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BLP Adventures in Wrestling results: Bryan Alvarez vs. Orange Cassidy


From Jersey City, NJ, at White Eagle Hall

Kobe Durst defeated Ethan Page to win the BLP Championship

This was both an action-packed and weapon-packed start to the show as Durst picked up the win and title with a litte help from some outside interference.

Durst jumped Page with a chair at the onset, but Page quickly recovered and threw Durst like a lawn dart into the ringpost. Durst brought a table and another chair out and was getting increasingly frustrated at not being able to put Page away. Page powerbombed Durst from the top rope through a thick piece of wood resting on two chairs, but was distracted by Durst's comrades long enough so he could hit him with a facebreaker while his head was stuck in the chair. He followed that up with a piledriver on another chair to pick up the win and the title. Page ran to the back to chase Durst after the match.

Independent Wrestling Champion Orange Cassidy defeated Bryan Alvarez to retain

Referee Bryce Remsburg got a nice pop from the crowd when he entered. Cassidy brought the title out in his backpack, his orange juice in his back pocket, and his sunglasses on his face. Alvarez was heavily booed as he announced as one half of the Chop And Roll Express.

Cassidy kept his sunglasses on and hands in his pockets for the opening exchanges which aggravated Alvarez. An Alvarez shoulderblock only made Cassidy stumble back to the ropes and when he hit a slow motion version of of his own, this only annoyed Alvarez more. Alvarez ended up taping Cassidy's arms as they were in his pocket, rendering him helpless.

Alvarez removed his glasses, tried them on himself, and began choppin' and choppin' Cassidy in the chest. He chopped him round the ring, he chopped him in the crowd, he got him back in the ring, and he chopped him some more. He took to the middle rope and hit a dastardly, evil double foot stomp to the sunglasses, shattering them into a thousand pieces. This enraged the crowd so much that a fan threw their own glasses in, only for the dastardly Alvarez to stomp on them too.

He chopped him some more, but that was it. Cassidy woke up and exploded with a comeback before going for the orange juice, but Alvarez kicked it into his face and hit a superkick. Alvarez went to the top rope but was distracted by mysterious music...could it be Marko Stunt?...but we never found out as the musical distraction lasted long enough for Cassidy to roll him up for the win.

Sadkampf (Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku) defeated Manny Fernandez & Tank

Tank was billed as weighing “more than these two dipsh*ts”. Fernandez took the mic and asked everyone to think of Terry Funk at this sad time. Tank used a fork to the bare feet of Garrini and chased him through the crowd, threatening both he and Ku with BBQ skewers. He eventually got Garrini in the head and busted him open and got Ku in the buttocks.

The finish came when Ku small packaged Tank out of nowhere for the win, but Fernandez and Tank got revenge with chairshots after the match. Tank then got on the mic and got everyone to cheer for Fernandez.

Nick Gage defeated Swoggle

This was a crazy brawl. Swoggle came out to a New Found Glory song to which the crowd sang along to as the music died down. The two sat on chairs face to face and began exchanging forearms. Gage hit a spinebuster before they began brawling around the ring. Swoggle hit a big crossbody from the elevated seating area to the floor. Swoggle had some help from PB Smooth as he got involved and help set Gage up for a Swoggle cutter onto one of the chairs for a two count.

Multiple superkicks later and Gage finally fell to the mat but Swoggle only got a two count. Marcus took out PB Smooth with a fireball. Swoggle hulked up from a chair shot and German suplexed Gage. Gage then hulked up and hit a chokeslam backbreaker on Swoggle. Gage continued with a piledriver but Swoggle hulked up again. Gage's assault continued and culminated with a second piledriver for the win.

Gage took the mic after the match and gave kudos to Swoggle for being tough and for him constantly getting back up. Gage then said he would be in a deathmatch by the end of the weekend. Swoggle took the mic and thanked Gage for showing everyone that he can still do this.

Allie Kat won a “Million Dollar” Battle Royal for the Wrestling with Regret championship

Brian Zane from Wrestling with Regret presented this. Boomer Hatfield ran wild before being eliminated. Maria Manic then took control and eliminated half of the field. The last three in there were Allie Kat, Manic, and reigning champion Levi Shapiro. Kat eliminated Shapiro and we were down to she and Manic.

Manic brought a knife out and went after Kat but eliminated herself after vaulting over the top rope and going for a dropkick off the apron. Kat thought she had won, but Danny Adams had been hiding and jumped in but couldn't surprise eliminate her. They exchanged forearms on the apron before Kat eliminated him with a piledriver to win the title.

Curt Stallion, AJ Gray, Gary Jay and CW Anderson defeated Indiana State Champion Jake Parnell, Chris Dickinson, Rory Gulak and Daniel Makabe

Makabe and Anderson were surprise additions to the match. After a slow start, the match quickly broke down and Gray picked up the win for his team with a big lariat.

Jordynne Grace, Kylie Rae, Nicole Savoy, Samantha Heights and Solo Darling defeated Shazza McKenzie, Charli Evans, Jessica Troy, Indi Hartwell and Zoe Lucas

This was a good showcase match for all involved. Grace got a lot of offense and looked strong coming out of this one. Grace and McKenzie had some good early close exchanges of near falls. Rae tagged in and hit a cannonball in the corner. They then got the heat on Rae as the pace slowed until Grace got the hot tag and ran wild. A big dive sequence ensued as Heights & Savoy hit a double suicide dive and Rae hit a trust fall before Grace took out everyone with big suicide dive through the ropes.

Everyone took turns hitting big moves. Shazza hit a stunner, Rae a forearm, Troy a pump kick, Darling a pump handle slam, Hartwell a DDT and Grace an STO into a sit down powerbomb. Grace picked up the win soon after with a pump handle driver.

BLP Tag Team Champions Space Pirates (Space Monkey & Shane Sabre) defeated Sammy Guevara & Robbie Eagles and The Besties in the World (Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett) to retain

This was a big free for all with nonstop action. There were no tags, just everyone going for it with big double team moves and close near falls. Eagles looked good with a big springboard dropkick to break up a double abdominal stretch by the Besties. Sabre picked up the win for the Pirates with a sit down reverse piledriver.

Guevara took the mic after the match and said he and Eagles are the best in the world. They said the Space Pirates just beat them so they must be one of the best tag teams in the world. Eagles showed them respect and all four shook hands after the match.

Jonathan Gresham defeated Shigehiro Irie

The story of the match was Gresham attempting the sleeper throughout the match to try and slow the steam engine Irie. He finally locked it in after diving through the ropes and grabbing Irie on the outside and dragging him back in.

Irie exploded out of the blocks and hit a big suplex and an earthquake sit down splash. Gresham retaliated with a big dive over the top to the outside but Irie just caught him and launched him into the ring post. Back in the ring, they exchanged hard shots and kicks. Gresham got the upperhand and hit a dropkick in the corner for a two count. Irie hit a big bossman slam for a two count of his own. Irie hit a big splash off the top for another close near fall.

Gresham fought back with a big stomp to the knee and a forearm for another near fall. We got a second sleeper attempt by Gresham but Irie fought to his feet and cannonballed Gresham into the corner, and followed up with a more traditional cannonball for good measure. Gresham caught his feet on the ropes with a cannonball dive through the ropes, but still hit enough of Irie to knock him down. A big top rope shooting star press followed inside the ring for another close two count.

Irie came close to the win after a forearm exchange. He hit a big pounce followed by a running Michinoku driver but Gresham still kicked out. Gresham picked up the win with the sleeper after diving onto Irie on the outside, locking on the hold, dragging him back into the ring and not letting go.