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Matt Riddle loses EVOLVE title at EVOLVE 108


With his time as an independent wrestler soon coming to an end, Matt Riddle lost the EVOLVE Championship at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Shane Strickland defeated Riddle in a hardcore rules match at EVOLVE 108 to win the title. The story of the match was that Riddle refused to give up despite Strickland working over his left arm and repeatedly hiting double stomps, including one that was off a ladder and through a table while Riddle was hung on the ladder. Strickland eventually won with his JML Driver finisher.

This was the third time Riddle and Strickland have faced off in EVOLVE this year, with their previous matches ending in a no contest and a disqualification.

WWN confirmed last month that Riddle would be on all of EVOLVE's August shows and that he would be adding more dates if he was still champion after that. The company has EVOLVE 109 in Melrose, Massachusetts today, EVOLVE 110 in Cicero, Illinois on August 11, and EVOLVE 111 in Livonia, Michigan on August 12.

After receiving interest from both WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling, Riddle is expected to be headed to NXT.