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Global Force Wrestling June 20 Jackson, MS, house show results: Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Masters, Scott Steiner

Submitted by Charles Humphreys

- Sonjay Dutt d. Jimmy Rave with a splash from the top rope in about 10 minutes. 

- Jigsaw d. Chuck Taylor in 6:20 with a double foot stamp off the top. 

- Karen and Jeff Jarrett promo. Karen thanked the sponsors. Jeff thanked the Mississippi Braves. Karen led a "Thank You Jeff" chant.  

- Thea Trinidad d. Le'D Tapa with a hurricanrana in 5:55. Thea used a 619 near the end too. Tapa attacked multiple officials post match. 

- PJ Black & Andrew Everett d. the Hot Shots in 12:20 after a springboard 450 splash from Black. Hot Shots were your typical southern 80s Memphis tag team. Black & Everett are great. Match was fun. Post match the Hot Shots did some heel mic work. 

- Doc Gallows d. Luke Hawx in 7:57 with a two handed choke slam. They announced Doc from "Jacksonville, GA by way of Tokyo, Japan".  Crowd sort of died for this one. Bad call having Gallows work heel. 

- Scott Steiner promo interrupted by Chris Masters. Refs had to pull them apart. 

- Shelton Benjamin d. Chris Masters in 13:02 with Paydirt after a ref bump and Steiner hitting Masters with a bat. Shelton to pre-match mic work and announced he was fighting for the honor of Scott Steiner. 

- Post show pics with Steiner & Jarrett for $20.