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Willie Mack on why he left Impact, his first Triplemania in Mexico City

The former X-Division Champion talked to Denise Salcedo last weekend.

Minutes following his match at this month's AAA Triplemania in Mexico City, I talked with Willie Mack on what he thought about the bout and why he is no longer in Impact Wrestling.


Mack had signed with Impact in 2018 and in May, he announced that after four years, he was leaving. During his time there, he was the X-Division Champion and won the company's One to Watch in 2020 award in their 2019 year-end awards.

Mack informed me his decision was "first and foremost a money thing," later adding "They promised one thing and I said, 'You know what? I am not accepting that.'"

That led Mack to return to where he first began: the indies.

"Even though it's a tough grind, at least I am having fun and getting to travel and seeing people I hadn't seen in years."

He said he is bummed about how things went down at Impact and even said some of his friends were trying to talk him out of leaving. But, Mack insisted this was something he had to do: go out and prove himself. 

"I see them every now and then, but hopefully if anything changes in the future. I might be back. But, who knows? It's wrestling."

Mack also explained that he likes having the freedom to handle his own bookings and his own schedule and that it's good to be able to do your own thing.

Leaving Impact has not slowed him down and that his schedule was keeping him both busy and booked with "little time to chill in-between."

"This is how I pay my bills and so I gotta get my ass out of bed and do something."

Triplemania XXX

Mack has worked for AAA in the past, dating back to 2019, continuing in 2021 and then several more this year. While he took part in AAA Triplemania Regia II, this was his first Triplemania in Mexico City.

"I've been hunting down people for so long saying I want to be on Triplemania, even when I first started wrestling."

Mack said that getting to be part of the company's thirty year anniversary show was "something special" and he was "glad to be part of it." 

Mack will soon be making his debut for GCW as part of Hit 'Em Up this Saturday in Los Angeles, California.