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EVOLVE 84 results: Matt Riddle vs. Kyle O'Reilly


The first EVOLVE show of this weekend took place in Summit, Illinois this afternoon. Here are the results:

- Keith Lee defeated Donovan Dijak

This was one of the most unique “Hoss Fight” matches in a long time. They worked a high-risk style. The match included a reverse rana, a dive into the crowd, and kip ups. These men are so athletic for their size. Lee hoisted Dijak to the second rope and delivered a Spirit Bomb to win this battle.

- Fred Yehi defeated Jason Kincaid

Yehi has some of the most explosive offense in wrestling and has the ability to overpower larger men. Kincaid wasn't able to escape the Koji Clutch and was forced to submit.

- Lio Rush defeated Austin Theory

Theory held the advantage early before Rush could run wild. A tope to the outside by Rush had the place on their feet. Rush got great height on a frog splash to pick up the win.

Priscilla Kelly made her way to the ring after the match to tell Theory that she sees something in him and he belongs with her.

- Tracy Williams (w/ Catch Point and Stokely Hathaway) defeated Jeff Cobb

Cobb’s power was on display here, but Williams avoided the Tour of the Islands at all costs and countered into a roll-up to score the pin.

- EVOLVE Tag Team Champions Jaka & Chris Dickinson defeated Matt Knicks & Isaias Velazquez to retain their titles

The crowd loved the challengers from Freelance Wrestling in their hometown here. They put on a quality showing, but Catch Point was just too much for them. A huge series of powerbombs and suplexes led to Catch Point hitting their finish and retaining.

- EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Ethan Page to retain his title

This was a battle. Sabre locked in a dragon sleeper to wear down Page, and it took four penalty kicks to finally put away All Ego.

Darby Allin (with his arm in a sling) made his way to the ring after the match to say he wants to become EVOLVE Champion someday.

- WWN Champion Matthew Riddle defeated Kyle O'Reilly to retain his title

There was physical striking all through this match. They did kicks to the chest, strong style forearms, chokes, and holds. Riddle hit a jumping tombstone and locked in the Bromission for the victory.