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TNA News: Eric Bischoff, son, and Jason Hervey file suit for unpaid money

Eric Bischoff

By Dave Meltzer,

Eric Bischoff, son and former TNA wrestler Garett Bischoff, and Eric's longtime business partner Jason Hervey have filed a lawsuit for $114,500.02 against TNA Entertainment for unpaid money.

The story, reported by today, states that TNA owes Bischoff/Hervey Enterprises $101,500 in unpaid money covering the months January through March of this year in addition to attorney fees.

The lawsuit claimed that BHE was to receive $426,800 per year from TNA for Hervey and Bischoff working as Executive Producers.

Garett's contract with TNA was for $26,000/yr as base pay and $500 per match or appearance. He is asking for $13,000.02 in unpaid salary from October 2014 until March 2015 when his contract with the promotion expired.

The lawsuit stated all three were paid in full through the end of September and have not been paid since, and their lawyers contacted TNA in November.  BHE was paid $101,500 before the end of last year to rectify the late payment covering October through December, but has not been paid since.