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Enzo Amore to appear at House of Glory show


The former Enzo Amore is set to appear at his first pro wrestling show since being released by WWE.

House of Glory announced on Saturday night that Amore, who is now going by the name "Real1," would be appearing at their High Intensity 7 show at the NYC Arena in Queens, New York on August 17th. The promotion noted that Amore would be "live" at the event but didn't indicate what his role would be or if he would be wrestling.

Amore's primary post-WWE focus has seemingly been on making rap music. Since Phoenix Police concluded their investigation into the rape allegation against him and found insufficient evidence to press charges, Amore has released two songs under the Real1 name. In the first song, he responded to the accusation by stating his innocence and insulting his accuser.

The allegation against Amore stemmed from last October but wasn't made public until January 22nd. WWE suspended Amore that day and then released him on January 23rd.

Amore has claimed that police didn't contact him until his lawyers reached out to them after the accusation was made public.