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TNA rating dips despite post-Final Deletion buzz


Though they were able to retain some of the audience boost provided by last week's Final Deletion-focused episode, TNA's rating for the Tuesday edition of Impact Wrestling fell on their first episode since earning their highest PopTV rating to date.

The promotion drew 358k viewers for the 7/12 Destination X-themed show, according to ShowBuzzDaily. That number is down from the 410k who watched the previous week’s Final Deletion, but it was up from the 322k who watched Impact the week prior to the Hardy vs. Hardy spectacle.

In total, Tuesday’s episode of Impact was the third highest-rated episode since they debuted on PopTV earlier this year.

The rating comes as TNA provided the audience with a generally well-received and noteworthy episode of Impact. Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards squared off in a title vs. title match, only for it to be ruined by Mike Bennett and the debuting Moose.

TNA should be encouraged by the 36k viewer increase, but obviously, they would have liked to retain a higher percentage of the extra viewership that last week’s show brought.

Impact will move both nights and time slots on Thursday, July 21st in response to WWE SmackDown now airing live on Tuesday nights.

Impact hopes to capitalize on the Thursday night wrestling audience that WWE is leaving behind, but changing either nights or time slots have historically led to a loss in viewership for wrestling promotions in the past.