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Watch TNA's Delete or Decay featuring Matt & Jeff Hardy


The sequel to Matt and Jeff Hardy's Final Deletion spectacle aired on Thursday night's edition of Impact, but this time it was the Hardy brothers teaming up with Rebecca Hardy, Senor Benjamin, and Vanguard 1 in an attempt to stop Decay from invading the Hardy compound and abducting King Maxel.

Delete or Decay featured not only another battle from the Hardy estate, but the Hardy family preparing for the encounter by visiting Matt's personal zoo. The zoo included a giraffe that Matt claimed to be the vessel for the soul of George Washington, a kangaroo that had assumed the soul of "Smokin'" Joe Frazier, and a cage full of spot monkeys.

The full nearly 20-minute long director's cut is available to watch below:

And for an optimal experience, you can sync the video with Bryan Alvarez and "Filthy" Tom Lawlor's running commentary of the battle.

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