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EVOLVE 106 results: Joey Janela debuts, wins WWN title


EVOLVE's two-show weekend began in Brooklyn, New York last night.

- Josh Briggs defeated Bad Bones

The EVOLVE newcomer Briggs and the German star Bad Bones had a physical big-man match. Briggs won with the chokebreaker.

- Jon Davis defeated Jarek 1:20 (w/ Candy Cartwright)

Davis, who was making a surprise return to EVOLVE, proclaimed he was here for a fight and proceeded to impose his will on the illusionist Jarek. Davis put him away after a powerbomb, German suplex, and lariat combination.

- Adrian Alanis & Liam Grey defeated Leon Ruff & Tommy Maserati (w/ AR Fox and fellow members of The Skulk)

The crowd erupted for the action between these two sets of Fox’s students. Alanis scored the pin for his team and they all celebrated before Fox called out DJZ for their match.

- AR Fox (w/ The Skulk) defeated DJZ

The fans appreciated both men in this athletic spectacle. Ayla Fox distracted DJZ at ringside by wearing his LED mask, which allowed Fox to take the advantage. The Fox Catcher finished it off.

- Darby Allin defeated WALTER

This was another in the long line of breakthrough performances by Allin, who showed incredible heart by taking a mauling from WALTER but never giving up. There were huge chops and strikes throughout by WALTER. Allin tried to use his speed and high flying but always got cut off by WALTER's power.

Allin was able to roll back through a clutch choke hold to score the three count, sending the crowd into a frenzy for a moment before WALTER kicked Allin with a cheap shot and stormed off. Allin was helped to the back as he held up three fingers as if he couldn't believe what he had just done.

- Bryan Idol (w/ Natalya Markova) defeated Mike Verna

The crowd was firmly behind Verna in this one, but Idol picked up the win to their dismay.

- Jaka, Chris Dickinson & Dominic Garrini (w/ Stokely Hathaway) defeated Anthony Henry, Timothy Thatcher & Tracy Williams

A wild six-man brawl with some incredible technical wrestling involved as well. This was the prelude for the Williams vs. Dickinson “Catch Point rules” match tomorrow at EVOLVE 107 in Melrose, Massachusetts.

After the match, Thatcher wasn't happy with Henry and let him have it before storming off.

- Joey Janela (w/ Penelope Ford) defeated Austin Theory (w/ Priscilla Kelly) to win the WWN Championship

The Brooklyn fans were on fire for this matchup. There was wild action all over the place and the managers each got involved. Theory overpowered Janela, but he kept fighting and hit a super brainbuster off the ropes for a major victory.

The crowd erupted for the title change, with Janela winning it on his EVOLVE debut.

- EVOLVE Champion Matt Riddle vs. Shane Strickland ended in a no contest

Strickland attacked Riddle before the bell for the early advantage. Riddle fought back with his powerbomb and knee strike until Strickland cut him off to take back the advantage. Riddle charged the corner, but Strickland evading it caused the referee to be incapacitated by Riddle.

The two then brawled to the back and through the curtain -- where the rest of the locker room joined in the fight. Strickland wiped out a pack of wrestlers before Riddle yanked him by the hair back into the ring to choke him out.

WWN personnel tried to pull Riddle off Strickland and seemingly end this match. Riddle then said that wasn't the finish he wanted, but it was a great night and it was because of the fans in Brooklyn. He thanked them to end the show.