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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Cody vs. The Miracle


Previously: Eddie Edwards defeated Bobby Lashley to win the TNA World Heavyweight title on Impact last week.

Tonight: Cody Rhodes makes his debut when he takes on Mike Bennett. Additionally, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim defends against Maria Kanellis. If Maria loses, she is no longer leader of the Knockouts.

Show Recap --

New TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards kicked off Impact. He discussed winning the title last week, and told Lashley that he can beat him again to prove it’s not a fluke. This brought out Lashley and they immediately started brawling. Lashley hit the spear on Edwards and demanded his rematch. Lashley grabbed a chair but Moose and Ethan Carter III ran down to the ring. Lashley left as they entered.

- In the back, The Tribunal approached Aiden O’Shea because they’re looking for Billy Corgan. He told them that they’re on the bubble and should do something impressive.

- Jeremy Borash interviewed Corgan, who is with O'Shea. Corgan took away Lashley’s title shot because he attacked Edwards earlier. Lashley will face the winner of tonight’s main event in a number one contenders match next week.

Grand Champion Aron Rex defeated Jesse Godderz to retain his title

All three judges gave the first round to Godderz. The judges gave the second round to Godderz as well. In round three, Rex blindsided Godderz with a knee and hit the Revelator to retain his title.

- Lashley walked out of Corgan’s office and ran into O’Shea. Lashley mentioned that he should be upset but he’s not. Corgan and Lashley came to a compromise.

- In the back, tag champions The Broken Hardys discussed winning the titles in The Great War. Jeff tried to climb up a ladder but Matt stopped him. He told Jeff he can only indulge once, which he did in The Great War.

- Maria was in the back getting ready for her match with Gail Kim. Allie read an email and informed her that Sienna, Laurel Van Ness, and Allie are banned from ringside.

- Backstage, Lashley informed EC3 and Moose that they will fight in tonight’s main event with the winner facing him next week.

- The Broken Hardys came to the ring. Matt said that they’re the greatest tag team in all of space and time. He said that includes The Bucks of Youth and The Day of New. Matt said they're celebrating the deletion of Decay’s title reign. Suddenly, Matt had a premonition that the next challengers for their titles will be decided tonight. The Tribunal ran in from the crowd and jumped the Hardys and beat them down.

- A video package aired previewing Cody Rhodes taking on Mike Bennett. That match is next.

Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes defeated “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Bennett briefly yelled at Brandi, which gave Cody the opening to leap from the top rope onto Bennett to the outside. Maria distracted Cody, and Bennett hit a hangman’s DDT on the outside to take control. Cody made a comeback, hit the Alabama Slam, and followed up with the Beautiful Disaster. Bennett busted out the pedigree for a near fall. They traded shots in the middle of the ring with Cody getting the better of Bennett. Cody hit the Crossroads to win the match.

X Division Champion DJ Z defeated Marshe Rocket to retain his title

Rocket has the height and weight advantage in this match. This was a good match that came to an end when DJ Z hit the ZDT to retain the title.

- In the back, Bennett promised to help Maria beat Gail Kim tonight. Allie informed Bennett that he’s also banned from ringside.

Knockouts Champion Gail Kim defeated Maria Kanellis-Bennett to retain her title

Both Kim's title and Maria’s power over the Knockouts were at stake. Madison Rayne was on commentary. Maria threw a Singapore cane and trash can in the ring. They fought up the ramp and Kim brought out a laundry cart. She put Maria in the cart and pushed it down the ramp into the post. Kim used a cookie sheet on Maria, but Maria used a trash can to gain control. Kim hit the Eat Defeat using a trash can lid to pick up the win. Kim retained her title and Maria is no longer the leader of the Knockouts.

- EC3 discussed his upcoming match with Moose when Eli Drake interrupted. EC3 dared Drake to press the Dummy button. Drake told EC3 to focus on Moose.

- In the back, the trainer checked out Edwards' injuries from Lashley’s attack earlier. Cody approached Edwards to make sure he’s okay. They meet next week for the TNA World title.

- Josh Mathews and The Pope were talking when a video interrupted them. It was a black and white video with a distorted narration. It featured three people wearing all black and white masks. This mystery group is coming to TNA.

Moose defeated Ethan Carter III

Moose dropped EC3 on the apron, injuring his ribs. Moose sat EC3 in the corner and hit a standing dropkick. It rocked EC3, but he responded with a dropkick of his own off the second turnbuckle. Moose scored a near fall with a pop-up powerbomb and a senton. EC3 went for the One Percenter but Moose hit the Game Changer to the back of EC3’s head to score the win.

After the match, Lashley and Moose had a face-to-face stare down to end the show.

Next week: Eddie Edwards defends the TNA World Heavyweight title against Cody Rhodes. Also, Moose takes on Lashley in a number one contenders match for a shot at the winner of Edwards vs. Rhodes.