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EVOLVE 83 results: Drew Galloway vs. Matt Riddle


EVOLVE closed out its two-show weekend in New York with EVOLVE 83 taking place in Brooklyn on Sunday night. Here are the results:

- Ethan Page defeated Austin Theory with the Spinning Dwayne.

Page hit his finisher out of nowhere to get the pin, but this was a decisive victory for him. He only came out with one Gatekeeper (Blaster McMassive) after the other one (Flex Rumblecrunch) was written off on Saturday and posted that he's leaving pro wrestling due to injuries taking their toll.

Theory has aided Darby Allin in his feud against Page, including getting involved in their last man standing match at EVOLVE 82. Allin is out of action for a while after a shovel shot fractured his elbow in that match. Priscilla Kelly once again came out to ringside here, though her intentions weren't made any more clear.

- Stokely Hathaway and Tracy Williams made their way to the ring for a special announcement. Williams said that Catch Point always spends more time talking and bickering than fighting, and that management wasn't his strong suit. Hathaway then announced that, as of today, he will be representing Catch Point.

That brought out Fred Yehi, Chris Dickinson, and Jaka. Yehi said this wasn't what he signed up for and quit the stable, while Dickinson and Jaka agreed to stay on. Dickinson mentioned that he was still with the group as long as it remained about competition. Williams said that it was as the two agreed to face off.

- Tracy Williams defeated Chris Dickinson by making him submit to the crossface.

Dickinson had the advantage following a striking sequence near the finish. He connected with an enzuigiri and went for a springboard until Williams caught him in a crossface and submitted him. They did the Catch Point handshake after it was over, while Jaka called out ACH for the next match.

- Jaka defeated ACH after hitting a tiger bomb.

ACH taking the loss here was surprising, though it was probably the right call. It wouldn't have made much sense for both Jaka and Dickinson to lose after winning the EVOLVE tag titles on Saturday. They had a good back and forth match as neither was able to stay on top for long. ACH seemed to be going for a brainbuster, but Jaka was able to get out of it and hit the tiger bomb for the win.

- Keith Lee defeated David Starr with a powerslam.

While these two definitely have a better match in them, this connected with the crowd as much as anything else on the show and was really good. Lee controlled most of the match and got a needed win. Starr did well the few times he was on offense, with the crowd giving him a good ovation and chanting "Please come back."

- Kyle O'Reilly defeated Fred Yehi by submission as he locked in an armbar.

They were clearly trying to have a great match and mostly delivered. It may have come off even better with a crowd that was more responsive. They predictably utilized a lot of striking and mat wrestling, with Yehi being presented as nearly equal to O'Reilly. He evaded O'Reilly's armbar attempts until getting hit with a brainbuster and being unable to fight it off any longer.

- EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Lio Rush to retain his title after trapping Rush in a pin.

Rush was able to wrestle with Sabre early until the champion took over. Rush was finally able to make a comeback and get some momentum towards the end. He got a big near fall off of a standing Spanish fly and a frog splash, then mostly stayed on offense until Sabre trapped him in a pin to retain in a really good match.

Page and the remaining Gatekeeper walked out to the stage after the match was over. Page mentioned Sabre ending the other Gatekeeper's career at EVOLVE 82. He said that he could have brought him out with a sling, but fired him instead. A new Gatekeeper then debuted and tried to attack Sabre. Both Gatekeepers ended up laying out Sabre as Page said that he was going to take his title next month.

- WWN Champion Matt Riddle defeated Drew Galloway in an I Quit match to retain his title after Galloway gave up while Riddle had the Bromission applied.

The stipulation predictably didn't help here. Riddle took a lot of damage, including a short piledriver, three Future Shock DDTs in succession, and a Future Shock DDT on a chair but wouldn't give up. Galloway grabbed a rope from under the ring, tied Riddle's arms behind his back in the ring ropes, and started punching him.

Riddle refused to give up, with Galloway turning his attention to the referee to continue the storyline that he believed there was a conspiracy against him. Riddle kicked Galloway and the referee untied him. Galloway later got a sledgehammer from under the ring and low blowed Riddle when he tried to stop him from using it. Galloway again turned his attention to the referee, then Riddle locked in the Bromission to win.

Williams, Dickinson, Jaka, and Hathaway had watched most of the match from the stage. They entered the ring when it was over to ask if Riddle was with them. He laughed at Hathaway and said that he wasn't before being attacked from behind by Galloway. Hathaway told Riddle that he was getting what he deserved as the members of Catch Point left. Galloway once again got the sledgehammer, but Keith Lee made the save.

Hathaway was in Lee's face when Lee pushed him into a Bro to Sleep from Riddle. Lee and Riddle fist-bumped to end the show after Lee placed the WWN title on Riddle's shoulder to make it known that he had his sights set on the championship.