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TNA Impact Wrestling results: The Return of EC3


On Tonight’s Show

TNA Impact emanates from the United Kingdom tonight. The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour hits Manchester when Kurt Angle battles it out with Drew Galloway. Also, The Destroyer Lashley faces off with Bram. TNA World Champion Matt Hardy is expected to make an appearance tonight.  Additionally, Ethan Carter III has vowed to make his return in Manchester.

Show Recap

-Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to this week’s show in the U.K. TNA World Champion Matt Hardy, his wife Reby, bodyguard Tyrus and son Maxell come to the ring. Matt talked about his accomplishments in the last few weeks. Tyrus took the mic from Matt and made a Winston Churchill joke. Reby took the mic and got some intense heat from the crowd. Matt said if Dixie Carter wants to keep him happy she has to fire EC3 later tonight.

-Backstage, TNA President Dixie Carter is shown arriving in the building.

Lashley vs. Bram w/Eric Young

Earlier in the day, EY and Bram were backstage and bragging about ending the career of Jeff Hardy. Lashley and Bram used a lot of power moves to start. EY interfered which gave Bram the advantage. Lashley made his own comeback, but Bram was able to cut off his momentum. EY came in the ring, but his interference backfired and Lashley hit the spear to win the match.

-Backstage, Reby was assuring Matt that Dixie would fire EC3 to keep Matt happy. Matt’s also worried about the return of EC3 tonight. Tyrus promises to have it under control and introduced Matt’s security team in case EC3 shows up.

-Kurt Angle comes down to the ring to a huge pop. Kurt said the crowd was making it hard for him to say farewell and they booed him. “Thank You Angle” chants fill the arena as Kurt talks about his time in TNA. Kurt talks about The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour, but he’s interrupted by “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis. She introduces “The Miracle” Michael Bennett. Bennett insults Kurt and his legacy. The Miracle wants to face Kurt and promises to beat him. Kurt told Maria she’s a very pretty girl but has bad taste in men. Kurt hit The Miracle with one shot and then bailed from the ring.  Drew Galloway came out on the stage and had a stare down with Kurt who was still in the ring. Kurt and Drew face off later tonight in the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.

-Backstage, Beer Money was walking down the hall. Beer Money was once again great in their segment. Bobby Roode wouldn’t let James Storm into their locker room because he got him a surprise. Storm tried to guess and asked if it was Pyro or a stripper. Roode gave Storm The Boozier Cruiser.

X Division Champion Trevor Lee w/ Gregory Shane Helms vs. Tigre Uno

Tigre has the early advantage in the match using lots of high-risk moves. Trevor dominates Tigre with power moves. Tigre makes a short comeback and hits a hurricanrana off the steal steps on the outside. Back in the ring, Helms interferes and Lee hits the fishermen buster to win the match and retain the X Division title.

-Beer Money entered the ring and wanting to cash in their Feast or Fired title shot. They call out the TNA World Tag Teams Champions, The Wolves. Instead, Decay comes out, which leads to our next match

Beer Money (James Storm & Bobby Roode) vs. Decay (Crazy Steve & Abyss w/Rosemary)

All four guys brawl around ringside. Beer Money use double team moves on Crazy Steve until Abyss gets in the ring. Decay use great teamwork to isolate and beat down Roode. Roode makes the hot tag to Storm who runs wild. Beer Money hit the DWI on Crazy Steve but Abyss causes the DQ. After the match, Roode launches Storm onto Abyss from the ring to the outside. Rosemary distracts Roode who is attacked by Crazy Steve from behind. Abyss pulls out Janice from underneath the ring but before they could use it The Wolves hit the ring for the save. Decay challenges The Wolves to a Monster’s Ball match next week. The Wolves accept.

-Backstage, Reby Sky approaches Dixie Carter. Reby claims she is talking to Dixie without Matt knowing. Reby is very sincere and genuine when talking to Dixie. She tells Dixie that she just wants what’s best for her family. However, as Reby walked away she rolled her eyes.

-Back from commercial, the recently fired Grado comes through the crowd and jumps the guardrail. Josh points out that Grado doesn’t work in TNA. Grado gets a great reaction from the crowd. Grado is claiming that he was “screwed” by TNA in the Feast or Fired match. He was going to show us proof when Eli Drake with security interrupted him. Eli tried to get the proof, but Grado got away.

Madison Rayne vs. Jade w/ The Dollhouse (Marti Belle and Rebel)

Good match between these two. Madison hit a cross body off the apron onto all members of The Dollhouse. Madison hit Jade with some serious chops that would have made any man cry. Jade hit the package piledriver to win the match. After the match, The Dollhouse continued to beat down Madison until Gail Kim made the save and cleared the ring.

-Backstage, Billy Corgan is being interviewed about being back in the U.K.  Billy Corgan is best known as the Senior Producer of Creative and Talent Development. Oh yeah, he’s also lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins. Grado runs up and asked for his help. Eli and the security guards beat up Grado.

The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour: Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway

Kurt and Drew have a tremendous match. Kurt is the regular amazing wrestler that he is, but Drew Galloway is showing that he is a lot better then people realize. There were several intense and great near falls. The crowd is solidly behind Kurt. Drew had the early advantage, but it didn’t last long and the veteran Kurt made a comeback. 

Back from commercial, Drew is in control of the match and is dominating Kurt. Kurt got the ankle lock secure, but Drew fought him off. On the outside, Drew continued to beat down Kurt until Kurt hit the Angle slam onto the steal steps. This got a “TNA” chant from the crowd. Drew hit a very unique move that Pope described as being “a reverse Alabama Slam.” Drew hit two Claymore kicks, but only got a two and half. Drew locks on a unique submission and Kurt’s bleeding from the mouth, which makes the spot look amazing. Kurt countered into the Ankle lock, but Drew fought out. Drew locked on the submission a second time and shockingly Kurt tapped! Drew Galloway is victorious over Kurt Angle.

-Earlier, Josh interviewed Tyrus about turning on EC3. Tyrus was really good here as he talked about all the reasons for turning on EC3. He explained that it was for money and because EC3 never gave him a title shot despite being number one contender. During the interview, at two separate points, Tyrus insulted The Pope.

-Matt Hardy, Reby and Tyrus are in the ring. TNA President Dixie Carter comes to the ring. Matt is demanding that Dixie fire EC3. Matt’s loosing his mind insisting she fire EC3. Rockstar Spud’s comes out to defend Dixie. Matt says he wants Spud to make Dixie fire EC3. Spud thinks about if for a moment, teasing that he’s going to do it but instead stands up to Matt. Tyrus attacks Spud and beats him down. Matt and Tyrus back Dixie into the corner. EC3’s music hit to a big pop and he comes out for the save. He walks into beating Matt’s security team along the way. EC3 and Tyrus brawled around ringside. Spud and Dixie are holding each other in the corner.  EC3 and Matt had a stare down, but when he got in the ring Matt bailed. To end the show EC3 posed on the stage.

Final Thoughts

Another really good Impact this week. Impact continues to deliver really good matches and interesting characters. However, the show can be predictable at times. The Kurt Angle-Drew Galloway match was fantastic and topped their match from a few weeks ago. The show closing angle was energetic and entertaining.

Next Week:

We’re still in the U.K. for Impact. The Wolves face off with Decay in a Monster’s Ball Match. Also, more on the Matt Hardy-EC3 feud, and The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour continues.