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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Damien Sandow gets a new name


Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Ethan Carter III defeated “The Miracle” Mike Bennett in the finals of the Bound for Glory playoffs. By winning, EC3 became the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and will get his title shot at Bound for Glory.

Tonight on Impact:

Tonight’s Impact is live (actually it's on a slight tape delay) from the Impact Zone. In the main event, TNA World Heavyweight and X Division Champion Bobby Lashley will face King of the Mountain Champion James Storm in a titles vs. title match.

Additionally, tonight’s show will feature the debut of the former Damien Sandow as he was announced earlier in the day as TNA’s newest signing.

Show Recap:

- Impact kicks off with EC3 making his way to the ring. He reminds us that he is bound for glory. Bobby Lashley interrupts EC3. They argued back and forth, trading insults until King of the Mountain Champion James Storm came out.

James Storm reminded everyone that tonight is not Bound for Glory and promises to beat Lashley. Storm and Lashley end up brawling to the back.

The Miracle and Moose jumped EC3 and double-teamed him until Eddie Edwards ran out for the save. Edwards said that they had a match later tonight but challenged them to have that match now. All four brawled around ringside.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett & Moose defeated Ethan Carter III & Eddie Edwards

Finish of the match came when Moose hit his finisher on Edwards but Miracle tagged himself in and took stole the pin for the win. Moose didn’t seem too happy with Miracle after the match.

- Throughout the show they aired videos focusing on Storm's quest to win all the titles in the main event.

- A graphic appeared on the screen in black and white, which read “He’s doing things HIS way now.”

- Aron Rex, formally known as Damien Sandow in the WWE, made his TNA debut. As he made his way to the ring, Josh Matthews mentioned the names Cody Rhodes, Ryan Reeves, and Stu Bennett.

This was a good promo. He made references to his former employer but never mentioned anyone by name. He said that TNA is about talent. The crowd chanted, “You’re a genius.” He said he came to TNA to make an impact. His name is Aron Rex and TNA is his new home.

- Maria and Gail had a confrontation. Maria informed Gail that her match is now no disqualification. Marti Bell jumped Gail from behind.

- Edwards challenged Miracle to a match next week, but Edwards is going to face Moose instead.

Gail Kim defeated Marti Bell in a no disqualification match

Gail continues on her quest for a shot at the Knockouts title. Maria shoved Gail off the top rope and forced Allie to get in the ring. Gail rammed Allie into Marti and used a small package to pick up the win.

After the match, the heels were beating down Gail until Jade ran out for the save. Maria announced that next week Gail will go one-on-one with Jade.

- Next we go to Broken Matt Hardy in the passenger seat of his car. He thanks the driver for being there for him and taking care of his son. Broken Matt opens the door for the driver to reveal… the drone Vanguard 1. Matt approaches Jeff Hardy and tells him to prepare for his next match in his quest to win the tag titles.

- Broken Matt comes out to the ring. Now that Decay is a threat to them, Matt has left Reby and Maxel at the Hardy compound with Vanguard 1 to look after them. Jeff comes out and he argues with Matt. The Tribunal and Al Snow came out and traded insults with the Hardys, which leads to our next match.

Broken Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy defeated The Tribunal (Basile Baraka & Baron Dax) w/ Al Snow

Story of the match is that Jeff has to take on The Tribunal alone. The heels worked over Jeff in the ring. Outside, Matt had a stare down with a fan and used his mind to make the fan tear up his Jeff sign.

Jeff scored the win after hitting the Twist of Fate. After the match, Jeff went nuts and hit the Twist of Fate on The Tribunal and Al Snow. Jeff set up two tables and hit a splash on Snow who was on the first table.

Jeff went crazy and executed a Swanton Bomb on the second table, which had nobody on it. Both Matt and Jeff started to laugh hysterically. Jeff started saying “I am Brother Nero." Matt yelled, “You are broken.”

- Lashley confronted Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan. Lashley promised to leave tonight with all the titles.

- Decay discussed the destruction of Bram. Rosemary said that Bram is on a stairway to hell.

- Drew Galloway came out to the ring. Galloway brought up all the times EC3 accidently interfered in his matches. Galloway claimed that EC3 is jealous of him and is trying to sabotage his career. He challenged EC3 to a match where the winner will challenge for the TNA World Championship at Bound for Glory.

TNA World Heavyweight & X Division Champion “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley defeated King of the Mountain Champion “Cowboy” James Storm

This was a good main event. Lashley jumped Storm as Jeremy Borash was doing the ring intros. Storm hit the Last Call superkick but the referee was busy getting Borash out of the ring.

As Storm rolled-up Lashley, Lashley tried to hold on to the turnbuckle and tore it out of the corner. Lashley kicked out and sent Storm into the exposed turnbuckle. Lashley was in control but Storm suddenly hit two Last Call superkicks for a very close near fall.

Storm hit the lung blower, but Lashley bounced off the ropes and hit the spear on Storm for the win. Lashley is still the TNA World Heavyweight and X Division Champion, and he now holds every singles title in TNA after winning the King of the Mountain Championship.

As Lashley celebrated, Aron Rex came out on the ramp. Lashley and Rex had a stare down to end the show.

Next time on Impact:

Next week on Impact, The Hardys, BroMans, The Tribunal, and The Helms Dynasty will battle it out in a number one contenders ladder match. Also, Gail Kim continues on her quest for a shot at the Knockouts title when she faces off with Jade. Last but not least, Eddie Edwards will take on Moose.