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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode, EC3 vs. Spud


Last Week on Impact

Last time on Impact Wrestling: Lockdown! All the matches took place in the diabolical Six Sides of Steel Cage, sending the audience into roars. The main event left an impact with Matt Hardy defeating Ethan Carter III to retain the TNA World title! Rockstar Spud turned on EC3 by slamming the cage door on his head helping Matt win the match.

Tonight on Impact

Tonight kicks of Kurt Angle Week in TNA. Kurt’s nearly ten year long career in TNA Wrestling is coming to an end. Kurt Angle Week will include: Kurt’s final two matches in TNA and a commemorative Kurt Angle Farewell Tour bundle, which are available at The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour Bundle includes a Kurt Angle T- Shirt, Kurt Angle poster and other merchandise. Also, fans are encouraged to share their favorite Kurt Angle memories using #ThankYouKurt.

The Farewell Tour is nearing its conclusion and tonight Kurt competes in his second to last match in TNA. Kurt will face off with one of TNA’s most talented wrestlers and one of half of Beer Money, Bobby Roode. Then later, bursting back into the ring, EC3 and Matt Hardy continue their feud over the TNA World title. Not just that, but “The Miracle” Mike Bennett meets his toughest challenge yet when he faces Drew Galloway.

Show Recap

We start the show off backstage, as TNA World Champion, Matt Hardy, Reby and Tyrus approach Rockstar Spud. Matt proclaims to Spud, “You’re my number one guy.”

- Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show and Josh lets us know that we’re kicking the night off with the second last match in The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.

The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

The night begins with a bang! Right off the bat we get hit with the main event, Roode vs. Angle. Roode comes out alone and leaves James Storm in the back. Josh mentions that Kurt is going to be inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame at the Arnold Expo next month. Josh failed to mention that HHH and NXT will also be involved with the Arnold Expo.

What an amazing match. These two worked a babyface vs. babyface match like it was all she wrote. They have a charismatic dual back and forth, both sides scoring several near falls. They traded submission holds with Kurt going for the Ankle Lock and Roode going for the Crossface. Kurt powered out of the Crossface and hit the Angle Slam, but only got a two count. Roode hit the Roode bomb, but Kurt kicked out. Kurt got the Ankle lock on Roode again, and this time Roode tapped out.

Post match, Kurt and Roode embraced and posed for the crowd. This was a fantastic match and they tore the house down, the roof was on fire, not literally obviously, but certainly metaphorically. The live crowd embraced this match and truly appreciated its significance by cheering for both men.

- Bobby Roode grabs the microphone, but before he speaks we cut to commercial.

- Back from commercial, it’s a mini Kurt Angle Celebration. Roode has the mic and says, “There is no shame in losing to one of the best wrestlers alive.” Roode thanks Kurt for everything he has done for the fans and the company. The crowd is chanting “Thank You, Angle, Thank You, Angle.” Kurt becomes humbled and emotional. James Storm comes down to the ring and thanks Kurt as well.

Storm pulls out two beers to celebrate Kurt’s career. The only problem is Kurt doesn’t want a beer, so James pulls out a jug of milk. Kurt chugs down the milk as the crowd chants, “Chug! Chug! Chug!” Kurt says that he wants to see Beer Money vs. TNA Champs The Wolves. The Wolves came down the ring to join the celebration and to show respect to Kurt. The Wolves agree to defend their titles against Beer Money. Josh says it’s official for next week.

- TNA World Champion Matt Hardy, his powerful wife, Reby and his brute force, Tyrus come down to the ring. Matt mentions that he’s beaten EC3 so many times it’s boring now, he’s no longer amused. Matt say’s he’s done facing EC3 and that EC3 will never get another title shot again. Matt thanks Rockstar Spud and encourages him out. Spud comes down to the ring wearing all black and not his custom bright colors and bowtie. The crowd chants “You Sold Out!” and “EC3”. Rockstar Spud becomes angry, and his enemies won’t like him when he’s angry, the crowd might though.

Spud talks about how terrible EC3 treated him. Spud promises to dedicate his life to Matt Hardy, Reby and their son, Maxell. Spud tells Matt “they’ve gotten rid of the cancer” in reference to taking out EC3 last week.  Cue the catchiest music in wrestling, EC3 runs down and clears the ring. EC3 challenges Spud to a fight later tonight.

- Backstage, Gail walks down the hallway when the interviewer asks to talk to him about Maria. Gail says she wants to talk to Maria and is going to call her out to the ring for a fight.

- We get another creepy video featuring Decay walking down the streets. Bring on the nightmares!

- Back from commercial, backstage Matt, Reby, Tyrus and Spud are arguing with TNA President, Dixie Carter. Dixie is disgusted by their actions. They want her to fire EC3. Dixie is going to wash her hands of the situation by making EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud an unsanctioned match.

Monster’s Ball: Abyss w/ Decay (Crazy Steve & Rosemary) vs. Jimmy Havoc

As Decay makes their way to the ring, we get a recap of Jimmy Havoc trying to get Rosemary back and Decay beating him down. Jimmy Havoc is wearing a “Die Havoc Die” t-shirt. Havoc is the hometown hero for tonight as he hails from London. Like most Monsters’ Ball matches, and Abyss matches, there are lots of weapons at the wrestler’s disposal. Crazy Steve and Rosemary set up tables ringside. Abyss tries to use a cheese grater but Havoc steals it. Havoc uses the cheese grater on Abyss’ groin. This gives Havoc a brief advantage.

Jimmy goes to the top rope, but Rosemary distracts him and Abyss nails him with a chair shot. Jimmy falls from the top through a table on the outside. Abyss goes to use Janice, but Havoc makes another come back and he sends Abyss through a table in the corner. Havoc pulls out a barbwire board from underneath the ring. Havoc teases using Janice on Abyss, but Abyss hits the Blackhole Slam on the barbwire board for the pin and the win!

- TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim comes down to the ring. They recap the Lethal Lockdown from last week and Gail talks about the Knockouts division. The crowd loves Gail and is going crazy for her. Gail calls out Maria Kanellis and requests a fight. Maria finally comes down to the ring. They argue back and forth. Maria mentions that she was on The Celebrity Apprentice and in Playboy. Maria brings up Donald Trump to get some heat, which she got. Maria says she won’t wrestle and starts to leave. Gail chases after her, but Jade runs out and jumps Gail, beating her pretty bad. Jade poses with the Knockouts Title over the fallen body of Gail Kim.

- King Of The Mountain Champion Eric Young and Bram come down to the ring. EY wants a fight and demands a challenger and referee. Out comes Belfast’s own Big Damo. Big Damo is very well know on the Independent scene in the U.K. Josh mentions that Damo has a cult following. By the time Big Damo actually gets to speak, EY slaps him, stifling the large brute.

King of The Mountain Champion Eric Young w/Bram vs. Big Damo

Out of nowhere Big Damo hits a running dropkick that sends EY to the outside of the ring, starting the match. For a big guy, Big Damo is extremely agile and quick on his feet. Damo dominates the early moments with high impact moves. However, EY quickly gains the advantage. Damo makes a comeback and scores several near falls. Eric Young hits a very impressive Piledriver on Big Damo and scores the win.

-Backstage, Drew Galloway talks about his upcoming match with “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.  Drew says that not even a Miracle can save Bennett tonight because he’s going to make an example of him.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis vs. Drew Galloway

Back from commercial, “Miracle” Mike Bennett and “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling”, Maria Kanellis make their way down to the ring. They recap Bennett beating Drew backstage a few weeks ago. Drew has his Feast of Fired Briefcase with him as he heads to the ring. In another recap, they bring up Drew beating Kurt with Drew’s new submission, The Iron Maiden. 

Drew dominates the early part of the match, but Bennett trips Drew on the apron and takes over. Bennett sets up for the M.I.P. but Drew counters into a sweet looking Celtic Cross that would make Sheamus proud. Drew hits the Claymore and locks on the Iron Maiden submission. Maria puts Bennett’s leg on the bottom rope, breaking up the submission. With Drew distracted by Maria, Bennett rolls up Drew for the three count to win the match.

-Backstage, Matt Hardy and Tyrus approach Rockstar Spud and hype him for his upcoming match.

-Back from commercial, backstage The Wolves talk about their match next week with Beer Money.

-Earlier, Grado was outside talking about accomplishing his dream of competing in TNA. The dream was shattered in the Feast or Fired match. He says next week he is going to prove that he was screwed.

Ethan Carter III vs. Rockstar Spud

They recap Rockstar Spud turning on EC3 last week. Spud makes his way to the ring and he’s very confident. Backstage, as EC3 makes his way to the ring both Tyrus and Matt Hardy jump him. However, EC3 gets the better of both guys and he locks them in the back of a tractor-trailer. Back in the arena, Spud is shocked when EC3’s music hits as he expected Hardy and Tyrus to take him out.

Back from commercial, Spud tries to run up the ramp, but EC3 cuts him off. Rockstar Spud is on his own because Hardy and Tyrus are locked in the back of the tractor-trailer. Spud keeps trying to escape, but EC3 is really enjoying throwing Spud around. Spud gets the brief advantage but EC3 quickly takes over. Spud continues to find ways to cheat in order to gain the advantage, but EC3 makes a comeback each time. The crowd is chanting for tables and unlike The Dudley Boys, EC3’s going to give them what they want. EC3 sets up a table in the ring. Spud tries to crawl up the ramp, but EC3 brings him back. Spud hits a low blow to slow down EC3. EC3 makes his own comeback and powerbombs Spud through the table. EC3 locks on a chokehold to put an end to the match.

Final Thoughts

Another good Impact this week. The shows have been solid lately and TNA is trying there best to make each Impact important. Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode was fantastic match and a show stealer. Exciting matches and decent angles throughout the show kept it fun to watch and compelling for the crowd.

Next Week on Impact

Next week is a historic and sad TNA Impact with an exciting line up. The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour and Kurt Angle’s TNA career comes to its final conclusion. The highly anticipated main event will feature Kurt Angle’s final match in TNA as he takes on “The Destroyer”, Lashley. Also, TNA Tag Champs The Wolves defend against Beer Money in a tag team dream match.