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Jeff Jarrett talks promoting GFW brand, TNA pulling talent and TV deal

The following is from a third party:'s Adam Martin had the opportunity to sit down with Global Force Wrestling owner and founder Jeff Jarretton Wednesday evening to discuss the upcoming debut of GFW this weekend in Jackson, TN and Knoxville, TN. Jarrett also discussed his reaction to TNA pulling Tyrus from upcoming live events and the latest on the TV tapings in Las Vegas this July.

On the use of social media to promote the GFW brand: 

"I love it in a real positive way. Global Force Wrestling or Jeff Jarrett can touch the consumer, the viewer, the fan instantaneously and we don't have to go through traditional channels. When I was growing up when I first broke in, you would have the local promoter come out. He'd write the story and it'd come out at the very best three or four days later. That is really best case scenario. Then as time went along you may get a live news hit, the sports guy come out and do a live news thing. Then you roll through time and you've got 500 digital channels and you've got streaming services - Netflix, Roku, Amazon, going on and on. YouTube. Social media. Instagram. Vine. Snapchat. That's really where the fans are. You were on the field with us, tweeted the first pitch and the whole world saw it in 30 minutes? 15 minutes? I like that as a promoter. You can touch the fan base."

His reaction to TNA pulling Tyrus (former WWE star Brodus Clay) from live events:

"Am I disappointed that George Murdoch can't be part of it? Absolutely, but life happens. TNA, it's very obvious that they don't have the vision and don't have the mindset that I do. That it was without question, you know, George, yep you're going to be on our non-televised events. And that's where we stand. He agreed to it. He was legally available for us and then whatever happened - I don't want to speak for George. I don't want to speak for TNA. I don't know. He told me, "I can't make it." I'll sort of leave it at that. When one door closes on a situation, that's opportunity and the door is opened for other talents to come on. In the month of July we got a couple different announcements coming up. Some former World Heavyweight Champions (will) be part of the Global Force Wrestling roster."

When more details about GFW and a television deal is expected:

"I release information when I feel the time is right. I think you guys have accepted that fact. I think it helps everybody, the anticipation. Professional wrestling is no different than the music business or other forms of entertainment. 15, 13 years ago, the CD is how the music business made its money. Then you went to .99 downloads or $1.29 downloads. Now it's streaming. It's a different form of how the consumer consumes content. My goal, Global Force Wrestling, I'm standing on global. We got alliances with 13 promotions on 5 continents and we are on a much smaller world than we used to be. My goal is to make sure that the content we produce is going to be able to be consumed on a global basis. The 'TV deal' - those details will be released at the appropriate time. Traditional forms of cable network television, they are definitely in the rear view mirror."