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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Bound for Glory playoffs continue


Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Bobby Lashley retained his TNA world title and captured the X Division title by defeating Eddie Edwards in Six Sides of Steel. Additionally, the Bound for Glory playoffs kicked off last week.

Tonight on Impact:

Tonight’s show will feature the semifinals of the BFG playoffs. The semifinals will see Ethan Carter III go one-on-one with Broken Matt Hardy, and Mike Bennett faces off with Drew Galloway.

Show Recap:

- The night kicks off with Broken Matt making his way down to the ring. Matt continues to be great in his new role. Matt said he only cares about Reby, Maxel, Senor Benjamin, and his devotees. He called his obsolete mule to the ring.

Matt tells Jeff that his only job tonight is to make sure that Matt beats EC3. Jeff told Matt to get Senor Benjamin or Vanguard 1 instead, but Matt refused.

EC3 hit the ring. EC3 and Matt had a hilarious stare down. Both men were fantastic in this confrontation and promo. Things get heated and this leads to our first match.

BFG playoffs semifinal: Ethan Carter III defeated Broken Matt Hardy w/Reby and Jeff Hardy

EC3 injured his ankle off of a dropkick from the second turnbuckle. Matt worked over the leg for the rest of the match. Matt took off EC3’s boot and tried to bite his foot.

Reby slid the hammer to Jeff and distracted the referee. Reby got knocked down and Jeff slid the hammer into the ring. Matt went to use the hammer, but the referee took it from him. EC3 hit Matt with his boot and scored the win with the One Percenter. EC3 advances to the finals of the BFG playoffs.

- In the back, Madison Rayne confronted Maria and Allie. She wants to know what her reward is going to be for beating Gail Kim later. Maria said they’d see if she could.

- Matt confronted Jeff in the back and was upset about the loss.

Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne

This is Gail's first match on her road to getting a title shot. The match finished when Gail grabbed the bottom rope to break up a pin, prompting Rayne to get in Earl Hebner’s face, and not in a fun way.

She turned around and Gail hit the Eat Defeat to win the match. Gail continues on her road to the Knockouts title.

- In the back, Mike Bennett and Moose talked about the BFG playoffs. Bennett promised to beat Lashley for the title, and Moose promised to crush Lashley in the process.

- In the woods, Bram meets Rosemary at her childhood farm. In a flashback, we find out Rosemary was once a nice normal girl. Her pet cat Fifi became sick and her mother promised her Fifi would be okay, but her mother lied to her.

Rosemary was distraught and climbed up a tree. She fell from the tree and woke up a different person. She could hear voices and started talking to a tree named Montgomery.

Back to present day, Bram is confused why Rosemary brought him out here to tell him this. She said that she brought him out here to tell him what happened in there. She pointed towards a barn. This was shot similar to the Final Deletion match.

- Eddie Edwards was interviewed last week and was upset about losing his X Division title.

Moose w/ “The Miracle” Mike Bennett defeated David Starr

This was a total squash match designed to showcase Moose’s talent. Moose won with the Game Breaker.

After the match, The Miracle started to cut a promo but was immediately interrupted by Lashley. As Lashley makes his way to the ring we cut to commercial.

Lashley and Moose have an intense stare down. The Miracle tells Moose they’ll deal with Lashley later because they have to focus on his semifinal match. They leave.

Lashley talks about winning the X Division title and retaining his world title last week. Lashley promises to hold every title in TNA at the same time.

DJ Z interrupts Lashley. DJ Z is the number one contender for the X Division title and wants the title match now. Lashley tells him to pick any match, any time. DJ Z chose a ladder match.

Ladder Match: TNA & X Division Champion “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley defeated DJ Z to retain the X Division title

This is for the X Division title only. This was a good ladder match. Finish came when both guys were fighting on the top of ladder and Lashley gave DJ Z a press slam to the mat. Lashley pulled down the belt to win the match.

- In the back, EC3 offered to be in Galloway's corner to counter Moose for the main event. Galloway turns him down but promises to face EC3 in the finals.

- Back to Bram and Rosemary at the farm. In a flashback, Montgomery promised her that her love would come to her one day. She cast several spells until her love, Johnny, finally came to her. But then he did something horrible to her.

Rosemary wouldn’t tell Bram what happened, but he still pleaded with her to tell him. She said she would tell him in the woods.

A graphic appeared on the screen, which read: “Rosemary: to be continued…”

Fact of Life w/ King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake

Eli Drake talked about Lashley wanting every title in TNA. He reminds everyone that he’s the King of the Mountain champion.

James Storm came out and demanded another shot at the KOTM title. They argued back and forth trading insults. It ended with them agreeing to a match. They brawled with Drake getting the better of Storm.

- Another infomercial for “The Fixer” Tyrus airs. Mahabali Shera and Grado need his help with The Tribunal but they can’t afford him.

Monster’s Ball: TNA Tag Champions Decay (Crazy Steve & Abyss) defeated BroMans (Robbie E. & Jesse Godderz) w/ Raquel

Typical Monster’s Ball match with chairs, trash cans, canes, and barbed wire board all in the ring.

Decay spreads thumbtacks on the mat. Jesse got the Boston Crab on Steve in the thumbtacks. Finish came when Robbie was using Janice, but Abyss caught Robbie with a chokeslam on a piece of the barbed wire board to pick up the win.

BFG playoff semifinal: “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett defeated Drew Galloway

Moose attacked Galloway before the match, giving him a powerbomb on the apron.

Galloway sold the attack throughout the match. Miracle is in control of the match because of the attack. The referee got knocked down. Galloway had the match won but there’s no referee. Moose hit the ring and beat down Galloway, but Miracle still couldn't win. EC3 ran down and brawled with Moose.

Miracle attempted to use the kendo stick but EC3 took it away. EC3 accidently hit Galloway with the kendo stick. Moose pulled EC3 out of the ring. Bennett hit the M.I.P. to pick up the win and advance to the finals.

The show ended with Miracle, Maria, and Moose celebrating.

Next time on Impact:

Next week on Impact, The Miracle and EC3 will face off in the finals of the Bound For Glory playoffs to determine the number one contender for the world title at Bound For Glory.