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Joey Janela's Spring Break results: Matt Riddle vs. Dan Severn; Janela vs. Marty Jannetty

Joey Janela Spring Break

Late Thursday night, Game Changer Wrestling presented a rather unique event on FloSlam: a Spring Break show booked and hosted by one of their stars, Joey Janela.

Here's the results in case you missed them:

- Sami Callihan defeated Kyle the Beast by submission with the Stretch Muffler

Good opener where Beast held his own.

- Andy Williams & Penelope Ford defeated Allie & Braxton Sutter after Ford pinned Sutter following a moonsault

Williams is the frontman for the band Every Time I Die and has been wrestling for the last few months. This was an intergender match with a bunch of male/female spots. Allie and Sutter played the heels.

- GCW Champion Matt Tremont defeated Eddie Kingston to retain after a death valley driver through a door

This turned into a bloodbath brawl with Tremont bleeding heavily throughout.

- Jimmy Lloyd defeated Arik Cannon, Bryan Idol, Crazy Boy, Evil Dink, Ethan Page, Facade, Glacier, The Invisible Man, Jervis Cottonbelly, John Silver, Veda Scott and Flip Gordon in Spring Break ClusterF%$# match after Lloyd eliminated Ethan Page

The match lived up to its name, going over 40 minutes with a ton of spots, both serious and comedy. The highlight of the match had to be either the showdown between Glacier and Page (Mortal Kombat movie music and all) or The Invisible Man being thrown to the outside where everyone took a bump in response. We heard Scott lost some teeth in the match.

- Lio Rush defeated Keith Lee after three frog splashes.

In terms of pure in-ring action, this was easily the match of the show.

- Joey Janela pinned Marty Jannetty following a superkick

This wasn’t bad although it was obvious Jannetty couldn’t move around that much. They kept it simple and used lots of smoke and mirrors. Lots of ref bumps near the end, which brought in Earl Hebner for the finish. One big spot: a Hebner ref bump that allowed Virgil to interfere which then set up a Jannetty Canadian Destroyer on Janela. 

- Matt Riddle defeated Dan “The Beast” Severn by submission with the Bromission

This was pretty good, a nice back and forth effort with some cool mat wrestling. Afterward, Riddle said "they didn't call sh*t" in the match, but "just beat the sh*t out of each other."

This wasn’t a “star ratings” show at all, nor was it designed to be. It was simply a very fun show with everyone playing their role very well. What needed to deliver did and what didn’t need to deliver at least held its own with some fun spots. Definitely catch the replay on FloSlam if you want to watch something fun as a change of pace from everything else going on.