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TNA may be airing on Oct. 7 on Destination America

While nothing has been stated to talent and employees regarding the future of TNA on Destination America as of yesterday, TNA is still listing the show for 9 p.m. and midnight on Wednesday, 10/7.

The last taped episode of Impact was scheduled for 9/30. The Discovery Network had sent a memo to employees in May stating that they were going to exercise their option to cancel the show at the end of September.

According to one company source, the belief is that a lot of matches that were taped during the early part of the tapings that were not taped as part of an Impact show will be able to be put together for international programming to fill the commitments, and that could be done for domestic commitments as well.

Right now, the company has not scheduled any future television tapings, but there is a deal being negotiated for tapings to be done in late November in India.