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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Feast or Fired is back!


Previously on TNA Impact:

Matt Hardy defeated Ethan Carter III in a title vs. career Last Man Standing Match to become the new TNA World Champion. A double turn occurred, Matt turned heel and EC3 turned babyface. Also, Tyrus turned on EC3 and joined up with Matt.

On This Week’s Show:

Tonight’s Impact features the return of the Feast or Fired Match. TNA’s best compete to capture one of the four briefcases. The X division belt is on the line in a three way and the TNA Knockouts will also be in action. Plus, the fallout and aftermath of the Matt Hardy vs. EC3 World Title match.

Show Recap:

Earlier in the day, Jeff is arriving to the building. He hasn’t talked to Matt all week. He’s going to confront Matt tonight and get some answers.

- Jeff calls out Matt Hardy. Matt has new music. The new TNA World Champion, Matt Hardy, comes to the ring with his wife Reby, bodyguard Tyrus, and son Maxell. Tyrus is carrying Maxell to the ring. Jeff told Reby “I didn’t want to talk to my bitch sister in law.” Matt says his wife whispered in his hear, “stop giving and start taking” The crowd breaks out in an “EC3” chant. Matt’s red dress shirt and Reby’s hot red dress match, which is a nice touch.  Jeff challenges Matt for the title and Matt accepts. Tonight’s main event is Matt Hardy defending the TNA World Title against Jeff Hardy.

Feast or Fired Match – Beer Money (James Storm & Bobby Roode), Rockstar Spud, Eli Drake, Jesse Godderz, Eric Young, Bram, Grado, Chris Melendez, Robbie E, Aiden O’Shea and Drew Galloway.

Four briefcases are in four corners of the ring. The objective of the match is to climb up and grab a briefcase. Three of the briefcases have contracts for title shots at the TNA World title, King of The Mountain and World Tag titles. The fourth briefcase contains the dreaded pink slip and whoever gets this will be fired.

There’s lots of brawling around ringside throughout the match. Grado pulled down the first briefcase, which took him forever to do. Drew Galloway is dominating the action in the ring. He climbs up and pulls down the second briefcase. Two briefcases remain. Both Jesse Godderz and Eli Drake climb up for the last two. Robbie E stops Jesse but Eli pulls down the third briefcase. One Briefcase is left. EY and Bram clear the ring until Beer Money takes them out. Bobby Roode and James Storm both go for the last briefcase but Roode stops and lets Storm climb up and grab the final briefcase. Later tonight is The Reveal ceremony and we’ll find out the results.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle approaches Jeff Hardy and tells him that he has his back and to be careful tonight.

TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z vs. Mandrews

In a cool spot, DJ Z got a two count on Mandrews with a back slide and at the same time rolled up Tigre Uno with his legs for a two. Mandrews uses a skateboard from the top of the ramp into a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Tigre Uno wins that match with the Spanish Fly off. After the match, Gregory Shane Helms comes down to the ring. Helms challenges Tigre to a match next week for the X Division title. Uno accepts.

-Christy Hemme was interviewing Bobby Lashley about his confrontation with Kurt Angle last week. The mysterious and gorgeous woman with purple hair approaches Bobby again. She tells him that she was sent by someone to tell him “I’ll bring you pain or I’ll bring you pleasure.”

Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky

They have a good match, with Kong physically dominating Velvet but she just kept fighting back. Kong wins the match with a piledriver. After the match, Kong continued to beat down Velvet. Madison Rayne came out to help but she gets beat down by The Dollhouse. The Dollhouse held down Madison and made her watch as Kong came off the top with a massive splash onto Velvet.

Feast or Fired Reveal:

Beer Money, Grado, Drew Galloway and Eli Drake meet in the back with Jeremy Borash for the reveal. Just before they do the reveal, “Miracle” Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis enter the room and cut a promo.

The Reveal: Eli Drake goes first and in his briefcase is the King of the Mountain title shot. The next reveal will happen later.

- The Wolves enter the ring and call out Crazy Steve. A woman looking like a clown comes out and is soon joined by Crazy Steve. The Wolves go after Steve when suddenly Abyss’s music hits.

TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves vs. Crazy Steve & Abyss

The Wolves are the champions despite the fact their belt has been stolen. Crazy Steve and Abyss dominate the Wolves. Eddie Edwards gets the hot tag and runs wild. The woman from before walks to the ring with the Wolves’ belts, which causes a distraction. Both Steve and the woman blow mist into the eyes of The Wolves. Crazy Steve, Abyss, and the woman pose over the fallen body of Eddie Edwards.

Feast or Fired Reveal Continues:

It’s James Storm turn to open his briefcase. Beer Money was great here and teased Storm getting fired but they got a Tag Title Shot instead. Drew Galloway couldn’t wait and opens his briefcase. Drew gets the World Title shot. Grado congratulated Drew and then opened his briefcase to reveal that he’s been fired. Grado cried and said it was the “worst day” of his life. It went from funny to sad pretty fast.

TNA World Champion Matt Hardy w/ Reby and Tyrus vs. Jeff Hardy

Before the match could start, Eric Young and Bram attack Jeff. Matt and Tyrus leave the ring as Jeff gets beat down. EY sets a table up a ringside. Beer Money come out for the save. Crazy Steve & Abyss run down as well. Beer Money and Crazy Steve & Abyss fight to the back. The whole time Jeff lay on the apron clutching his knee. Matt comes back in the ring but Kurt Angle runs down to confront him. Tyrus jumps Kurt from behind and Matt knocks him out with a shot to the head with the belt. Matt, Reby, and Tyrus leave and go up the ramp. EY gives Jeff Hardy the piledriver off the apron through the table. As the show goes off the air, Jeff is left laying in the broken pieces of the table.

Final Thoughts:

TNA puts on another solid edition of Impact. The company is doing a decent job so far of giving everyone on the show something to do. It’s not all built around one person and they’re clearly attempting to make stars. Next week, Tigre Uno defends the X Divison title against Gregory Shane Helms. Also, EC3 will be interviewed and will let the world know what is next for him. Plus, more on the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.