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JAPW promoter Fat Frank Iadevaia passes away

Frank Iadevaia, who has promoted Jersey All Pro Wrestling for more than
18 years, passed away in his sleep last night.  He was found this morning
by family members.

Iadevaia was described as a  guy who had no ego and was a huge fan, and
was a key in getting the original exposure for guys like Low Ki, Homicide
and Jay Lethal.

Friends said that his death was a complete shock as he had not been sick.

Iadevaia stated as a wrestler, using the name Lighting Lou Diamond in New
York City.  He was part of a tag team called NC-17 with Kane D, who later
worked with him as a JAPW booker.

He started Jersey All Pro Wrestling in April, 1997, as a Hardcore style
promotion, and got a lot of very negative local mainstream media
publicity.  Like all the Hardcore style promotions, they were trying to
copy ECW.

The company stopped promoting regularly in 2011 after heavy money losses
in promoting a tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and was down to doing
one anniversary show per year.  He was working on such a show on 11/14 in
Rahway, NJ at the time of his death.