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TNA Impact Wrestling results: The build to Bound for Glory continues


Previously on Impact: Last week, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley, Ethan Carter III, Moose, and Mike Bennett got into a huge brawl to end Impact. Also, The Hardys and Decay agreed to battle in “The Great War” at Bound For Glory.

Tonight on Impact: In tonight’s main event, Lashley and Bennett will take on EC3 and Moose in tag action. Furthermore, the Grand Championship semifinals will take place when Drew Galloway takes on Eddie Edwards and Aron Rex battles Eli Drake.

Also, TNA posted a video teasing the debut of a new star with all roads leading to tonight’s Impact.

Show Recap --

Drew Galloway defeated Eddie Edwards in a Grand Championship semifinal match

Galloway won the first round by split decision. The second round went to Edwards, who also won by split decision. Galloway hit the Future Shock DDT but the time limit expired making it the first Grand Championship match to go to the judges for a decision. Galloway won the match by split decision and will go to the finals at Bound For Glory.

After the match, Jeremy Borash interviewed Galloway. He told EC3 and Lashley to ask for him to go last on BFG because they won’t be able to follow him.

EC3 came out and told Galloway not to forget that the true main event at BFG is Lashley against EC3. Galloway said that Lashley will beat EC3, and after Galloway will give EC3 a shot at the Grand Championship. However, Galloway said that EC3 won’t be able to beat him in that match.

Lashley made his way out and passed Galloway along the way. Bennett jumped EC3 from behind and Lashley hit EC3 with a spear. Moose made the save but was cut off by Bennett, and he too took a spear from Lashley.

- In the back, Allie was searching for an inexperienced opponent to face Maria in a public workout.

- Backstage, Bennett celebrated beating down EC3 and Moose. He called Lashley his best friend and Lashley quickly shot that down telling him never to say that again.

Aron Rex defeated Eli Drake in a Grand Championship semifinal match

Before the match started, Rex and Drake traded insults. All three judges gave the first round to Rex with a score of 10-9. Drake won the second round on split decision. Rex hit his finish (the Revelator) to win the match. Rex will face Galloway in the finals for the Grand Championship at Bound for Glory.

- In the back, Decay discussed the Hardys and The Great War at Bound for Glory. Vanguard 1 approached and an image of Senor Benjamin appeared. He held a shovel that read “Delete." Decay chased Vanguard 1 but it escaped.

- Backstage, Rex and Galloway argued about who will win the Grand Championship at BFG.

- Next we get a video announcing the official debut of Cody Rhodes, but he was only referred to as Cody. He said that all roads lead to Bound for Glory. He will make his TNA debut at Bound for Glory in less than two weeks. Josh Mathews mentioned that Brandi Rhodes signed with the company on Monday.

- Decay came to the ring. They discussed the Hardys and The Great War at Bound For Glory. This brought out Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy. Rosemary said that Decay had the advantage because there were three of them and only two of the Hardys.

The lights went out, and when they came back on Crazzy Steve and Abyss were tied to the corners. Reby was in the ring and attacked Rosemary. Reby went for the Twist of Fate but Rosemary escaped. Reby told Rosemary never to mess with a mother and her child. They will face each other next week.

- In the back, Moose and EC3 talked about tonight’s main event. EC3 told Moose to leave Lashley for him but Moose said he beats up who he wants and when he wants.

- X Division Champion DJ Z came out to the ring. He noted that the first time he was champion he was immature, but things are going to different this time. He’s going to be a fighting champion. He called out anyone from the X Division and Trevor Lee accepted.

X Division Champion DJ Z defeated Trevor Lee w/ Andrew Everett

This was a good match that saw DJ Z pick up the win with the Rolling DZT. Everett and Lee jumped DJ Z after the match until Edwards ran out for the save. Edwards took the mic and challenged DJ Z to a title match next week and DJ Z accepted.

- Maria warmed up for her public workout and warned Allie not to mess this up.

Maria’s Public Workout

Maria called herself the greatest Knockouts Champion of all time, but the crowd chanted for Allie. So Maria put Allie in the corner.

Allie brought out Maria’s opponent, and Maria said her opponent’s name wasn’t important. Maria jumped her and distracted the referee while Sienna choked her. Maria pinned her to win the match.

Maria demanded a second opponent, but Allie said there was only one. Maria challenged Allie but a masked opponent in all black came out. They went back and forth until she unmasked, revealing that it was Gail Kim. Sienna attacked Gail, but she hit the Eat Defeat on Sienna.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley & “The Miracle" Mike Bennett defeated Ethan Carter III & Moose

EC3 and Moose ran down to the ring and Bennett escaped leaving Lashley alone. EC3 and Moose doubled teamed Lashley until he got out of the ring.

Back from commercial, Bennett and Lashley isolated EC3 in their corner. They worked on EC3’s taped up ribs. Moose ran wild on both Bennett and Lashley. Bennett set up for the M.I.P. but EC3 countered into a sunset flip to win the match.

After the match, Moose and Bennett fought to the back. EC3 and Lashley had a huge brawl. It required security, referees, and wrestlers to keep them apart.

Billy Corgan came out and announced that next week EC3 will captain a team against Lashley’s team in Lethal Lockdown. Whoever's team wins gets to pick the stipulations for the main event at Bound For Glory.

Next week on Impact: Next week’s Impact is dubbed Road to Glory. It’s the go-home show for TNA’s biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory. It’ll feature a Lethal Lockdown match. Also, DJ Z defends the X Division title against Eddie Edwards.