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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Matt Hardy teams with Tyrus; Monster's Ball match


Last Week on Impact:

On last week’s Impact, Ethan Carter III made his triumphant return and saved Rockstar Spud and Dixie Carter from Matt Hardy and Tyrus.

Tonight On Impact:

Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy continue their feud over the TNA World Title. TNA World Tag champions, The Wolves defend against Decay in a Monster’s Ball Match. Tag action ensues when The Dollhouse faces off with Madison Rayne and TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim. Plus, appearnces by “Miracle” Mike Bennett, Dixie Carter, Rockstar Spud, Reby Sky, and Tyrus.

Show Recap:

-Backstage, EC3 approaches his Aunt and TNA President, Dixie Carter. Dixie grants EC3 his return title match on next week’s Impact: Lockdown. EC3 will challenge Matt Hardy for the title in a Six Sides of Steel Cage match. EC3 is happy to finally get his title shot, but has some business to take care of right now.

-After the opening theme and video, Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to Impact and reminds us that we’re still in the U.K. this week. EC3 makes his way to the ring and talks about his title shot next week. EC3 wonders if Tyrus is babysitting Matt’s son Maxell or breastfeeding him. Tyrus comes out and makes a very subtle Scarface reference. EC3 and Tyrus brawl around ringside. EC3 gets the better of Tyrus until Matt Hardy runs out and attacks EC3 from behind. Tyrus and Matt double-team EC3. Matt gets a chair but EC3 uses it first and clears the ring. Matt grabs the mic and challenges EC3 to find a partner to face Matt and Tyrus in the main event or face them alone.

-Back from commercial, King of the Mountain champion, Eric Young and his partner Bram are in the ring. EY mentions that Jeff Hardy isn’t tough enough to beat him for the KOTM title. Of course, a few weeks ago EY piledrove Jeff threw a table off the apron. Beer Money comes out, but EY won’t give Bobby Roode a title shot. James Storm takes the mic and professed his need for the title shot. Storm hits the ring, leading to our next match.

King of the Mountain Champion Eric Young w/ Bram vs. James Storm w/Bobby Roode

Eric Young gets the advantage over Storm with help from Bram, but Strom makes a comeback and sets up for the super kick. Before he can make contact with Young’s face, Bram jumps in the ring. Swiftly, Roode cuts him off and all four guys brawl again outside the ring. Storm and EY are counted out. Basically, both teams brawled all over the place, even went into the crowd.

- Backstage, Drew Galloway approaches EC3 and offers to be his partner in the main event. EC3 declines and says he stands alone.

- Back from commercial, Beer Money, EY and Bram do some more brawling backstage. The fight is out of control and goes everywhere, wrecking the backstage.

- They show “Miracle” Mike Bennett interrupting Kurt Angle last week, which led to Angle knocking Bennett down.

- Do you believe in miracles? Maria Kanellis sure does as she introduces “Miracle” Mike Bennett into the ring. Maria’s words give Bennett his cue, and they walk to the ring together. Side note, Bennett cut a promo where he talked about Angle and Drew Galloway. Once in the ring, Bennett said that because Kurt Angle is avoiding him, Bennett will face a local favorite.

“Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ “First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis vs. Mandrews

Mandrews strolls his way down to the ring on his skateboard. The Miracle dominated Mandrews making this basically a squash match. Bennett hit his finisher the M.I.P. (Miracle in Progress) to win the match. After the match, Bennett continued to beat down Mandrews until Drew Galloway ran down to help, making Miracle bail from the ring.

- Backstage, Decay cut a creepy promo from backstage in a cage about tonight’s match. Suddenly, a guy comes towards the cage and promise to save Rosemary. They didn't explain anything or even elabote slightly.

- Back from commercial, Drew Galloway and Mandrews were being interviewed when “Miracle” Mike Bennett attacked them from behind and left them both beaten on the ground.

- Next, we get a teaser for the debut of Mysterious Odarg The Great.

- Still backstage, Matt Hardy and Tyrus warn Rockstar Spud to stay out of their business.

- Kurt Angle will wrestle his last match (with TNA) in three weeks. Kurt will take on Lashley. We get to see a video package of their first meeting.

Monster’s Ball Match: TNA World Tag Champions The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. Decay (Crazy Steve & Abyss w/Rosemary)

Despite not being the champions, Decay comes to the ring with the belts. All kinds of trashcans with weapons and ladders surround the ring. A really good match between these two teams. Both teams brawl around ringside to start the match. The crowd is going crazy for all the violence and carnage in the ring. Crazy Steve pulls a table out from underneath the ring and Abyss pulls out a barbwire board.

Back from commercial, Both Wolves were climbing to the top rope when Rosemary spits mist into Davey’s eyes. Abyss throws the steal chair into Eddie’s face, which causes him to fall off the top and into a table at ringside. Davey hits a suicide dive onto Abyss, which sends Abyss into the barbwire board. Crazy Steve sets up a chair and places Eddie Edwards on it. Rosemary pours thumbtacks on Eddie’s head. Eddie fights Steve off. Rosemary goes to spit the mist in Eddie’s eye but Davey kisses Rosemary. In the process he sucks out the mist, which he then spits back into Rosemary’s eyes. That sounds dirtier than it actually was. The Wolves defeat The Decay and retain the titles.

- Backstage, Rockstar Spud and EC3 meet. EC3 tells Spud that he’s taking on Matt Hardy and Tyrus alone.

- Backstage, The Wolves discuss their victory over Decay. Next, The Wolves want to face Beer Money to prove that the Wolves are the best tag team of all time.

TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs. The Dollhouse (Jade & Marti Bell w/Rebel)

The Dollhouse jumps Madison and Gail to start the match. The Dollhouse works over Gail Kim until she makes the hot tag to Madison. Madison runs wild and clears the ring. Madison rolls up Marti to pick up the win. After the match, The Dollhouse jumps Madison and Gail again until Velvet Sky returns and makes the save. Velvet then announces that next week Velvet, Madison and Gail will take on The Dollhouse in a first ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown Match.

- Backstage, Mahabali Shera introduces his mystery partner Odarg The Great. Odarg The Great is actually the recently fired, Grado in a mask.

- Back from commercial, Beer Money and EY & Bram continue to fight all over the back stage area. EY & Bram ran off and Beer Money challenges them to match next week on Impact: Lockdown.

Odarg The Great & Mahabali Shera vs. Eli Drake & Jesse Godderz

Odarg The Great comes out and he got a really good reaction. It’s obviously Grado under the mask. Not a great match. Shera isn’t the best at selling. Eli and Jesse use double team and power moves to isolate Shera. Shera makes the tag to Odarg who runs wild. Eli tried to take off Odarg’s mask but Odarg took off his own mask, which distracted Eli. Odarg then rolled up Eli for the pin and the win.

TNA World Champion Matt Hardy & Tyrus w/Reby Sky vs. Ethan Carter III

EC3 comes out alone and starts his match with Tyrus. EC3 gets a great reaction from the crowd. Matt Hardy and Tyrus dominate EC3 for most of the match. Rockstar Spud comes out to be EC3’s partner. EC3 has the chance to tag, but chooses not to. Matt regains the advantage on EC3. EC3 finally makes the hot tag to Spud. Spud goes crazy on Matt Hardy. Matt and Tyrus turn things around on Spud and isolate him from EC3. They work over Spud until Spud makes the hot tag to EC3. EC3 goes crazy on both Hardy and Tyrus. EC3 clears the ring and then hits a cross body off the top to the outside on both Hardy and Tyrus. Tyrus went to hit EC3 with the spike but Spud hit Tyrus with a low blow. EC3 hits the One Precenter on Matt Hardy and scores the win.

Next Week:

In seven days, it’s a spectacular and can't miss edition of TNA Impact: Lockdown.  All matches will take place in the Six Sides of Steel Cage. In the huge main event, TNA World Champion Matt Hardy will defend against EC3. Beer Money will take on EY & Bram in a tag match. The Dollhouse faces off with Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne & Gail Kim in the first ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown Match.