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Evolve 57 iPPV results: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Drew Gulak; Matt Riddle vs. Chris Hero


From Brooklyn NY, and via iPPV 

Ethan Page beat Fred Yehi

During the match, Page would offer to shake Yehi's hand, yet would end up being chopped. Ethan Page wins with the Package Piledriver, Page and Yehi do end up shaking hands post match before Anthony Nese comes out and attacks Page from behind with a chair.Nese says fat guys like Page don't belong in a wrestling ring. Caleb Konley joins Nese in the ring while Page is carried out by the refs. Konley says he's wrestling Thatcher tonight finally after a year. 

TJ Perkins beat Tommaso Ciampa

"F TNA" chants to start the match as Perkins laughs. Ciampa hits the Project Ciampa, but TJP kicks out at two, Ciampa goes for a second one yet TJP escapes to put Ciampa in his Figure Four Deathlock to get the win.

Matt Riddle beat Chris Hero

Hero hit a spike piledriver, pulls off his elbow pad and strikes Riddle right in the temple yet Riddle kicks out. Hero goes for another piledriver yet Riddle counters with a triangle submission forcing Hero to tap.

- EVOLVE tag title match is supposed to be up next but Gargano comes out and tells the crowd that Galloway's flight from Orlando has been delayed and ask for more time. Caleb Konley attacks Gargano from behind and demands for Thatcher to come out so they can have their match right now. Thatcher is on his way out but Sami Callihan cheap shots him from behind. 

EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher beat Caleb Konley for The Evolve Championship

A lot of interference from Andrea during this match before Thatcher got her out of the way. The finish saw Thatcher putting Konley in a armbar to retain the title. 

- Matt Riddle is out to tell Thatcher at least he didn't have to cheat tonight. He calls Thatcher trash and wants a rematch for the title April 1st in Dallas. Thatcher agrees and Riddle says he's not gonna cheap shot Thatcher, instead he hits him with a jumping knee and knocks Thatcher out. 

Sami Callihan beat Tracy Williams

Callihan wins with the Cinderblock Forearm to the back of the neck.

Zack Sabre Jr. beat Drew Gulak

Sabre's boot came undone so he just took it off, Gulak capitalized by body slamming Sabres ankle into the ropes 5 times. Sabre and Gulak exchange roll-ups, Sabre counters the wins with a unique submission. 

- Chris Hero is out to say when he hears Best In The World he doesn't think about Zack Sabre Jr. He thinks about Bryan Danielson, who he's beat. He thinks about CM Punk, who he's beat. Hero says Sabre can't claim to be the best unless he has beaten him, which he hasn't. Sabre says he'll see him in Dallas. Gulak wants the mic and tells Hero that he shouldn't be worried about Sabre he should be worried about Catchpoint. 

Evolve Tag Team Champions Drew Galloway and Johnny Gargano beat Team Tremendous

Some great action here as expected, and the finish saw Galloway hitting the Future Shock DDT on Dan Berry to retain the titles in their first defense.