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TNA Impact Wrestling results: TNA Champ Matt Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Matt Hardy TNA Wrestling

Tonight on TNA Impact:

Ethan Carter III will break his silence and speak for the first time since losing the TNA World Title to Matt Hardy. Also, the TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno puts his belt on the line against Gregory Shane Helms. Plus an appearance by TNA World Champion, Matt Hardy, and more on the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.

Show Recap:

- Earlier today, Ethan Carter III ran into a camera crew. He’s willing to tell everyone what has been on his mind. He is shown throughout the show getting ready for his interview.

- After the sweet opening theme song and credits, TNA World Champion Matt Hardy, Reby, and Tyrus make their way to the ring. Matt talked about his brother Jeff Hardy and he recapped how Eric Young piledrove Jeff through a table last week. Reby took the mic from Matt and said she was sick of hearing people say her husband was in Jeff’s shadow.  EY & Bram come down to the ring. EY wants a shot at the champ but Kurt Angle interrupts them. Kurt announces that he’s getting a shot at the TNA World title in tonight’s main event. Beer Money comes out to try and even the odds. A brawl breaks out with all six guys. Crazy Steve & Abyss come down but before they can make it to the ring, The Wolves run out and attack Steve and Abyss. Beer Money and The Wolves announce they’ll face EY, Bram, Crazy Steve and Abyss in Hardcore War. 

- Backstage, Drew Galloway was being interviewed about winning the World Title shot in the Feast or Fired. Tyrus interrupts him and they set up a match for later.

Lashley vs. Aiden O’Shea

Aiden jumped Lashley as he was trying to take his t-shirt off. The beautiful and stunning Raquel made her way to ringside. Lashley sent Aiden to the outside. Raquel got in Lashley’s way and Aiden regained the advantage. Lashley made his own comeback and beat Aiden with the spear. After the match, Raquel got on the mic and said, “I can bring you pain or pleasure.”

- Last week before the reveal of Feast or Fired, Eli Drake talked about the briefcase and that he has a 75% of getting the World title shot. Jesse Godderz was then interviewed and talked about Eli Drake winning the Feast or Fired.

- “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis came out but without “Miracle” Michael Bennett. Maria wants to talk about women’s wrestling. Maria thinks the Knockouts Division is broken and that she is here to fix it. Knockouts Champion Gail Kim comes down the ring. This is a pretty good segment. Both Gail and Maria played their roles well. Gail challenged Maria but Maria escaped from the ring.

Hardcore War: TNA World Tag Champions The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) and Beer Money (James Strom & Bobby Roode) vs. Eric Young, Bram and Decay (Crazy Steve and Abyss)

A really good match with a lot of weapons. In fact, everyone came to the ring with a weapon. Davey Richards and Crazy Steve start the match. Davey had a chair and Steve had a baseball bat wrapped in a chain. Steve went to use the chair but Davey grabbed the bat and hit the chair back into Steve’s face. Bram is the next entrant to the ring with corner turnbackle pad pipe. The heels beat Davey all over the place. James Storm is the next entrant and he comes out with a Keg of Beer. EY comes out next with a Singapore cane. Back from commercial, Eddie Edwards is now in the match. Abyss comes to the ring with Janice. The final entrant is Booby Roode who has a hockey stick. Beer Money and The Wolves clear the ring and then all four do the Beer Money Signature. Beer Money and EY & Bram fight to the back. Steve spits the mist into Davey’s eyes and picks up the win.

Drew Galloway vs. Tyrus

Drew brings his Feast or Fired World title shot briefcase to the ring. These two had a good match. The action went back and forth with both having the chance to shine. Drew was about to finish off Tyrus when suddenly, the lights went out and when the lights came back on Michael Bennett and Maria were in the ring. He attacked Drew with the briefcase. Drew did a great sell job here. He sold it like he was dead, especially in the eyes. 

TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno vs. Gregory Shane Helms

Shane Helms came out but was clearly not dressed to wrestle. Helms isn't wrestling but he has a mystery representative, Trevor Lee. They have a good match but the crowd was flat for some spots. Lee dominated the early part of the match but Uno made a comeback. Tigre hit a sweet looking hurricanrana. Trevor Lee hits a fisherman buster into a roll up for the win. Trevor Lee is the new TNA X Division Champion.

EC3 Interview

EC3 cut a great promo from his home. This cemented his babyface turn, as EC3 was a total babyface here. He was tremendous talking about how he acted like a “piece of s**t” and that he just wants to win. This was done really well with the way it was shot and the incorporation of music. It’s worth going out of your way to see this promo. EC3 is going to take a plane to the U.K. to find Matt Hardy and he wants his world title back.

TNA World Champion Matt Hardy (w/Reby & Tyrus) vs. Kurt Angle

Another really good main event from TNA. Matt gets the advantage early but Kurt makes a comeback and hits three rolling German suplex. Tyrus jumps on the apron and Kurt sent Matt into him. Tyrus then took a really slow bump off of that from the apron to the floor. Back from commercial, Kurt locks on the ankle lock but Matt rolls through and sends him to the outside. Tyrus attacks Kurt on the outside and instantly went over and harassed The Pope on commentary. The fans broke into a small “Pope” chant.

Angle scores several near falls but is unable to pick up the win. Kurt hits Matt with another series of German Suplex. Kurt kicked out of Matt’s twist of fate. Kurt hits yet another series of German suplex, which bring the total to around 12. Kurt went to the top rope but Tyrus and Reby tried to stop him. This gave Matt enough time to hit the twist of fate from the top rope to win the match. Matt retains the TNA World Title and beats Kurt in the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.

Next Week on TNA Impact:

We're in the UK where the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour continues as Kurt says goodbye to his U.K. fans. Bobby Lashley goes one on one with Bram and TNA World Champion Matt Hardy will make an appearance.