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TNA Impact Wrestling TV spoilers: Destination X

Destination X

The following was taped, in some cases, out of order, but most of this taping was for the three-hour Destination X special on 6/12 as well as the 6/19 show. This was the last TNA event until 6/26.

6/12 Destination X

- Christy Hemme welcomed fans to Destination X. She announced they would have the world title match. EC 3 and Tyrus came out and told Hemme to leave. He said there are two world title matches on this show and he's not in either, even though he's the top contender. He refused to allow the show to go on. Kurt Angle came out and made EC 3 back off.

- TNA World Champion Kurt Angle b Rockstar Spud to retain the title

- Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell said if Awesome Kong wants a title match, she has to compete against her in a lingerie pillow fight.

- Grado won a three-way over Kenny King and Cruz by pinning Cruz.

- They set up the ring to look like a bedroom for the lingerie match. Kong came out in regular clothes. Terrell yelled at her. Kong beat up Marti Bell and Jade. Terrell tells Hemme to announce her as the winner. Brooke came out and said this is a disgrace. She said she'd accept any challenge, but Terrell said it wasn't about Brooke. Brooke attacked Terrell and took off her robe leaving her in lingerie. Brooke then vowed to take the title.

- Joseph A. Park returned, saying he lost his law practice and has to return to wrestling.

- Apparently at some point Bram destroyed Abyss, as Park talked about what Bram did to his brother Chris. Bram b Park with a spear through a table.

- Angle beat Austin Aries to retain he title with the ankle lock. EC 3 attacked Angle after the match.

For 6/19

- James Storm and Magnus brawled

- Jessie Godderz b DJ Zema Ion. Robbie E attacked Jessie after the match.

- Madison Rayne complained about her treatment, saying unless you're Gail Kim, they don't give you anything.  She said she should be the star, but doesn't even get as much TV time as Velvet Sky, who isn't even with the company.  She mocked Sky, who came out.  Rayne slapped her and she attacked Rayne, and used a stunner on her.  Angelina Love came out and attackeed Sky with security and Sky got handcuffed and taken out.  However, two other security officers came out and handcuffed Love for attacking a fan who wasn't on the roster and took her out.

- Awesome Kong & Brooke b Jade & Marti Bell

- Mike Tenay said we're nine days from Slammiversary and had the Angle vs. EC 3 contract signing. EC 3 mentions how Angle has beaten every major star of this era, but has never beaten EC 3 and said the torch is being passed. Angle said this time EC 3 is facing a healthy Angle. They announced each would pick the others' opponent.

- Chris Melendez came out to challenge Eric Young.  This set up a match for the 6/26 show.

- Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards were out talking about how Aries & Bobby Roode cheated to win their third match. They wanted the fourth match now, but Roode said that Aries isn't ready after his match with Angle. They set up a match with Edwards vs. Roode, and the winner picks the stip for next week's tag match.

- Eddie Edwards b bobby Roode with inteference from both Aries and Richards. They announced the next match would be Full Metal Mayhem.

- EC 3 b Bobby Lashley due to help from Tyrus.