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GCW Orange Cassidy Is Doing Something Or Whatever, Who Knows live results

GCW Orange Cassidy Is Doing Something Or Whatever Who Knows???

The show aired Saturday from the White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ, and is available on

Orange Cassidy came out to start the show. In the most Orange Cassidy way, he welcomed everyone to the show. He asked the fans for a ring announcer since he didn’t plan for one and found one by the name of Louden Noxious.

Allie Kat defeated Kris Stadtlander, Saraya Knight and Shotzi Blackheart in an elimination Swamp Monster Lumberjack Match to become the Queen of the Swamp

The match started with Allie Kat asking Saraya to pet her belly, but instead they all got a stiff kick in the back. Kat and Stadlander got thrown outside, but the Swamp Monsters aren’t doing their job. The Kat, the Wolf, and the Alien all ganged up on Saraya in order to get some offense in and managed to pin her when they all jumped on top of her.

Stadlander used her telekinesis powers to make Shotzi battle Kat. They all landed outside the ring again. Shotzi went for a dive, but got caught by the Swamp Monsters and instead used her as a battering ram. She did later get a chance to dive on Kat and Kris. Back in the ring, Shotzi hit a 619 on Stadlander and a top rope senton to eliminate her.

Kat and Shotzi started trading strikes before Kat started scratching Shotzi on the ropes. Kat faked out a dive because she got scared, but later gathered the bravery thanks to the chants of the fans. Kat went for the Pussy Piledriver, but Shotzi escaped. Shotzi hit a running punch and DDT combo for a two count. Shotzi went for the senton, but Kat moved and landed the iledriver to win the match.

This was a fun match, but the wrestling wasn’t much. Like I said, the Swamp Monsters never did their job.

Chris Brookes (w/Kid Lykos) defeated Logan Easton Laroux in a best 7-out-of-13 falls match, 7-6

It started with Brookes low blowing Laroux for the first fall by DQ. The second fall also went to Laroux when Lykos came in and low blowed him.

The third fall saw Brookes lock in the Calamari Stretch for the submission. Brookes then started chopping Laroux. The next seven falls were all roll up reversals in the same spot ending 6-6 as we went into sudden death.

Laroux hit a brainbuster for a two count and then Brookes hit a jumping senton for a two count. Laroux locked in an Octopus Stretch, but Lykos distracted the referee by putting a mask on him. With the distraction, Brookes went to low blow Laroux, but he caught it and hit a superkick for a ten count that the ref unfortunately didn’t see.

CCK went for the Sick F’n Tag Moves, but Laroux caught Lykos with a low blow as he was coming down. Laroux got rid of Lykos, the ef finally got the mask off, and Brookes faked a low blow. The ref didn’t go for it, but he did roll up Laroux for the pin, winning 7-6. This was fun.

Jigsaw defeated Sonny Defarge, Dan Champion, Jake Atlas, Tony Deppen, Lucky 13 and Air Wolf in the 3rd Inaugural Jansport Invitational Scramble to win a $16 Gift Card at Friendly’s

Last night, Deppen beat up a man with no legs, so today, he is really over as a heel.

All men went after Champion to start the match, leaving Deppen and Atlas in the ring for a fast paced exchange of reversals and counters with Atlas looking like a superstar. They traded some lucha armdrags and pin attempts before coming to a standoff. Jigsaw and Air Wolf came in to try and submit them, who also got into a slap exchange while holding the submissions.

Jigsaw and Wolf did some lucha before Defarge and Lucky 13 came in for their turn. Lucky 13 got a quick two count after a moonsault knee. Defarge got a two count with an over the shoulder toss, but Champion returned and break the pin. Champion and Lucky 13 went at it with the former catching the latter in the middle of the air after a crossbody and dropping him with a flapjack. Champion went to get each other competitor one by one as they kept coming, at one point hitting a double chokeslam on Atlas and Wolf.

Champion went for a dive, but Deppen and Lucky 13 took him out. Deppen hit a huge tope suicida that landed in the fifth row. Lucky 13 hit a top rope tornillo into that same row and a growing pile of humans. Atlas was the next. Finally, Champion recovered and hit a plancha on top of everyone. There’s nothing left of the first six rows.

Back in the ring, Champion powerbombed Atlas, but Jigsaw broke up the pin. Jigsaw took out Deppen with a German, but Lucky 13 broke the pin with a Swanton. Deppen hit a jumping backstabber for a two count. Atlas hit Deppen with a cutter and a cartwheel DDT for a two count when Wolf broke it up.

Wolf hit a Spanish Fly on Atlas, but Defarge broke it up.

Champion and Defarge faced off, but Deppen came in and chopped them both, only to get tossed to the outside the hard way. Champion and Defarge went to do the same on Jigsaw, but he countered, took out Champion, superkicked Defarge, hit the Jig'n'Tonic and finally picked up the win. This was a great, fast paced, action packed match. Everyone embraced afterward.

Session Moth Martina and Nate "Spyder" Webb went to a double pin draw in a 5 o'Clock Somewhere last person standing match

The stipulation is that every 30 seconds, the participants need to chug a beer. Webb chugged his first beer during his entrance. Webb, Noxious, and referee Bryce all danced in the ring to Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. Session Moth has been chugging beers since Wednesday.

They chugged the first beer and went all Takayama vs. Frye on each other. They chugged the second beer and they’re already tipsy for a much slower Takayama vs Frye spot. After the third chug, they ran the ropes and they both fell down. After the fourth chug, Webb got out of the ring, so Martina recovered and started running the ropes. She got tired before actually going for the dive, so she did the fifth chug in between while running the ropes and just collapsed.

Webb set up chairs for a slapoff. They started trading forearms and chugs. Webb offered a cheers and took out Martina with the beer can. Martina recovered, spit the beer on Webb, and locked in a half Boston Crab. Another chug happened mid submission, so Webb used the beer to spit on Martina to release the lock.

Martina hit a Tornado DDT and a top rope codebreaker for a two count before chugging again. Webb hit a CrossRhodes and went for the top rope where they chugged again before Martina hits a superplex for a two count. Martina and Webb exchanged beer mists and collided in the ring after stereo lariats. They fell with each other's arms on each other and Bryce called it a double pin draw to the chants of “AL-CO-HOL”.

They all danced after the match. Kudos to them for pulling a match while chugging beer every 30 seconds.

Team Blue (Faye Jackson, Jimmy Yuta, Terra Callaway, Arik Royal, & Red Eagle) defeated Team Red (Veda Scott, Shazza McKenzie, Jeff Cannonball, Daniel Makabe, & Sage Phillips) in a NOVA dodgeball challenge

Team captains were Veda Scott and Faye Jackson. Scott picked Shazza McKenzie, Jeff Cannonball, Daniel Makabe, and Sage Phillips whileJackson picked Jimmy Yuta, Terra Callaway, Arik Royal, Red Eagle.

All picks led to jokes on MJF never getting picked. He took the balls at the end, setting up a wrestling match instead. Fans booed the idea and started chanting ‘Wrestling Sucks!” and “Dodgeball is Real!"

Terra and Cannonball started with a good husband and wife battle. Terra got the upper hand early, which hurt Cannonball’s feelings. Yuta came in next and took on Shazza. They did a series of reversals and armdrags before Yuta took her out with a dropkick. Sage came in and hit a crucifix to take him out. The rest of the match kept building up to Scott vs Jackson.

Faye ran wild on Veda, hitting a series of running hip attacks. Veda took out Faye after going for the eyes and then hit a dive on top of everyone. Red Eagle hit a running cannonball on everyone. The rest of the wrestlers continued hitting dives one by one until Cannonball teased diving, but crashed and burned at the ropes. Terra came in and choked Cannonball. Yuta got a Gory Special on Shazza. Red Eagle locked in an octopus stretch on Makabe. Royal locked in Sage, and finally, Faye had a Boston Crab on Veda and all of Team Red tapped out at the same time. This was something for sure.

Teddy Hart’s Reading Rainbow

Teddy came out with Mr. Velvet and Caspian. He talked to the fans about going to jail and about what WrestleMania weekend means to the talent. He talked about fans supporting them even when they have dodgeball games and cats in the ring. He thanked the crowd. He put over GCW, the talent backstage, and especially Joey Janela. He talked about Orange Cassidy being one of the most unique wrestlers out there who he brought out to reconcile with Mr. Velvet.

Hart read a book called, "If I Was A Cat". Fans popped huge for each page he read, getting “Read Forever” chants. This was a really nice heartfelt segment.

Shinjiro Otani defeated Jonathan Gresham

This was a great technical contest. It started with a battle for wrist control, but Otani quickly started going for the kneebar. Gresham chopped Otani, opening that door early on. Gresham started working over Otani’s left arm, manipulating the elbows, looking for flash pins in between. There was a great exchange were Gresham had the Kimura and wouldn’t release it even after Otani hit a scoop slam on him.

Otani hit a couple of bootwashes where he started taking out some of the staff outside the ring for some reason. Gresham hit a springboard moonsault to cut off Otani’s momentum and hit a couple of boots himself for a two count.

They started exchanging forearms with Gresham going for the left arm instead of the neck. Otani hit a Dragon Suplex for a near fall, followed with a spiral bomb to pick up the win.

Trent? defeated Chuck Taylor in overtime after a 60 second time limit draw

It started with both men locking up in the center of the ring and then it ended. Fans asked for five more seconds. Trent then rolled up Taylor to win via pinfall in overtime. This was great for the time it got. After the match, they hugged it out.

The roster came out to dance while the staff set up the props for the main event.

GCW Heavyweight Champion Nick Gage (w/Dewey Donovan) defeated Ultramantis Black in a non-title yuletide deathmatch

Ultramantis started with the upper hand as they started with a series of reversals, but he was then shotgun dropkicked into a barbed wire board and Gage completely turned the match around. Ultramantis got caught under the wire and ended up doing the next spots with the wire wrapped around him. He tossed Gage out and hit a rolling senton. Gage took Ultramantis around the venue, throwing him around before he grabbed a second barbed wire board which he slammed on top of Mantis.

Ultramantis recovered and went after Gage’s head. Back in the ring, Gage went for a Twisting Vader Bomb, but Mantis got the knees up and hit a bulldog into a chair. Mantis tossed Gage into the barbed wire Christmas tree for a two count. Mantis dropped thumbtacks in the center of the ring, but ended up getting a DDT on top of them for a two count. Gage went for another Vader Bomb, but this time with the Christmas tree on top. Once again, Mantis kicked out at two.

Gage hit a swinging neckbreaker on top of the tacks for a two count. Gage set up a table with tree ornaments and hit a superplex, but Mantis kept kicking out. Mantis started a comeback and went for an Angel’s Wings, but Gage reversed into a chokebreaker for the win. This was a good hardcore match that felt chaotic at points.

After the match, MJF came out and nailed Gage with a chair. He cut a promo saying he was mad for not being picked in the dodgeball game and called out the fans for liking this show, saying this is not what wrestling is.

Cassidy came out to confront him, hitting the Orange Mist on him and set him up for Gage and Mantis who took him out on top of the tacks. Cassidy gave Gage and Mantis sunglasses to close out the show.

This was a fun show to watch. Aside from the main event, it was all fun and games and the type of show that fans either love or hate.