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TNA News: referee Earl Hebner to be inducted into Hall of Fame

TNA announced today that it will be inducting Earl Hebner into its Hall of Fame at its 10/3 house show in Salem, VA, with TNA Senior Producer Billy Corgan inducting him. Jeremy Borash will serve as MC.

Why Salem, VA, instead of Charlotte the next night? Because the Hebner family grew up in Richmond, VA.

TNA is calling Hebner the most famous referee in the world, which he very well could be given his role in the infamous 1997 "Montreal Screw Job" at WWF Survivor Series which saw Bret Hart drop the WWF title to Shawn Michaels in auspicious fashion. Hebner and twin brother Dave also played an integral role when Hulk Hogan lost his WWF title to Andre The Giant on a live WWF The Main Event back in 1988.

The 66-year-old Hebner has been with TNA since 2006.