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TNA Impact Wrestling taping results: Lashley vs. Galloway vs. EC3; more Hardy madness

Bobby Lashley

Here's some notes on Wednesday's TV tapings, courtesy of Jacob Cohen

These shows should air on 6/28 and 7/5.

- Braxton Sutter won an X Division Battle Royal to earn an X Division title shot. Afterwards, Shane Helms' crew beat him down.

- Mike Bennett (who is the X champion after winning it Tuesday night after the show that aired last night was over) demanded the title match right away. Bennett then beat Sutter.

- Bram beat Rosemary via DQ as he wouldn't fight her. She attacked him. He went to defend himself, but Abyss & Crazzy Steve ran in and attacked him. Rosemary stopped them and then started consoling Bram.

- Matt Hardy was in a wheelchair because of his beating in the cage match from Sunday, but he wants one more match with Jeff Hardy, but said he needs six weeks to recover from the last match. He proposes the loser gives up the Hardy name. Jeff agreed to the match. Fans started a "Yes" chant and Jeff acknowledged Daniel Bryan. Reby Sky and Jeff were arguing. Matt recovered suddenly got out of the wheelchair and attacked Jeff..  Matt then said the match would be in one week, but it won't be at the Impact Zone, it'll be at the ring at his house.

- Grado & Mahabali Shera & Tyrus beat Al Snow & Basille Baraka & Baron Dax

- TNA Champion Bobby Lashley won a three-way over Drew Galloway and EC3 to retain after the champ pinned EC3.

- Mike Bennett wants a match with Lashley for the title. Dixie Carter is back from her leave of absence (that didn't last long but in the angle it
was only one week) and said Bennett was disrespecting the X division title. Eventually, it was agreed he can cash in the X title for an TNA title shot if he retains the title one more time in an Ultimate X match against everyone.

- Eddie Edwards won Ultimate X and took the title back.

- James Storm beat KOTM Champion Eli Drake via DQ.

- Jade beat Marty Bell in a street fight

- Mike Bennett & Maria did an interview talking about how he was robbed of the title.  Maria wanted Dixie to come out. Billy Corgan came
out.  Maria said she should be the President of TNA and told Corgan that either Dixie goes or she goes. Dixie then came out and said she wasn't
leaving, so Maria can leave. Bennett said they will both leave unless he gets a title match. Corgan said they are acting like spoiled children, and that Bennett had a title shot in the palm of his hands but he ruined it by losing. Corgan told them if they don't like it here, they can leave.  Bennett refused to quit, but said he will ruin Destination X.

- Jessie Godderz's magic iPad found Rosemary and Bram making out.  History says that doesn't end well.

- Bro Mans & Raquel beat Abyss & Steve & Rosemary

It's announced that at Destination X (likely the 7/12 show), TNA Champion Lashley and X-Division Champion Edwards will have a match and both titles will be at stake.