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LA Confidential results: David Arquette vs. Nick Gage


Submitted by Brian Reznick

Game Changer Wrestling and Joey Janela's LA Confidential took place at The Hi Hat in Los Angeles on Friday night.

- The Great Sasuke defeated DJZ

A fun opener. Sasuke was originally supposed to wrestle the Amazing Red, but Red got stranded at the airport due to the crazy weather in New York. We didn't know who Sasuke's new opponent would be. People went nuts for Sasuke when he came out, and DJZ got a good response.

They worked a good match, but DJZ didn’t do as much flying as he did at PWG. Sasuke missed a top rope somersault senton onto the apron. DJZ hit a flying DDT where he jumped off part of the stage/area with technical equipment into the ring. Sasuke won with a top rope dropkick to the arm.

- Tony Deppen defeated Jungle Boy

There was a huge response for Jungle Boy. Deppen played a great heel. There was lots of flying by Jungle Boy. They fought in and out of the ring, and the match built well and hit a crescendo when Jungle Boy hit a reverse rana for a near fall.

Unfortunately, it then had a few moments of lull near the end and a few awkward exchanges/botches. Deppen won via roll-up while grabbing Jungle Boy's tights. There were big “please come back” chants for Jungle Boy after the match.

- Brody King defeated Hardcore Holly

They had a fun mean guy match. Holly looked very fit, but he was noticeably smaller than his WWE days. They set up a fun story early with Holly pushing King into the corners, but King would duck out of the way when Holly would wind up for a big chop. King would then laugh at Holly and played up being the cocky, young guy against the grizzled vet.

They exchanged suplexes and brawled around, building up to a long chop exchange that got a great reaction. Holly hit the Alabama Slam, but King kicked out at two. Holly went to set up a second Alabama Slam, but King rolled through and clubbed him with a lariat for the pin.

Holly got a good reaction afterwards. He asked for the mic and cut a good promo. He thanked all the fans and said he knew that he was smaller than his WWE days, but that was because he was on the gas then. He said that him being on the gas wasn’t a secret and that every big guy in wrestling was on the gas and anyone who said different was a liar.

There was a good reaction to this. He thanked all of the fans again to big cheers.

- Penelope Ford defeated The Human Tornado

Tornado got a great reaction as the returning star from early-mid era PWG. He worked heel almost immediately. He did it effectively, beating down Ford and repeatedly calling her a bitch. Ford would fight back -- only to be cut off again. I feel like they might have lost the crowd a little bit with Ford getting beaten down so much.

Ford mounted a comeback, but she was again cut off and Human Tornado hit a flipping back-to-belly suplex. Instead of going for the cover, he gloated forever. He finally picked Ford up and put her on the turnbuckle so he could hit the suplex again, but she escaped and hit a tornado DDT to win.

- Ethan Page defeated D-Lo Brown

The stipulation for this match was that it was for Page’s soul. Brown got a good reception and Page worked heel by twice getting Brown in a side headlock and knocking him down with a shoulder tackle after Brown threw him into the ropes.

Page imitated Brown’s signature taunts to boos. Brown came back with a shoulder tackle and taunted back, then hit his standing leg drop in the ring. Page came back and went for a People’s Elbow -- to a chorus of boos -- but missed. Brown hit the Sky High for a near fall, then Page used the Rock Bottom for a near fall.

Page got a chair and smashed Brown over the back, but Brown no sold it and fired up. Page looked scared and went for a big swing, but Brown avoided and was even more fired up. Page looked frightened, said he gave up, and tossed the chair to Brown. Page then went to take a powder, but Brown grabbed him on the apron and went to give him a belly-to-back suplex into the ring. Page reversed in mid-air into a crossbody and a cover for the pin.

There were loud cheers and “you still got it” chants for Brown after the match.

- Jimmy Lloyd defeated Delilah Doom, Kikutaro, Facade, Chase Owens, Takashi Minamino, and Jake Atlas in a seven-person scramble match

This was a fun match where everyone got a chance to shine. Owens was a good base for a lot of people, Kikutaro got to do his comedy, and Doom had a great run suplexing almost everyone in the match.

- Jacob Fatu defeated KTB

They had a short match, but it was fun while it lasted. They started brawling and fought to the outside, with Fatu hitting an impressive Fosbury dive. He moves so well for a guy of his size.

Two doors/boards were brought into the match. Fatu got speared through one in the corner for a near fall. Fatu won with a top rope moonsault to a standing KTB, who smashed through the other door, which was set up in the ring, as Fatu landed on him.

- Eli Everfly defeated Marko Stunt by stoppage

Their insane sprint was cut short when Stunt was injured. Everfly attacked Stunt right as he was entering the ring. Everfly hit a dive to the outside, did a ton of reversals with nip ups in the ring. and they exchanged enzuigiris and ended up back outside.

Everfly hit a huge dive to the floor and landed hard. His side and back had an ugly mark on them. Everfly hit a brutal looking reverse rana in the ring for two.

The finish came when they fought outside near the stage. Everfly set up a door across two pieces of equipment and gave Stunt a Canadian Destroyer through it. This looked really bad and was the end of the match. I thought that Stunt got knocked out, but people a little closer to me said he was always responsive to the referee, who went to him immediately.

The ref called for the bell and then the announcer called for crew members to come out. They carried Stunt out and he was holding his leg. Stunt tweeted this morning: "Thank you to everyone who has reached out to check on me, or wished me a speedy recovery! Unfortunately I did suffer a bad break in my leg tonight. I have to have surgery in a few hours, and will keep everyone updated." Stunt then noted that the surgery has been moved to tomorrow morning.

I hope Stunt is okay. He's great and was super over here and his stuff looked crisp in the ring.

- Nick Gage defeated David Arquette

So, this match was crazy and I suspect that there will be a ton of accounts of what happened. They were having a crazy hardcore match with Gage taking about 90 percent of it. Arquette would have flurries, but Gage would beat him down quickly. They fought into the crowd, with Gage using beers and chairs as weapons. Arquette came back and tried two tope suicidas (while holding a chair) onto Gage. Neither looked great, but they worked okay.

They got out doors. Gage speared Arquette through one in the corner and beat him with another. Gage left and came back with a bunch of light tubes. He smashed one over Arquette’s head and Arquette was a bloody mess. He hit Arquette with another. Joey Ryan came out and gave Gage a superkick. Messiah then came out and got Ryan out of the ring.

Arquette used all of this to mount a comeback and gave Gage a Diamond Cutter across light tubes set up across chairs. There were good cheers for Arquette after this. Gage got out a pizza cutter and ran it across Arquette’s forehead. He took Arquette to three sides of the ring and cut him up with the pizza cutter on each side. On my side, he put the pizza cutter in Arquette’s mouth before running it over his forehead.

Gage smashed Arquette with another light tube. He took a piece of the light and jabbed it into Arquette’s forehead. He then did it again and Arquette was struggling. Somewhere in here, Arquette got a deep cut on his neck. Arquette immediately put a hand over the cut and it got quiet because the match just sort of stopped with both guys looking at each other.

It looked like they might have been about to rush to the finish, but they didn’t and Arquette just left and went to the side where no one could see him. After about 20 seconds, he came back. His face was more covered in blood and he was still holding his neck. He came back in the ring and rushed Gage in the corner.

It looked like Arquette was really trying to hit Gage and Gage gave him a judo shoulder throw and pinned him. Arquette just stared at him during the cover and immediately walked out holding his neck after the three count.

Gage got a mic and cut a promo. He put over the fans and then said something like “if you’re not willing to take my sh*t, don’t come into my world.” He kept talking, but Arquette came out from the back (still holding his neck) and yelled something at him and left. Gage never acknowledged him and continued his promo.

Gage put himself, the fans, and GCW over and never mentioned Arquette. It was a great promo and everyone was going nuts for Gage.