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TNA Impact Wrestling results: EC3 vs. The Miracle; Drew defends against Tyrus

Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Jeff Hardy hit a death defying Swanton Bomb from the rafters of the Impact Zone onto his brother, Matt Hardy. The show ended with Matt being taken out of the arena on a strecher in a neck brace. Earlier, Decay “abducted” Gail Kim in order to force Beer Money into a title match tonight. 

Tonight on Impact:

Tonight is a special edition of Impact Wrestling, TNA Sacrifice. The show will feature a loaded line up with the stars of TNA. Drew Galloway will defend the TNA World title against number one contender, Tyrus. Additionally, Ethan Carter III will go one on one with Mike Bennett in “No Disqualification Match”.

Show Recap:

-Tyrus and Rockstar Spud are already in the ring to kickoff Impact. Tyrus calls World Champion Drew Galloway out for their title match. Drew makes his way to the ring and Josh points out that his ribs are heavily taped.

TNA World Champion Drew Galloway vs. Tyrus w/Rockstar Spud

Tyrus works over the ribs throughout the match including pulling the tape off. He missed a Vader Bomb allowing Drew to make a fiery comeback. Spud tried to interfere, but Drew took him out with a belly-to-belly suplex. Drew then executed an impressive superplex on Tyrus for a near fall. Drew retained his title after hitting the Future Shock DDT in a really good match.

-Backstage, Maria is talking to herself in the mirror. She tells herself that her reign atop the Knockouts Division begins tonight and nobody can stop her, not even Gail Kim.

-Back from commercial, Roode and Storm are getting ready for tonight’s “Valley of Shadows Match.” Storm points out that they didn’t need to abduct Gail to get a title shot.

-Maria comes out to the ring looking stunning. She says that there doesn’t need to be a women’s revolution and that she doesn’t need to change but everyone else does need to change. Gail comes out also looking stunning and says it’s a sad day because Maria is in charge of the Knockouts. She believes that Maria was behind Decays “kidnapping” and “torturing” of her, but Maria denies any involvement. Maria decides to make a match between Gail and Rosemary to divert attention.

Gail Kim vs. Rosemary w/Crazy Steve

Gail attacks Rosemary to start the match. Maria is at ringside and distracts Gail long enough for Rosemary to get the advantage. If Freddie and Jason Voorhees’ mom had a baby, it would be Rosemary. Steve pulled Gail out of the ring and Gail slapped him. The slap was weak so she gave him a second slap to see if it would really sting. Maria distracted the referee and Rosemary sprayed the mist into Gail’s eyes. Rosemary picks up the win. 

-Backstage, Josh is surprised to see Jeff limping and noted he wasn’t expected to appear tonight.

Facts of Life with Eli Drake featuring The BroMans (Robbie E & Jesse Godderz)

Eli is a wearing a shirt, tie and vest but the sleeves are cut off to expose his arms. He’s standing behind a podium that has a big red button. Every time he says dummy he presses the button and a little graphic pops up of Eli saying, “Dummy. Yeah” This happens a lot and it gets pretty annoying after awhile. Eli talks about all the dummies in TNA including Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway. He brought out his guests The BroMans, which he called “dummies”. The BroMans came out wearing glasses with no lenses. Jesse asked Robbie what kind of person has a “Dummy Button”. Robbie responds with “douchebag.” I’m not sure who is the true “douchebag” in this segment. A brawl breaks out with The BroMans standing tall. 

-Decay cuts a terrifying promo backstage and promises to win the tag titles later.

-Backstage, EC3 reminds us that he’s never been pinned or submitted. EC3 says that it’s time to go to church, and in church EC3 never loses. His promos are often a highlight of the show.

Valley of Shadows Match: TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money (James Storm & Bobby Roode) vs. Decay (Crazy Steve & Abyss) w/ Rosemary

Tables and trashcans filled with various weapons are set up at ringside. The lights in the Impact Zone are dimmed for the match as well. Abyss tries to use a cheese grater on Roode, but Roode fights him off. Decay dominates the action using kendo sticks and steel chairs. Beer Money made a comeback by Roode hitting a spin buster on Abyss.

Back from commercial, Rosemary comes out from underneath the ring with a barbwire board. Beer Money gives Steve a double suplex on the barbwire board. Rosemary hands Abyss thumbtacks, which he spreads on the mat. She tries to spray the mist into Roode’s eyes, but misses and gets Abyss instead. Storm sprays the mist into Rosemary’s eyes and breaks a beer bottle over Abyss’ head for a near fall. Storm climbs to the top but Steve shoves him off into a table on the floor. Abyss gives Roode a choke slam onto the thumbtacks for the pin to win the tag title. This looked legit painful for Roode who had several thumbtacks sticking to his back. However, Decay are the new TNA World Tag team champions.

-We get a recap of Eric Young attacking Bram and cutting his beard. In the back, Bram is upset and promises to end EY tonight. Not sure why Bram’s so upset, his beard looks great.

-Bennett cuts a passionate promo. He points out that EC3 has lost his friends and title. The only thing EC3 has left is never being pinned or submitted. Bennett notes that he also has yet to be pinned or submitted.

TNA King of The Mountain Champion Eric Young vs. Bram

EY used a trash can lid on Bram and set up a table at ringside. Pope mentions on commentary that EY quit last week and promised to take the KOTM title with him. EY went for the pile driver off the apron, but Bram counters with the Brighter Side of Suffering though the table to pick up the win. Bram is the new King of the Mountain Champion.

-Backstage, World Champion Drew calls out Bobby Lashley for next week. Drew was once again great at selling his injured ribs. Drew is a constant highlight of Impact each and every week.

-In the back, the interviewer guy asks Bram how he feels after winning the KOTM title. Bram promises that anyone who wants a shot at his title can have it, but he’ll send them packing just like he did with Eric Young. That seems to be the only mention that EY is officially done with TNA.

-Jeff Hardy limps his way down to the ring. He recaps the “I Quit” match from last week and the Swanton Bomb spot that resulted in Matt leaving on a stretcher. Jeff hopes that he Swantoned some sense into Matt. Reby and Spud made their way to the ring to confront Jeff. She repeatedly told Jeff that she hates him, testing out their in-law rivalry. She told Jeff that her husband made him a star. This got an audible laugh from the crowd. She adds that Matt isn’t the same after last week; he’s cold, distant and doesn’t even talk to her. Reby slapped Jeff several times and Spud attacked him. Jeff made his own comeback and knocked out Spud with a Twist of Fate.

No DQ Match: Ethan Carter III vs. “Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis

It’s main event time. We’re reminded that it’s no DQ and no count out. There must be a winner by pin fall or submission. EC3 dominates the action on the outside and rolls Bennett back in the ring. EC3 hits the broken arrow for a near fall. Bennett sends EC3 into the ring post and continues to work over the shoulder. Maria hands Bennett a chair and he destroys EC3 with it. EC3 hits the One Percenter but Maria breaks up the pin fall. EC3 takes the chair and beats Bennett with it. EC3 locks on his submsisson but Bennett kicks off the corner and pins EC3 like Bret Hart and Piper at Wrestlemania 8 or Balor and Joe at Takeover: Dallas. They put this over huge because Bennett is the first person to pin EC3. The show ends with Bennett and Maria celebrating while EC3 looks on stunned.

Next Time on Impact:

Next week on Impact, World Champion Drew Galloway promises to call out “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley for a face-to-face confrontation.