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Global Force Wrestling June 21 Bowling Green, KY, house show results: Young Bucks vs. Black & Everett, Moose vs. Doc Gallows

Submitted by Blake Sims

- From Hot Rods Baseball Stadium in Bowling Green, KY

Chuck Taylor vs Cliff Compton

Both Chuck and Cliff were billed from Kentucky, Murray and Louisville respectively. With that, Chuck was playing the heel for this match. He came out yelling at the crowd, threatened to leave if they didn’t stop yelling “Chuck Sucks”. He did try to leave, but slowly made his way back to the ring. Decent back and forth to start, Compton threw Taylor into the ropes, and there was a loud crack. The ropes were a little loose, although it didn’t break (the ring tech came out after to fix the problem). Compton went over in the end. He got a decent reaction from the crowd.

Jimmy Rave vs Jigsaw vs Sonjay Dutt

Fun tripe threat match, there were a few fun spots. Dutt and Jigsaw both got great reactions from the crowd. Jigsaw won the match.

"The Adonis" Chris Mordetzky vs Shelton Benjamin

Local radio personality Tony Rose was brought out, he said he had gotten his license to be a wrestler, but didn’t want to wrestle tonight. He said he wanted to do something a little “easier”, be a wrestling manager. This brought Jim Cornette out to the field. Cornette cut a classic heel promo about Bowling Green, Kentucky. Even with that the crowd liked Cornette more than Tony Rose. This ultimately led to Cornette in Mordetzky’s corner, and Rose in Benjamin’s corner.

The match was fun, little bit of interference from Cornette, tripping Benjamin, etc. Benjamin and Mordetzky both got good reactions from the crowd who recognized them from their WWE tenure. Cornette tossed in the loaded racket to Mordetzky while he and Rose ran around outside distracting the ref. Benjamin dodged the racket and landed a superkick and got the 3 count winning the match.

Thea Trinidad vs Lei’D Tapa

A real “David vs Goliath” matchup. Tapa controlled the majority of the match, tossing and slamming Trinidad all over the ring. Tapa went to the 2nd rope for a body splash, but Trinidad rolled out of the way, this lead to a superkick to Tapa and a roll up for the three.  After the match, Tapa grabbed the ref and did an unfortunately botch gorilla press.


Moose vs. Doc Gallows

Huge reactions for both Moose and Gallows, the crowd was split 50-50. Lots of “MOOSE” and “BULLET CLUB” chants. They went back and forth, Gallows landed a superkick. Moose hit a really clean dropkick. After a series of blows back and forth, Gallows hit a school boy roll up and got the 3 count.  This was a really quick match, it almost felt like the 3 count was a botch, but none-the-less it was fun. Post match Moose went for a handshake, Gallows played to the crowd seeing if he should. He went for the shake and paused, then threw up the “too sweet” sign. Moose reciprocated, and Gallows raised Moose’s hand.

Before the match Jeff and Karen Jarrett came out to greet the crowd. They gave out thanks to the Hot Rods staff and the fans in attendance.

The Young Bucks vs Andrew Everett and PJ Black

First out was Everett and Black, Black got a decent reception. Like Benjamin and Mordetzky, the crowd recognized Black from his WWE run as Justin Gabriel. The Young Bucks came out to the biggest reaction of the night, the crowd was super into them.

Everett and Black attacked the Bucks before the match began, the crowd instantly booed them for it. The Bucks came back and threw Black and Everett out of the ring, following them out to deliver the first set of  superkicks of the match.

Lots of fun spots in this match. The Bucks took a lot of offense for the first part of the match. Everett and Black did a spot where they mimed tossing a baseball and swinging on it. Everett mimed swinging first and left the ring and ran the bases. He came around 3rd base and hit Nick Jackson with a drop kick on the outside at home base. Then it was Black’s turn to mime swing, he ran the bases, but was met with a superkick by Matt Jackson, this spot got a huge reaction from the crowd. After this The Young Bucks took control of the match, they delivered their signature spots leading into “the Indie Taker” which led to the 3 count. Again the Bucks got the biggest reaction from the crowd.

After the match, the Young Bucks and Jeff Jarrett stayed in the ring to take photos with the fans.