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TNA Impact Wrestling results: World Champ Lashley vs. EC3 vs. Galloway

Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Jeff Hardy defeated his brother Broken Matt Hardy in a Six Sides of Steel Cage Match. Jeff further broke Matt by putting him through two tables and a pile of chairs. Also, Billy Corgan advised Dixie Carter to take a leave of absence due to her issues with Maria and The Miracle. On top of that, The Miracle defeated Eddie Edwards for the X Division title and promised to cash it in for a world title shot at Destination X. Life is full of miracles.

Tonight on Impact:

On tonight’s Impact, Bobby Lashley will defend the TNA World title against both Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III in an electric main event. Additionally, Sienna will defend her TNA Knockouts title against future hall of famer, Gail Kim.

Show Recap:

The night kicks off with The Miracle and Maria already in the ring. Maria calls Billy Corgan a fair leader and thanks him for getting Dixie to take a leave of absence. This prompts her to welcome us to her show. She looks marvelous in her sparkly blue short shorts. The Miracle recaps winning the X Division title and brings up world champion Lashley. Lashley interrupts and is upset that The Miracle mentioned his name. The Miracle promises to cash in the X Division title for a title shot at Destination X. 

EC3 heads down to the ring, and promises to win the world title tonight. He says The Miracle won the X Divison title by kissing up to a Rockstar and cheating.

This brings out the subtle heel Corgan. Billy said that he’s an icon outside of wrestling. Billy is upset that EC3 brought him up; the struggle has officially become real at Impact High School. EC3 thinks that The Miracle should defend the belt tonight and Billy agrees. Billy announces that The Miracle will defend that title against the winner of an X Division Battle Royal later tonight. The Miracle and Lashley jump EC3, but Drew Galloway ran down for the save. Drew went to hit the Claymore on Lashley but he moved and hit EC3 instead. 

- In the locker room, EC3 and Drew argued about the events that just happened. It got really heated. The other wrestlers in the locker room tried to separate them.

TNA Knockouts Champion Sienna vs. Gail Kim

As Gail made her way to the ring, Josh reminds us that Gail will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. Allie and Sienna to come out. Allie congratulates Gail for her Hall of Fame induction, but feels that Gail should retire.

Gail and Sienna have a really good match. Sienna used power moves to dominate Gail. Gail hit the blockbuster and Allie jumped on the apron. Jade ran out and went to hit the package piledriver on Allie. Marti Belle ran out and knocked out Jade. Allie distracted Gail and Sienna hit the Silencer to win the match.

- In the back, Broken Matt arrived to the Impact Zone. His wife Reby pushed him in a wheelchair as he held Maxel in his lap. He’s still broken and isn’t done with Brother Nero, aka Jeff Hardy.

- The Miracle and Drew argue in the back. Miracle tells Drew the real problem is EC3. Drew tells Miracle not to underestimate the X Division guys. 

Fact Of Life with King Of The Mountain Champion Eli Drake

Eli called everyone dummies, yeah. He talked about being the KOTM champion and that guys who had been with the company a long time were jealous. Eli brings out his guest James Storm.

Eli talks about Storm being a TNA original and wonders if he’s jealous of Eli. Storm calls him Eli “Dork”. Eli pressed his “Dummy, Yeah” Button and pointed at a different crowd member. Storm wants to play a drinking game: drink anytime Eli presses the “Dummy, Yeah” Button. Eli pulls out a jug of water and the crowd booed the water. Storm changed the drinking game to a slapping game. Eli teases pressing the button. Eli finally pressed the button and Storm gave him the Last Call Superkick.

- The “TMZ” interview guys ask Jeff if he saw Matt. Jeff says they’re going meet face to face to find a solution for Matt.

- We got a fake infomercial for “The Fixer”. 

- In the back, Rosemary tries to seduce and convince Bram to join Decay. It was both scary and strangely a turn on. This segment caused lots of weird feelings.

- Broken Matt comes to the ring with his new piano theme music. Reby pushed him down in a wheelchair. Matt was dramatic and played the part well here. He made Reby push him around the ring while he berated the “creatures” and blames them for following Brother Nero. He said he’s had a lot of bad memories in the Impact Zone. He’s not the only one. Matt called out Jeff to the ring. Josh wondered if Jeff would come to the ring as we cut to commercial.

- Back from commercial, Jeff makes his way down. Matt tells him that he needs one more match and needs to win. He wants six weeks to “recuperate from his life threatening injuries”. Matt says that whoever wins this match will own the name and brand “Hardy”. Matt asked Jeff if he agrees to the stipulation for the match. Jeff says yes and starts to do the Daniel Bryan “Yes” Chant.

Matt gets out of the wheelchair and attacks Jeff from behind. Broken Matt gave Jeff the Twist of Fate with Jeff’s head wedged in a chair. Matt says the match will take place next week but not in the Impact Zone. The final match will take place at their home in Cameron, North Carolina. Matt called it The Final Deletion and kept screaming it over and over.

- We get another fake infomercial for “The Fixer”. They even leave a fake number to call.

X Division Battle Royal: Eddie Edwards, DJ Z, Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter and Mandrews

The Miracle and Maria are doing commentary for the battle royal. The Miracle doesn’t think anyone in the battle royal can beat him. Not a bad battle royal. Each guy had a chance to shine. Spud was the first eliminated followed by Mandrews and DJ Z.

The final four were Braxton, Edwards, Lee, and Everett. Eddie and Everett ended up on the apron. Miracle left commentary and distracted Eddie, which led to his elimination. The Helms Dynasty double-teamed Sutter until Sutter suddenly eliminated both.

Post-match, The Helms Dynasty triple teamed Sutter and left him in the middle of the ring.

X Division Champion “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ “The First Lady of Wrestling” Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Braxton Sutter

The Miracle demanded the match start right away. He took his time taking off his ring jacket. Sutter rolled up Miracle for a near fall but Miracle quickly hit the MIP for the win to retain the title.

- In the back, Mahabali Shera is worried about facing Al Snow and The Tribunal. He pointed out it's 3 against 2. Grado said he’ll handle it and had a third man. Grado made a reference to the main event of the 1996 Bash At The Beach, which Shera didn’t get. One can only assume that they saw the infomercials for “The Fixer” and hired his services.

-In the back, Sutter talks about his loss moments ago. He realizes he's swimming with sharks and is going to show everyone that he is also a shark.

Mahabali Shera, Grado, and Tyrus vs. Al Snow and The Tribunal (Basile Baraka & Baron Dax)

Grado and Shera introduce their partner and problem fixer, Tyrus. Tyrus is apparently a babyface now; I may have missed his turn. Tyrus throws The Tribunal around and stalks Snow around the ring. The heels get the heat on Grado and isolate him in their corner. Tyrus gets the hot tag and runs wild. He scores the pin for his team. Apparently, Tyrus’s new gimmick is he’s a problem solver and you can hire him to solve your problems.

- In the back, Shera wants to celebrate their victory by eating. He’s very hungry but he won’t be paying for Grado.

- Still in the back, The Miracle says his match with Braxton earlier was the most difficult of his life. The Miracle promises to cash in the X Division title at 9pm next week.

TNA World Champion “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley vs. Drew Galloway vs. Ethan Carter III

This was a really good main event. EC3 and Drew tease fighting but instead chase Lashley. Drew and EC3 take turns stomping Lashley in the corner. Drew and EC3 try to one up each other with moves on Lashley. Drew and EC3 argue which gives Lashley the advantage on EC3. Drew just sits back and watches. Drew and EC3 hit dives on Lashley on the outside.

EC3 and Drew trade punches in the middle of the ring. Drew chopped EC3 so hard it busted open EC3’s chest. Drew hit the Futureshock DDT but Lashley broke up the pin fall. EC3 set up for the One Percenter but Drew hit the Claymore on EC3 and Lashley hit Drew with The Spear. Lashley hit The Spear on EC3 for the win and retained the World Title.

Next Time on Impact:

Next week on Impact, Broken Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy will have their final battle at their home in Cameron, North Carolina.