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TNA TV taping results for early April: Goose is cooked


Notes from tonight's TNA tapings in Orlando for early April:

- Velvet Sky beat Marti Bell after Earl Hebner kissed Bell. Earl Hebner then sold like he had a heart attack after counting the finish. Stuff like this is when you know the goose is cooked.

- Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy argued and it ended up with a match between the two of them set.  The loser can no longer use the name Hardy.  Stuff like this is when you know the goose is cooked.

- TNA Tag Champions Beer Money retained the tag titles in a four-way over The Bro Mans, Eric Young & Bram and Decay.

- Maria Kanellis, who helped Jade beat Gail Kim, asked Jade to hand her the Knockouts title.  She refused.

- DJ Zema Ion beat X-Division Champion Trevor Lee in a non-title match so that likely sets up a title match.

- Mike Bennett beat EC 3 via DQ when he used a chair.

- Al Snow did an interview talking about how he broke Grado's arm. Grado is back home and missed the last few days of tapings so I guess that's the reason behind it.  Mahabali Shera attacked Snow which set up a match.

- Knockouts Champion Jade beat Madison Rayne to retain.

- Matt Hardy & Tyrus beat Jeff Hardy & Dre Galloway when Matt pinned Jeff after hitting him over the head with a hammer.  Lashley destroyed Galloway after the match.

- Eric Young announced he was leaving TNA and taking the King of the Mountain title with him. He said that he quits and Bram quits.  Bram has signed 16 contracts and can't quit. He and Eric start arguing over who is a loser. Bram wanted a title shot but Young kicked him low, gave him a piledirver, and then pulled out scissors and cut Bram's beard.

- X Divison Champion Trevor Lee retained over Eddie Edwards and DJ Zema Ion. Andrew Everett knocked Edwards off the top rope to set up the pin.

- Al Snow did the bitter old man gimmick saying he hates what wrestling has become...basically copying the Alex Riley gimmick in NXT. He said how all the fans are stupid, they go on the Internet and complain but they still watch every week.  Well, most of them don't.

- Al Snow beat Mahabali Shera using a chain.

- TNA Champion Drew Galloway said he has broken ribs from being attacked by Bobby Lashley. He's not cleared to wrestle, but he challenges Lashley to come out and fight. Instead, Spud & Tyrus come out and beat him down including using a chair.  Tyrus said he's cashing in his briefcase for a title shot with Galloway next week (taped Saturday).

- Ethan Carter III beat Eli Drake.