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WWE went in 'different direction' after Mike Bailey accepted offer


In an interview discussing his signing with Impact Wrestling, "Speedball" Mike Bailey revealed that he previously had accepted an offer with WWE before they decided to change course.

Speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Bailey confirmed a previous report from Dave Meltzer that the two sides had been in advanced talks, but noted that no deal was ever signed.

"We went through a process and we had some pretty in-depth discussions. I didn’t sign a contract. It pretty much went up to that point of me accepting an offer and going through the proceedings that would lead up to me signing for several months, and them deciding they were going in a different direction.”

Bailey spoke about recently signing with Impact, expressing his happiness to be with the company.

"I look forward to starting with Impact Wrestling, The response from people has been overwhelming. Not that I didn’t expect the response from the crowd and the Internet to be positive, but it was so positive. Some of the comments I’ve read have been so positive that they’ve almost brought me to tears."

The 31-year old was offered a contract after a match with Josh Alexander at a Destiny Wrestling’s Raising Hellshow in Mississauga, Ontario.

Impact Vice President Scott D'Amore said that Bailey's style is "different from what anyone else in wrestling is doing today" and that "he’s going to connect with the audience in a very authentic way.” D'Amore added that he expects Bailey to debut for the promotion in early-2022.