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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Lockdown: Hardy vs. EC3, Knockouts Lethal Lockdown


Last Week on Impact:

On last week’s episode of TNA Impact, Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud reunited to defeat the team of TNA World Champion Matt Hardy & Tyrus.

Tonight on Impact:

Tonight is a special edition of Impact! It features a Pay-Per-View caliber line-up. The one, the only… TNA Impact Wrestling: Lockdown! All the matches are taking place inside the infernal and devilish Six Sides of Steel Cage.

In the huge main event, TNA World Champion Matt Hardy will defend his title against the deadly, Ethan Carter III. For the first time in TNA history, the Knockouts will compete in Lethal Lockdown when The Dollhouse battles it out with The Beautiful People and Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim. Additionally, X Division Champion, Trevor Lee puts his title on the line against Tigre Uno. In tag action, Beer Money takes on Eric Young and Bram.

Show Recap:

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the Wembley Arena in London, England. The Six Sides of Steel is already set up and ready for our first match.

Beer Money (James Storm & Bobby Roode) vs. Eric Young & Bram

James Storm rides down to ring on the Boozer Cruiser, with of course his Boozer Cruiser Cam. While Beer Money, EY and Bram brawl on the outside, Storm takes a beer from someone in the crowd and spits it in Bram’s face. This gets a “TNA” chant from this hot crowd in London. EY and Bram took out Storm on the outside and then locked the cage door with Storm on the outside still. They get the advantage on Roode by isolating him with double team moves. James Strom recovers on the outside and climbs the cage to get in, and then takes down both men on his own. EY countered out of the DWI in a cool spot, and then got hit with a violent super kick from Storm. Beer Money hits the DWI on Bram for the pin and the win!

This was a really strong opening tag team match and a great way to start Lockdown. Beer Money continues to be one of the highlights each week on Impact.

-Earlier today Matt Hardy, Reby Sky and Tyrus arrived in the arena.

-Backstage, EC3 meanders around the halls alone before heading to the ring.

-Back from commercial, we start backstage on Brian Hebner as he frantically runs down the steps and finds an injured Madison Rayne screaming in pain.

-The Catchiest music in wrestling history hits and EC3 makes his way down to the Six Sides of Steel. He does his promo sitting on the steps and the electric crowd breaks out into a huge “EC3” chant while he talks about his feud with Matt Hardy and his match later. EC3 enters the cage and calls out Rockstar Spud. Josh mentions that last week EC3 wanted to face Hardy and Tyrus alone, but Rockstar Spud came out to be EC3’s partner. EC3 thanks Spud for helping him last week and extends his hand for a handshake. The crowd breaks out into a “shake his hand” chant. Spud shakes his hand and says “handshakes aside, I always does the ring thing." Matt Hardy, Reby and Tyrus interrupt EC3 and Spud. Hardy says everyone should fear him. The crowd chants “We want Jeff”. For legal reasons Jeff can’t come to the U.K. for this tour, but Matt failed to mention that.

-Backstage, Jermey Borash interviews Trevor Lee and Shane Helms.

-Back from commercial, the Unnamed Man from last week (who is identified as Jimmy Havoc) talks about Rosemary of Decay. He mentions that she’s dangerous and he brings that out in her. He’s going to get her back from Crazy Steve and Abyss.

TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee w/ Gregory Shane Helms vs. Tigre Uno

This was a really good match with lots of intense and fast paced action throughout. Lee gains the advantage on Uno and uses his power moves to dominate. Tigre makes a comeback and the pace quickens. In an awesome spot, Uno climbs to the top of the cage, but instead of escaping and winning, he hits a sick cross body onto Lee inside the ring to a massive pop. That might have been a mistake as Lee hits the Fishermen Buster for the win. Trevor Lee retains the X Division Title.

-Backstage, “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis runs into a stressed out Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim. Maria mentions that it’s bad luck for Gail that Madison got injured. Gail tells Maria to stop criticizing and instead prove herself by taking Madison’s place in the Lethal Lockdown match.

-Back from commercial, Rosemary is creepily singing alone when the Unnamed Man (Jimmy Havoc) approaches her. He gives her a token of his affection as a way for her to remember him fondly. Crazy Steve enters and that’s when things get weird.

Lethal Lockdown: TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Velvet Sky vs. The Dollhouse (Jade, Marti Bell & Rebel)

The Six Sides of Steel has several chairs, trashcans and various other weapons hanging from the sides. Josh explains the rules for the match: Two knockouts start the match. At intervals, another knockout joins the match, and the match can only end after all participants enter the ring.

Jade and Gail Kim start the match off. Gail Kim and Velvet are already at a disadvantage because Madison was mysteriously injured earlier.  

Back from commercial, Jade and Gail Kim are trading shots. The first entrant out is from the Dollhouse, Marti Bell. The Dollhouse work over Gail with double team moves. The Next entrant is Velvet Sky who runs wild on The Dollhouse. Josh and Pope mention that Gail and Velvet don’t have a partner unless Maria steps up. Rebel comes out next and The Dollhouse has a three on two advantage. Weapons are introduced to the match with all the Knockouts taking each other out. The final entrant comes out and it’s Maria Kanellis. She teases entering the match and teaming with Gail and Velvet but doesn’t. Maria locks the door and walks away leaving Gail and Velvet to fight on their own, Gail and Velvet hit a double flapjack from the top rope on Jade to huge pop. Gail hits eat defeat on Rebel, but Jade breaks up the pin. Jade hits the package piledriver on Gail onto the steel chair and pins Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim. The Dollhouse wins Lethal Lockdown! 

-Backstage, EC3 meets Kurt Angle, who wishes him good luck in his match later.

-Next we see a creepy music video of Decay (Crazy Steve, Abyss & Rosemary). It ends with them spitting into the camera.

-Back from commercial, we get a video for the Kurt Angle and Lashley match. They show clips from their second meeting where Kurt was victorious.

-Back in the arena, The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring. Josh mentions that Kurt as two matches left in his career (In TNA). In two weeks, Kurt faces Lashley and next week Kurt takes on Bobby Roode. Kurt talks about the Farewell Tour. Lashley interrupts and comes down to the ring. Lashley mentions that he’s been waiting a year to get revenge on Kurt. This enrages Kurt, prompting him to tell Lashley he wants to fight, and he wants to do it right now. Lashley teases fighting, but doesn’t and leaves the ring. Lashley was really good here playing a very subtle heel. TNA is doing a decent job building up to this Kurt Angle vs. Lashley match.

-Back from commercial, Eli Drake is in the ring talking about Odarg The Great and how it’s Grado. Eli points out that Grado was fired from TNA. Eli promises to take Odarg’s mask off.

Eli Drake vs. Odarg The Great

Total comedy match. Eli dominates Odarg. Eli tries to escape through the door and Odarg pulls Eli’s tights nearly off trying to keep him in the ring. Eli wrestles for a bit with his tights half way down. Odarg climbs to the top of the cage to escape. Odarg is hanging off the side of the cage. Eli pulls the mask off and Odarg falls to the ground, and wins the match. Odarg is revealed as Grado and Jeremy Borash was very surprised that it was Grado. He was the only one.

-Backstage, Decay approaches Jimmy Havoc and they tell him that Rosemary is with them. Decay beats down Jimmy Havoc and leaves him there to rot.

-Back from commercial, Grado is trying to plead his case to Billy Corgan, but security throws him out.

-Next we get a cool video from “Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy w/ Tyrus vs. Ethan Carter III

We get the ring introductions for EC3 and TNA World Champion Matt Hardy. Both are shown walking backstage and out to the ring. The crowd is buzzing in anticipation of this match. The crowd sings along with EC3’s theme music.

Josh tells us that there are no more commercial breaks and we’ll get this match without interruption. Tyrus throws two steel chairs in the ring. Hardy sets the chairs up in the corner, but gets sent head first into the chairs instead of EC3. Matt takes the lock and chain off the cage door and tries to use it. EC3 takes Matt down. EC3 tries to walk out the door, however Tyrus blocks the way. EC3 flips off Tyrus and says something that is bleeped out. Tyrus enters the cage and beats down EC3. Tyrus tries to use the chain and lock to tie EC3 to the rope, instead EC3 ends up tying Tyrus up. Matt hits the twist of fate with EC3 trapped in the chair, but only gets a near fall. Both EC3 and Hardy crawl towards the door. Reby comes down to ringside and teases using a hammer. Rockstar Spud comes out to stop Reby. Shockingly, Rockstar Spud turns on EC3 by slamming the cage door on EC3’s head. Spud helps Matt escape and win the match.

After the match, Spud hits EC3 with a vicious chair shot while the crowd chants “You Sold Out” at Spud. As Rockstar Spud leaves he tells an unconscious EC3, “I always do the right thing.”

Final Thoughts:

TNA delivered a really good edition of Impact this week. There were several entertaining matches including, Beer Money vs. EY & Bram. The Knockouts Lethal Lockdown was also a jaw dropping event, and the night was capped off by an enticing main event. TNA continues to produce fun and exciting Impact’s since arriving on POP TV.

Next Week on Impact:

Next week, we’re still in London for Impact. The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour is nearing its end as Kurt wrestles his second to last match against one half of Beer Money, Bobby Roode.