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Evolve 42 results & review: Davey Richards, Rich Swann, Johnny Gargano

Submitted by an anonymous fan | From Orlando, FL 

Shine Women's Champion Santana pinned Andrea with a small package in 5:08

This match was basically just a back drop to continue the Su Yung and SoCal Val storyline.  The match was good for these ladies who are still green.  Santana has a great look and I am surprised the WWE has not swooped her up.  Andrea is the former Rosie Lottalove in TNA, she lost 130lbs since then and changed her name.  Andrea has a lot of charisma and great facials, but her work just needs to catch up.  She will get there.  Not sure if the WWE will sign her, but they should.  You can't teach charisma and Andrea sure has it.  Finish was Su Yung holding Santana, but you know how this goes,  Santana moved and Andrea crashed into the Su Yung.  Santana then put Andrea in a small package for the pin.

After the match, SoCal Val fired Su Yung and Andrea took her out with a really cool torture rack power bomb combo.   SoCal Val is really growing on me as a heel manager.  In a different era, she would have a job as a heel manager in a major company.  This entire Su Yung angle is not really getting over and seems out of place in Evolve.

Ethan Page pinned Martin Stone in 9:51 with a uranage 

Good match and probably Martin Stone's best performance to date.  He has a look of a brawler type ass kicker that I would love to see that out of him more.  After his great heel work at Evolve 41, Ethan Page came off more of a tongue and cheek heel here, which is not main event.  Evolve seems really high on pushing him as a top heel, but they need the Ethan Page that showed up at Evolve 41 to be that guy. 

Rey Horus pinned Andrew Everett in 9:12 with a top rope huracarana 

If you like high flying, this match is for you.  This match did expose how green both men are.  They are talented flyers, but putting it all together and making those high flying moves mean something, they are far from that.   That will come in time.  I think on paper this sounded like a great idea, but putting two green flyers together doesn't always make for a great match.  I always find it is better when you have a guy who can fly and a guy who is more of a base makes for a better match.  The basic story of this was "what you can do, I can do better". They did some really cool stuff and Horus went over with his top rope huracarana.  The move is impressive as hell, but takes a long time to set up and comes off as a total expose. 

Timothy Thatcher submits TJ Perkins in 12:53 with a fujiwara armbar 

This was a really good match, but what's new when Timothy Thatcher is involved.  Perkins is so fluid with his mat wrestling, but he is so robotic with his facial expressions.  Luckily, Thatcher is really good with his facial expressions and he made the holds mean something.    Both men told a story of each trying to lock on their finishing holds, the cross armbar by Perkins or the Fujiwara armbar from Thatcher.  Both men worked the climax of the match perfectly and finally Thatcher locked on the fujiwara armbar for the win.

Biff Busick submits Rodrick Strong in 11:30 with a bulldog choke 

Match Of The Night.  I always liked Rodrick Strong and this past year his work has been just top notch.  Unlike Ethan Page earlier,  Rodrick Strong has a main event heel persona.  He knows how to get heat without being cheap.  This match was very hard hitting and the crowd heat was turned up.   Busick did his running around the ring attack on Strong, but the second time around Strong power slammed him on top of a guardrail.  That was brutal.  Back in the day a guy would be stretchered out and that injury could be built to a long term program.  Now, something like that is simply a cut off.

The finish was interesting as Busick locked on his bulldog choke, the referee called for the bell.   Strong argued over the call and stormed off.  They keep focusing on the referee calling off the matches to protect the wrestlers like in MMA.  It is an education process that will take time, but it is a finish that can get over.  They seem to be planting  the seeds for this finish to turn up in a main event match, probably involving the Evolve or DGUSA Title.

After the match Busick cut a promo still upset about the referee stoppage the previous night at Evolve 41.   Thatcher came out and the two of them had words.  Finally, it broke down into blows and Busick cracked Thatcher on the side of the head.  Thatcher went to retaliate, but his equilibrium was off and he fell to the mat.  Very creative stuff there, which I bet that was from Thatcher.   This leads to a Busick vs Thatcher program while Drew Galloway and Rodrick Strong feud over the Evolve Title.

Davey Richards pinned Trevor Lee in 8:16 with a soccer kick

Good match, but surprisingly short for a top match later in the card.  In the middle of the show the internet feed went out (I was watched on video on demand so I had no issue) and apparently it was for a long time.  Maybe their time was cut because of that.   These two worked at a fast pace the entire match.  Trevor Lee is getting a lot of steam behind him on the indies scene.   He is very entertaining to watch and I can't wait to see his growth as a worker.  Richards is always good and hit all his trademark spots.   With wins three wins in a row at Evolve 38, 41 and 42, they seem to be building him up quickly.   Potential matches for Richards versus Galloway, Thatcher, Busick, Strong and Drew Gulak will be all kinds of fun.

Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann defeated Tony Nese & Caleb Konely in 26:12 to win the DGUSA Tag Team Championship in a street fight 

This was a street fight with all kinds of weapons like chairs, ladders, belts etc.  All four men dressed up in street clothes which was a nice touch that you don't see often these days.   They brawled into the crowd, but the lighting was so dark it was hard to make out the action.   Rich Swann injured his ribs and he was helped to the back leaving Johnny Gargano all alone.  Once again Caleb Konely was the star for his team in this match putting a brutal beating on Gargano.  Konely really got over how much he wanted to destroy Gargano and Swann.   One point he did a jumping moonsault while holding a garbage can.  He missed, but it was crazy.   Finally "All Night Long" music hit and Swann returned with a garbage can full of plunder.  His music kept playing as he delivered punishment to the Premier Athlete Brand ala New Jack from ECW.    I thought it would lead to the finish there, but the match kept going.  Andrea got involved and even SoCal Val.  Finally, Su Yung came back dressed like a female Great Kabuki and sprayed SoCal Val with mist.   Soon after Gargano and Swann went over and captured the tag team titles.  

After the match, Johnny Gargano tried to give a speech, but he kept getting cut off by Ethan Page who was doing color commentary.   Ethan Page was great here as being an annoying heel.  Storyline is Page is making Gargano wait to wrestle him, but Gargano flipped it on him and said Page is below him and he doesn't even care to wrestle him.   Not the way to get a heel over.  Not sure if it worked or not, but for me the Gargano-Page program is not clicking. 

Overall Thoughts:  This was a good show.  It started out so-so, but picked up starting with the Thatcher-Perkins match.  If you are into hardcore matches, then the main event would be right up your alley.   The $15 price for the video on demand at is worth the price to watch this show, especially for the Busick-Strong match.