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ICW Shug's Hoose Party 6 night two results: Toni Storm vs. Viper


Big Takeaways --

  • Toni Storm retained her NXT UK Women's Championship against Viper (Piper Niven).
  • Stevie Boy was the mystery opponent for the main event, where he defeated NXT UK's Wolfgang to win the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

Full Recap --

Billy Kirkwood, James R. Kennedy, and Jen Louise welcomed us to the second night of consecutive ICW action featuring three title matches: the ICW Tag titles being defended in a TLC match, the NXT UK Women's title on the line, and the crowning of a new ICW World Heavyweight Champion in the main event.

Alexander Dean defeated Ricky Knight Jr. (9:05)

A highly athletic opener here with Knight pulling out some great high-flying action.

Knight missed a Phoenix Splash early on as Dean had control of the start of the match with powerful strikes and kicks. Knight came back with fire and hit a springboard crossbody, a pair of dropkicks in the corner, a flying European uppercut, and then a running senton launching himself over the corner of the ring to the floor.

The finish came when Knight rolled through a missed 450 splash and Dean rolled him up and grabbed the tights for leverage.

Ravie Davie defeated The Sam Barbour Experience (10:26)

Davie came out dressed as Jason Voorhees (complete with mask and chainsaw), while Barbour was in the guise of Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Barbour was filling in for Rudo Lightening who had to pull out due to injury.

Barbour hit a plancha to the outside and ripped off Davie's overalls. Barbour did the Hulk Hogan routine, but Davie kicked out of the big leg drop. Davie flipped off the ropes and landed groin-first onto a kick from Barbour.

Davie repaid the favor by kicking the ropes as Barbour was re-entering the ring, and he then finished Barbour off with a curb stomp from the middle rope to pick up the win.

Grado vs. James Storm ended in a no contest

Grado's usual Madonna “ Like a Prayer” entrance was replaced with a more serious James Storm style song, which brought out Storm -- who was in a bitter mood.

Storm beat down Grado with a chair and injured his leg. Storm called Glasgow a "sh*thole" and spat on the ICW logo. This brought out ICW owner Mark Dallas. He introduced Storm's new opponent -- Leyton Buzzard.

Leyton Buzzard defeated James Storm (12:45)

Buzzard continued on from Saturday night's win against Joe Hendry to complete the weekend of his life with a victory against a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Buzzard hit a tope con hilo as Storm was taking a breather after Buzzard's early fire. They brawled through the crowd and Buzzard hit a moonsault off the bar. Back in the ring, Storm took control and hit a hard hanging DDT for a two count before setting up a chair in the corner of the ring.

Storm ended up going through the chair head-first and Buzzard got a close two count after a standing Shooting Star Press. Storm kept regaining control, but Buzzard showed guts by kicking out of an Alabama slam and a released spinning Razor's Edge.

Storm hit two Last Call superkicks but was then distracted by Grado heroically making his return on one leg. Grado hit his rolling cannonball in the corner, giving Buzzard the chance to hit his 450 splash and pick up the win.

Storm and Grado continued bad mouthing each other after the bell as Grado and Buzzard celebrated with the crowd. Storm had to have security escort him from ringside as he wanted a piece of Grado.

TLC match: ICW Tag Team Champions The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) defeated Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch and The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) to retain their titles (12:50)

Crazy and wild action as you would expect from an ICW TLC match. The tag champs retained but took one hell of a beating in the process.

The UK legends Fleisch and Storm shined early, but Divers and Morris got the early advantage with the help from some chairs. They got what they deserved moments later as their four opponents all dived on top of them on the outside.

Divers was tipped off a ladder and landed through a table. Storm hit a Spanish fly off a ladder on Girvan. Storm then German suplexed his partner Fleisch off the top rope, and Fleisch used it to moonsault Girvan through a table.

Morris hit a Shooting Star Press off a ladder through Aspen Faith and a table. Girvan dumped Divers off his own shoulders -- out of the ring and through a table.

Storm then had his hands on the belts but was pushed off the ladder at the last moment.

Girvan and Morris were then at the top of the ladder and trading blows. Divers -- Morris' partner -- tried to pull Girvan off, but he held on by holding onto Morris' arms, rendering him helpless and unable to grab the belts.

Aspen Faith -- Girvan's partner -- then crawled into the ring and climbed the ladder and onto Morris' back. Faith reached up, grabbed the belts, unhooked the straps, and won the match.

After the match, KOC shook hands with Storm and Fleisch. The Nine9 wanted no part of it.

Last man standing match: BT Gunn defeated Kez Evans (15:36)

Gunn had his Oddity mask on during his entrance, striking fear into Evans. It didn't take long for the action to spill to the outside. Gunn threw a chair at Evans' face and they brawled out into the crowd. Evans slammed Gunn off a barrier and through a table.

Back in the ring, Evans tied Gunn in the ropes and threatened him with a screwdriver, but Gunn fought free by biting Evans' hand and kicking him low. Evans used a wrench to knock Gunn down for the first official count, but Gunn got up.

Gunn ended up going through two steel folding chairs from Evans reversing a superplex. Evans followed up with two cradle piledrivers and a third on a chair.

Gunn fired back with a low blow, a Go to Sleep, and a corkscrew DDT. He then wrapped a chain around his fist and punched a steel chair back into Evans' face, then hit him in the back of the head with the chain to keep him down for the 10 count.

NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm defeated Viper to retain her title (10:03)

Viper -- Piper Niven from NXT UK -- didn't shake Storm's hand at the start of the match, so Storm had to lock Viper in a leg lock to force a handshake out of the challenger. Storm then slapped the shake away and continued to act heelish by cockily kicking away at Viper while she was down.

Viper used her size and strength to strike when she could, hitting her running crossbody and corner cannonball, but the NXT UK Women's Champion showed why she holds the belt as she dodged another cannonball attempt and planted a piledriver.

Storm hit another piledriver on the ring apron. It looked over for the challenger in her home country, but Viper valiantly got a shoulder up at two. Viper hit her Viper Driver out of nowhere for a near fall of her own.

But it was Storm who switched the momentum again and hit a third Storm Zero piledriver and picked up the victory. Storm raised Viper's hand after the bell.

The Kinky Party (Sha Samuels & Jack Jester) defeated The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.) (10:44)

The Kinky Party, who had their ability to continue teaming on the line in this match, looked to have this wrapped up early, but the humongous Santos Jr. toppled Samuels off the top rope to the outside. Santos then squashed Jester with a splash on the outside for good measure.

Samuels ran riot for a moment inside, but Santos cut him off with a rolling heel kick. Dunne came off the ropes with a driving knee to Samuels' chest as they kept Jester on the outside.

Jester made the comeback and ran wild, but the huge Santos reversed and powerslammed him with ease. He then squashed Jester again with a splash for a close near fall.

Samuels and Santos then faced off, which also ended with Santos splashing him. Dunne again came off the top and came very close to picking up the win.

Steel chairs then came out as the AFP took turns hitting the KP across the back. The chair shots continued as the commentators lost count of how many had been delivered. Jester begged off and asked them to stop.

Writhing in agony, Jester slowly pulled Samuels to his feet. They embraced realizing they were done for before the AFP hit one final pair of chair shots to the back as the Kinky Party crumbled to the mat. The AFP made the cover for the one, two...kick out!

Samuels and Jester hulked up. They got rid of the bigger Santos with a chair shot of their own and finished off Dunne with a spike tombstone piledriver. They partied after the bell and crowd-surfed out of the arena.

Stevie Boy defeated Wolfgang to win the vacant ICW World Heavyweight Championship (19:30)

The Filthy Generation's music hit, which brought out Kay Lee Ray, Aspen Faith, and Lewis Girvan, but they stood firm and waited for Stevie Boy to make his triumphant return to an incredible ovation.

Wolfgang slowed the pace early on and focused on the knee of Stevie Boy when he saw him land awkwardly after a leap frog. He reversed a Canadian Destroyer attempt and used the momentum to grapevine the leg and slam the returning former champ to the mat. He then tossed Stevie through the ropes and into the ring post.

Stevie fought back momentarily with a penalty kick from the apron, but Wolfgang swept the leg and took back control. Wolfgang took his eye off the ball when he came off the top rope and Stevie caught him and hit a uranage for a close two count out of nowhere.

Wolfgang then hit a powerslam on the ring apron but missed a moonsault back in the ring. Stevie couldn't fully capitalize until Wolfgang began hammering him with forearms and uppercuts that seemed to fire him up.

Stevie crumbled on an Irish whip, but was playing possum as he kicked Wolfgang in the head as he went to pick him up. Stevie then came off the middle rope and Wolfgang caught him, but Stevie turned it into a spiked reverse hurricanrana. He quickly popped up and hit his Glaswegian (Canadian) Destroyer, but Wolfgang somehow kicked out.

Wolfgang got the knees up on a moonsault and hit his big spear, but somehow Stevie also kicked out.

A basement elbow drop and a senton bomb followed, but Stevie kept kicking out.

The finish came when Stevie dodged Wolfgang charging and hit a side kick from the apron, a springboard satellite DDT, a release spinning suplex, and a shining wizard to the back of the head to pick up the win and win the ICW World Heavyweight title.

Wolfgang raised Stevie's hand and the rest of the Filthy Generation came out to help Stevie to the back.

Both Wolfgang and Stevie paid tribute to Adrian "Lionheart" McCallum and left the title in the ring with a Lionheart armband on top.