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Bret Hart to accompany FTR at Big Time Wrestling show

Hart will reunite with Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler this October.

FTR and Bret Hart are set to reunite at an indie show this October.

It was announced today that Hart will accompany FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) for their match at Big Time Wrestling's show in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, October 22. FTR's opponents for the event have yet to be announced.

"The legendary Bret The Hitman Hart makes a dream come true for wrestling's top tag team FTR (current triple tag team champions: ROH, AAA and IWGP) Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood when he accompanies them to the Brooklyn squared circle for action. More stars and matches TBA," Big Time Wrestling wrote.

The show is taking place at Sunset Park Rooftop in Brooklyn. It's one of five Big Time Wrestling events that Hart will be appearing at in October. The shows are being called the "Hart Attack Tour."

Hart also managed FTR at a show for Big Time Wrestling this June. FTR defeated Brian Pillman Jr. & Brock Anderson, who were managed by Arn Anderson.

In a June interview with Sports Illustrated, Harwood said being managed by Hart was the greatest night of his career.

“That night was a culmination of a journey that’s been ongoing for more than 30 years. I was watching the King of the Ring pay-per-view 29 years ago, where I got to see Bret Hart wrestle three matches and tell three different stories that night," Harwood said. "That’s also the night I told my mother I was going to be a pro wrestler. I know who I am. I don’t have the total package -- I’m not tall, I don’t have the body, I have a southern accent. Overcoming all those odds and getting to perform with my hero -- not just my favorite wrestler, but my lifetime hero -- it was the greatest night of my career. If you saw me smiling, it’s because I couldn’t hide that look on my face.”

Wheeler also spoke to Sports Illustrated about being managed by Hart: "At one point during the match, I got hit and rolled to the floor. Bret was touching my shoulder, asking, ‘Cash, are you all right?’ In my head, I’m thinking, ‘Bret is ringside, asking if I’m all right.’ Laying on that dirty floor, it was a moment of realization. It was a reminder we’re lucky to do what we do.”