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EVOLVE 94 results: Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee last man standing match


EVOLVE 94 aired live from LaBoom in Queens, New York last night, with a big last man standing main event between Matt Riddle and Keith Lee. Here are the results from the show:

Dominic Garrini (w/ Stokely Hathaway) defeated Rayo

Hathaway announced before the match that Rayo was being given an opportunity to face his new bodyguard, Mr. Garrini. Garrini attacked Rayo instantly and tapped him out fast with a Kimura.

Chris Dickinson (w/ Stokely Hathaway) defeated Jason Kincaid

Dickinson won this one with a huge Pazuzu Bomb and a stacked-up pin to finally put down Kincaid -- who had showed a lot of fight.

After the match, "THE END" was shown in the background on the video screens and unrecognized music started playing as Parrow, Odinson, and Drennan (who have all been a part of various WWN promotions in the past) showed up and laid out anyone they could get their hands on. EVOLVE had been teasing "THE END" leading up to the show.

Austin Theory (w/ Priscilla Kelly) defeated Brandon Watts

Watts is a newcomer to EVOLVE and looked impressive in defeat. Theory won it with a TKO to Kelly's delight at ringside.

The End were back after the match, but Theory was smart enough to shove Watts towards them while escaping with Kelly. The trio destroyed Watts and left him laid out.

Darby Allin defeated Jarek 1:20

Allin got a superstar reaction at LaBoom. He's grown so much this year and the people who've seen his journey are strongly behind him. Jarek 1:20 has received some attention for being the magician who made his way to the WWN tryouts during WrestleMania season and impressed there.

This was a big opportunity for Jarek 1:20 to go up against someone at the level of Allin. There was some really good action in this one, and it took Allin's "Last Supper" Gibson Leglock to use leverage and score the pin.

The End were seen and heard after, with the crowd going crazy and telling Allin to get out of there. Of course, Allin's character is that he never stops fighting. He went for a coffin drop off the top to the outside, but The End regrouped and destroyed him all over ringside before turning their attention to crew members as well.

Tracy Williams (w/ Stokely Hathaway) defeated Fred Yehi

There was excellent technical wrestling and striking here between the two former Catch Point teammates. They countered each other's counters, Yehi hit some stomps, Williams did a turnbuckle DDT and held on into a brainbuster, and both did various submission attempts.

The finish saw the referee get preoccupied with Hathaway, which distracted Yehi. Yehi was able to get a hold of Hathaway on the apron before Garrini got between them. The distraction was just enough for Williams to lay Yehi out from behind and lock in a choke submission for the tap.

Jaka then took the mic and called out The End for attacking everyone, but Zack Sabre Jr.'s music played instead

Jaka (w/ Stokely Hathaway) defeated EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. in a non-title match

Jaka took the fight to Sabre right away and never let up. Sabre went for submissions, but Jaka's power and tenacity was just too much in the end. A big wheel kick and powerbomb scored a huge win for Jaka.

Priscilla Kelly made her way to ringside alone after as she had her eyes set on Sabre. She went into the ring only to gently brush down his chest and walk away.

Keith Lee defeated Matt Riddle in a last man standing match to win the WWN Championship

This had a big match feel before the two main eventers made their way to the ring. The crowd absolutely loves both Riddle and Lee, with the reaction for them being 50/50 throughout. In a turn of events, Lee was rolling through German suplex attempts by Riddle, which is usually a Riddle staple.

They hit each other and used each other's signature moves against them. Lee hit a Go to Sleep, Riddle hit a sit-out powerbomb, and they used huge chops that made sickening noises. The finish took a Ground Zero from Lee (his version of a spinning powerslam) off the ropes, which left both men down for the nine count. Lee was able to make it to his feet and Riddle stayed down for 10.

That was a spectacle of a match and there was a big reaction for the title change at LaBoom. Lee will make his first appearance as champion tonight as EVOLVE is back on iPPV.