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TNA & ROH Wednesday night ratings (September 23)

There was good and bad news on the ratings for TNA and ROH on DestinationAmerica.

The audience tuned in later than usual, as the ROH show at 11 p.m. did 168,000 viewers, nearly double the previous week, and the best in that time slot since July 29.

TNA at 9 p.m. did 272,000 viewers, its second lowest to date.

The TNA midnight replay did 122,000 viewers, the best replay number to date.

That seems to mean that a lot of the people who tuned into ROH than usually don't also stay with TNA.

It would appear "Empire" on FOX may tell the story, since nothing else on television in the 9-11 p.m. time slot did numbers out of the ordinary enough to change regular viewing patterns.