake hit his finisher on Storm and posed with the belt.

- In the back, Edwards is glad to be X Division champion again but has a lot to think about in regards to Option C.

Jade vs. Marti Bell in a Street Fight

Both women are wearing street clothes. There are all kinds of weapons at ringside, including a trash can, baking sheets, chairs and kendo sticks. Bell uses a baking sheet to get the advantage and then backdrops Jade onto a trash can. Bell brought in a baton but Jade used nunchucks to counter her attack. Jade won the match with a package piledriver on a steel chair.

- Next, we see Jeff at his home gardening and playing the guitar. At first it seems like the start of Jeff’s newest drama on the CW.  But what happens next is like a combination of Doctor Who and Star Wars. Suddenly, a drone flies into the shot and spies on Jeff. A hologram of Matt appears out of the drone and challenges Jeff to show up at his house. Jeff chases the drone away, but Matt is actually at Jeff’s house and ruins all the hard work Jeff just completed in the yard.

- The Miracle and Maria come back out and they’re irate over Bennett losing the X Division title. Maria has had enough and calls out Dixie Carter.

Instead, TNA executive Billy Corgan comes out. They’re both happy to see Billy. Maria says that she wants to be made TNA President and that Dixie’s one-week leave of absence wasn’t long enough. Maria says it’s either her or Dixie.

Dixie Carter comes back out. Maria goes crazy repeating “You or Me” over and over like a maniac. Miracle demands to be in the main event at Destination X for the title or they walk. Maria repeated “You or Me” over and over again until Billy told her to shut up. Billy actually backs up Dixie despite siding with Miracle and Maria for the last few weeks. Billy is sick of this too and tells Miracle and Maria to quit. Miracle instead promises that he’s going to ruin Destination X.

- Back from commercial, Senor Benjamin is busy preparing the battlefield. There is a ring, chairs and fireworks. Matt shows up with gasoline and tells Benjamin to soak the battleground.

- In the back, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley is asked about Eddie Edwards and Option C. Lashley says he fights with his hands and doesn’t do a bunch of circus moves. Lashley tells Edwards to keep his title.

Decay (Abyss, Crazy Steve & Rosemary) vs. BroMans (Robbie E. & Jesse Godderz) and Raquel

The BroMans came out first. As Decay made their way to the ring The BroMans showed a video of Rosemary making out with Bram. All six brawled on the outside to start the match. The finish came when Raquel took out Rosemary. Abyss went to chokeslam Steve on Robbie E. but he moved. Jesse took out Abyss and The BroMans hit the Bro-Down on Steve for the win.

- In the back, Jesse and Raquel reveal to Robbie E. why they were being so secretive last week. Robbie E. was happy and they celebrated their win.

- Jeremy Borash is in the ring and brings out X Division champion Eddie Edwards for his decision regarding Option C. Lashley comes out as Edwards is about to make his decision. Lashley tells Edwards not to vacate the title. Instead, Lashley suggests that both men put their championships on the line next week. Edwards can end up with both the X Division and World titles, but so can Lashley.

Both men agree and It’s official for next week, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley vs. X Division Champion Edwards for both championships. They brawl briefly and Lashley set up Edwards for a spear but Edwards countered with a knee. Edwards posed with both titles to close the segment.

- The interview with EC3 and Drew is next. Because of their suspensions, neither man is allowed in the Impact Zone and are at separate locations. This was a great segment and both men were excellent here. 

- Next, we get the referee pulling up to Matt’s home. It's night with the ring set up outside surrounded by lights. Matt plays a violin to summon Jeff.

The Final Deletion - Broken Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

This was an insane match and a gigantic spectacle. I would highly recommend going out of your way to see it. There is background music throughout the whole match and no commentary. The editing, music and directing were all excellent.

They used all kinds of weapons including kendo sticks and ladders. Jeff hit the Swanton but Matt kicked out. Jeff wedged a ladder in the corner and placed Matt on it. Jeff climbed up a tree and went for the Swanton but Matt moved. Matt picked up fireworks and shot them at Jeff. The whole place filled up with smoke. In a great spot, Matt looked for Jeff but ran away as Jeff shot him with fireworks. Matt was able to briefly find cover inside of a dilapidated boat.

Eventually, Matt got a sleeper on Jeff and left him for dead in a lake. Matt thought he had the match won, but Willow suddenly jumped out of the lake.

Willow had the advantage until Senor Benjamin shocked him with a taser. Both Willow and Benjamin disappeared. Matt found Willow and covered him to win, but when he unmasked him it was Senor Benjamin. Jeff reappeared and choked out Matt. Jeff climbed up a giant structure shaped like the Hardy's symbol. At this point, Matt pulled out a match and we get a quick flashback. Matt sets the structure on fire and Jeff falls off the top. Matt pins Jeff to win the match.

Next Time on Impact:

Next week on Impact, it’s a special edition known as Destination X. The main event will feature TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley against X Division Champion Eddie Edwards in a match for both titles.