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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Slammiversary go-home show with Broken Matt Hardy

Broken Matt Hardy

Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Ethan Carter III was put in charge for the night. He had failed on his Road To Redemption and made a rematch with The Miracle for Slammiversary. Also, Matt and Jeff Hardy were featured in a series of very unique videos revolving a contract signing at Matt’s home in North Carolina and ended after Reby threw a fake doll at Jeff. This distraction allowed Matt to put Jeff through a table, which was done in slow motion.

Tonight on Impact:

Tonight’s Impact is the go-home show for Slammiversary this Sunday night.  All the key matches are set and the rest of the card should be filled out by the end of the night. In tonight’s main event, The Miracle and Maria take on EC3 and Gail Kim in a tag match. Additionally, Sienna and Madison Rayne go one on one to determine the number one contender for the Knockouts title on Sunday.

Show Recap:

- We kick the night off with the deranged and twisted Matt Hardy making his way to the ring. Josh Matthews reminds us that we’re 5 days away from Slammiversary.

Matt took the mic and basically repeated everything he said for the last few weeks. He’s broken and it’s Jeff’s fault. He recaps the angle from last week and tells us that Jeff is out of his life. Matt wants his World title back and calls out current champion Drew Galloway. It must be noted that Drew has been really good in his role. Without saying anything, he was able to show that the new Matt disturbs him. Matt wants to be added to the main event at Slammiversary but Drew refuses and instead gives him a title shot tonight. It’s official for tonight; Drew defends the TNA title against Matt in the main event.

- TNA Knockout Champion Jade comes out and takes a seat at ringside so she can get a better view of the next match.

#1 Contenders Match Sienna w/ Allie vs. Madison Rayne

Madison is introduced before the commercial. When we come back, Allie and Sienna are on their way to the ring. Allie is doing the intro for Sienna as they walk to the ring. Allie reminds Jade that if she interferes, Madison will be disqualified. On commentary, Josh tells us that next week they will reveal the 2016 TNA Hall of Fame Inductee. 

Sienna dominated the match with power moves until Madison made a brief comeback. Sienna used her finisher, which The Pope called the “AK-47” to put away Madison and become the number one contender. Post match, Jade and Sienna brawled with Jade getting the better of Sienna.

- Backstage, The Miracle and Maria recapped their respective feuds. They take on their Slammiversary opponents next.

- Next we get a video package on the Galloway vs. Lashley feud that is very well done. It recapped Drew winning the title, pushing Lashley as a killer and recapped all of thier wild brawls. They’ve done a really good job with the build to this match.

- Next we get a glimpse of Willow laughing. The announcers didn’t acknowledge it at all. Does anyone know where Jeff Hardy is?

- Now we get a video of King of The Mountain Champion Eli Drake on top of a mountain. He mentioned tonight’s Fact of Life Championship Edition.

- Back in the ring, its time for Fact of Life. Eli recapped winning the KOTM title and let us know that Bram will get his rematch Sunday. Eli introduced his guests, the TNA Tag Champs, Decay. So far, Eli has not used that ridiculous “Dummy, Yeah” Button. Decay discusses their match on Sunday until the challengers, BroMans, interrupt them. Josh and The Pope say that BroMans have a new look because they have a new manager. There was nothing new about them.

BroMans bring out Grado and Mahabali Shera to even the odds. Eli started using the “Dummy, Yeah” button and kept pressing the button over and over. Is there anything more annoying? Yes, there is and its Al Snow with a whistle. The Tribunal ran out and a huge brawl broke out. Al Snow was acting like a coach blowing on his whistle (insert dirty joke here). Bram joined the brawl and we cut to commercial.

The Tribunal (Basille Baracca & Baron Dax) w/ Al Snow, Decay (Abyss & Crazy Steve) w/ Rosemary and Eli Drake vs. Bram, Grado, Mahabali Shera and BroMans (Robbie E. and Jesse Godderz) w/Raquel

- We come back from commercial and a ten men tag match is in progress. All these teams are involved in matches at Slammiversary. The Pope says that he talked to Al Snow earlier and he wants to be known as “The Coach”. Al blew on the whistle the entire match. It was very similar to John Tolos’s “Coach” gimmick when he was briefly in the WWE.

Robbie hit a cross body off the top onto Decay and Jesse on the floor. Bram runs wild on The Tribunal and clears them from the ring. Eli uses a low blow and pins Grado to win the match for his team.

- In the back, Jeremy Borash interviews EC3 and Gail Kim. Like every week, EC3 cuts an awesome promo. He gets better and better each week.

- Backstage, Lashley approached Matt who was randomly kneeling. Matt again mentioned that Jeff is gone forever. Lashley isn’t letting anyone stand in the way of his title match on Sunday.

- The Miracle, Maria and Allie made their way to the ring. Maria has a bag with her.

- Next we get an UFC style weigh-in for the EC3 vs. The Miracle match for Slammiversary hosted by Joe Rogan…er…Josh Matthews.  Of course it ended in a brawl.

Ethan Carter III and Gail Kim vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis

Before the match, Maria takes the mic and announces that she will not participate in the match. Instead, her assistant Allie will take her place. Allie is surprised but luckily Maria brought Allie’s gear.

The Miracle teased starting the match with EC3 but he tagged out to Allie. Allie screeched at the top of her lungs until EC3 told her to shut up. Gail Kim tagged in and dominated Allie until Maria tripped up Gail. The guys tagged in and EC3 ran wild on The Miracle. EC3 sent Miracle to the outside. Allie attacked EC3, who no sold every slap. Gail hit a cross body onto Maria and Allie from the top to the outside. EC3 chased The Miracle to the back after Miracle tried to use a chair. Gail rolled up Allie to win the match for her team.

Post match, Sienna joined Allie and Maria in a beat down of Gail. They place Gail’s knee in a chair and Maria hit it with another chair.

- Before the commercial, we get another short glimpse of Willow, which the announcers didn’t acknowledge.

- In the back, we see Braxton Sutter warming up. Josh informs us that he’ll make his debut later tonight.

TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee w/Gregory Shane Helms vs. Eddie Edwards

As Eddie made his way to the ring, we get a recap of Eddie getting screwed out of the X Division title 2 weeks ago in Ultimate X. Eddie and Lee brawled around ringside to start the match. They have a really good back and forth competitive match. These two should really be on Impact more often. It was full of fast paced action with intense shots and highflying moves.

Eddie was on top when Andrew Everett pushed him off but Lee only got a near fall. DJ Z came out but Helms took him out with a vicious shot. Helms hit Eddie with the X Division title and Lee pinned him to retain the title.

- In the back, Lashley and Galloway had a face to face. Drew said that if he can make Kurt Angle tap he could do the same to Lashley.

- Back from commercial, Gail is being checked on in the back. She’s in agonizing pain.

- We see the video of Braxton Sutter from last week. He wants to be world champion eventually.

Braxton Sutter debuts

They make a big deal out of Braxton’s debut. He seems very nervous which Josh and The Pope point out. This was a good debut for Sutter. It was basically a squash match. Sutter uses the downward spiral to win.

After the match, J.B. interviewed Sutter at ringside. The fans gave him a great reaction. He said he was going to be at Slammiversary. He ended the segment by saying, “its no B.S”, which are his initials.

- Next we get a typical Willow promo in the back.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy

The Pope and Josh point out that they haven’t heard from Jeff but they did just see Willow.

Drew and Matt always have good matches against each other. Drew gave Matt a backbreaker on the apron and then Matt gave Drew a side effect on the stairs. Matt is in control of the match until Drew counters a submission attempt by Matt. Drew set up for the Claymore when Lashley ran in for the DQ. Pope explained that Lashley interfered because he wants to be the one to beat Drew.

Lashley and Drew brawled around ringside and to the back.

Matt’s in the ring and saying that he should be champion. The lights went out and when they came back on the fans in the front are all wearing Willow Masks. This freaked out Matt. Then four guys wearing Willow masks came out. Willow cut a promo on the big screen. Then Jeff’s music hit and Jeff Hardy came out, not Willow. Jeff and Matt brawl in the ring to end the show.

Next Time on Impact:

Next week on a live edition Impact, the show will revolve around the fallout and aftermath from Slammiversary. Plus, next week they’ll reveal the 2016 inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.