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David Starr bids farewell to wXw


Coming out of his title vs. wXw career match during 16 Carat Gold weekend, David Starr has bid farewell to wXw.

Starr tweeted Monday that "I won’t go into further details regarding wXw on this platform and idk when/if I will in any public setting. Like I said, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences and that this mutual decision was one that neither of us wanted to make. I love wXw & always will."

wXw Unified Wrestling Champion Bobby Gunns retained against Starr in their title vs. wXw career match at 16 Carat Gold night two on Saturday. Starr then gave an emotional farewell speech to close the show.

wXw tweeted after the match "Thank you for everything, @TheProductDS - we will miss you. #wXw16Carat"

Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio overnight, saying that details are still forthcoming, but "essentially WWE made it such that [wXw and Starr] could not work together anymore." Meltzer also noted that Starr hasn't wrestled for PROGRESS Wrestling -- which also has a relationship with WWE -- in recent months.

During a match with WALTER for OTT Wrestling last June, there was a spot where Starr stomped on WALTER's NXT United Kingdom title belt. Meltzer wrote at the time: "WWE didn’t approve the David Starr stomping on Walter’s NXT U.K. title belt. Nobody knew ahead of time. Walter and Starr made the call to shock people live knowing it would get over huge. As you can imagine, the reaction from WWE was not positive. Many wrestlers thought it was disrespectful and the higher-ups weren’t happy either."

Starr has also been a vocal supporter for unionization in professional wrestling.

Starr is OTT's World Champion and is set to face Jon Moxley at ScrapperMania 6 in Dublin, Ireland this Saturday.