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Hangman Page answers PAC open challenge at UK indie show


Additional notes by Bryan Rose

There was an angle for Saturday's Double or Nothing shot today in Nottingham, England featuring PAC and Hangman Page.

PAC was wrestling in the main event for WrestleGate, scheduled in a three-way against Jody Fleisch and Robbie X.  The claim was that Robbie was injured and Fleisch had transportation issues. PAC issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster.

Adam Page then came out. The two did a 15:00 match, really good with the crowd red hot.  PAC was disqualified for using a low blow on the referee. PAC then attacked Page with a chair and put a chair on Page's leg and Pillmanized him.  

After the angle, PAC said his goal was to injure Page and he's already done that so he's not coming to Las Vegas, not appearing at Double or Nothing and he's not coming to AEW at all.

PAC and Page have been feuding since first AEW press conference back in January when the two confronted one another.